London to enjoy hottest day of the year on Saturday

Londoners, put down your umbrellas. Cast off your cagoules. The sun is putting his hat on for the weekend and it’s going to be hot! Well, moderately warm. Warm enough to wear summer clothes, lounge in the park and even have a barbecue.

Maximum temperatures on Saturday are forecast to reach a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius, while on Sunday the mercury should reach an almost as agreeable 23 degrees.

The Standard says forecasters are expecting “wall-to-wall sunshine” over the entire weekend from today, which may be slightly overdoing it as night-time will put a stop to the sun for a few hours at least. The Met Office website also says there is a chance of rain on Saturday.

It predicts: “Warm or very warm with sunny spells again over the weekend. However, some isolated showers possible, perhaps heavy on Saturday.”

Nonetheless, Met Office forecasters are confident that the weekend will see the hottest day of the year so far.

Don’t forget your sun cream.

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