Top 10 terrible things Londoners do after their Xmas parties & how much Xmas "desperation" costs us

The Christmas party season is upon us - fa la la la, la la la la.

We all know what this means: too much booze and a taxi ride later, everything becomes a blur. You awake to find yourself in the arms of a colleague, clothes discarded amid the malodorous wreckage of kebab boxes and wine bottles…

Well, perhaps this grizzly fate won’t befall all of us, but it is practically a certainty for others, as a delightful piece of research from minicab booking company Kabbee shows.

The firm commissioned One Poll to quiz 2,000 London workers to build up a picture of what employees get up to when they leave their work Christmas parties. It makes for fascinating reading.

Most party-goers’ greatest concern is transport home and a serving of junk food, an indulgence, or “desperation tax”, as Kabbee has branded it, which will cost London’s work force an incredible £70.8m this Christmas.

According to the firm, the average Brit working in London spends £13.49 on getting home, consumes 1,054 calories, and has to wait and walk in the freezing night air for 16.5 minutes after their company’s Christmas party.

And it doesn’t end there. Oh no. As the party grinds to an end, the most frequently admitted extra high-jinx include holding an impromptu after party at home (13%), and, in second place, “hooking up with a colleague” (11%).

Unfortunately, the research also reveals that for a number of us, the office party will end somewhat forlornly, with “falling asleep on the street” somehow making it into the top 10 ways to finish the night, along with this author’s personal favourite, “mis-directing a sexy text message”.

Well done London.

Here are our shameful results in full:

Most common after-Christmas-party high-jinks (Kabbee/OnePoll)
1Holding an impromptu after-party at home
2Hooking up with a colleague
3Drunk-dialling a current partner and getting into a quarrel with them
4Mis-directing a sexy text message
5Hooking up with a current love interest
6Drunk-dialling an ex
7Throwing up on public transport
8Hooking up with a stranger
9Going to a casino
10Falling asleep on the street


And don’t we just love chips? – Check out what we’re picking up on the way home:


Most popular after-Christmas-party foods (Kabbee/OnePoll)
2Lamb kebab
3Chicken kebab
3=Chips and cheese
4Slice of pizza
5Beef burger
6Chips and gravy
7Chicken burger
8Chips, cheese and gravy
8=Fried chicken
9Cheese burger
10Fish and chips


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