Jamie Oliver steakhouse closed for 24 hours after mouse droppings found at butcher

Jamie Oliver’s steak restaurant Barbecoa closed for 24 hours after public health officials found a number of issues in the butchers located below the restaurant, which is also owned by Oliver and supplies the restaurant, including mould on meat and meat past its use-by date.

The butchers was rated one out of five stars, a score the Food Standards Agency calls “major improvement necessary”.

The restaurant, in One New Change, near St Paul’s Cathedral, closed voluntarily for 24 hours back in January when the inspection happened. However, details have only just been revealed following an investigation by The Times.

Mouse droppings, poor handwashing facilities and unclean fridge door handles were found to be a problem, as well as meat, such as wagyu beef and offal, past its use-by date, while carcasses in basement fridges had mould on and equipment was dirty.

A spokeswoman for the Jamie Oliver Group told the Standard: “Following the environmental health inspection in January we took the immediate decision to voluntarily close the butchery for several hours in order to urgently address the issues raised. We reopened within 24 hours and officers noted that the improvements had been made.

“Issues such as this are extremely rare within the JO Restaurant Group and are treated with the utmost severity.”


Review: Barbecoa, EC4M

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