Which are the 10 most expensive cities to have a beer, and which are the cheapest?

Everyone living in London knows that beer is expensive. Back in the 1960s, people could scarcely believe that anyone would pay a whole pound for a pint. Today, a pint can easily top £4 in a relatively normal pub, and at some (hopefully) distant point in the future we’re bound to think nothing of handing over £40 for a pint. That’s just the way inflation takes us.

But the important thing is context. How much are we paying in relation to other people in other places?

In London, beer fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to pubs and the range of beers available, but the capital is less kind to drinkers’ wallets than other cities.

New research by travel search engine Go Euro has revealed that London is among the top five most expensive cities in the world for a beer.

Using the internationally dependable measure of a 33cl bottle of beer, rather than a pint, the research identifies Oslo as the most expensive place on earth to scull a stubby, with a small bottle costing an average of £2.87 followed by Zurich in Switzerland, where a cold one costs £2.46. London is fifth on the list with a bottle costing an average of £1.72.

This doesn’t sound so bad, until you find out that the lucky citizens of Warsaw in Poland are getting their beer for a piddling 64p a pop. That’s about 4.5 beers to every one you could get in Oslo. And in Berlin, beer is just 66p a bottle. What are we still doing here?

Here are the top ten most expensive cities:

1. Oslo (£2.87)
2. Zurich (£2.46)
3. Tokyo (£2.45)
4. Tel Aviv (£1.92)
5. London (£1.72)
6. Kuala Lumpur (£1.59)
7. Sydney (£1.58)
8. Singapore (£1.55)
9. Hong Kong (£1.49)
10. Rio de Janeiro (£1.39)

And here are the cheapest:

1. Warsaw (64p)
2. Berlin (66p)
3. Prague (75p)
4= Lisbon (78p)
4= Dublin (78p)
6. Mexico City (79p)
7. Bogota (82p)
8. Budapest (83p)
9. Madrid (85p)
10. Amsterdam (86p)

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  • Can anyone tell me the name of a London pub ( or anywhere else in the UK) where I can pick up a beer in a bottle for £1.72?

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