London architect unveils Thames swimming pools designs

Thames pool 1

It’s hard to imagine wanting to take a swim in the Thames.

The famously polluted waters, which fall below European standards, were once so filled with excrement they created a phenomenon known as the Great Stink of 1858.

However, local authorities have cleaned up their act in recent years and now a London architect has designed Thames swimming pools, which allow swimmers to take in the sights of the city while bathing in the famous river.

Thames pool 2

In fact, Thames Water is planning to build a 15-mile, £4.2bn “super sewer” to stop our current system overflowing. It currently deals with four times as much waste as it was built for, and overflows on a weekly basis, flushing 39 million tonnes of Londoners’ raw sewage straight into the river each year, according to Thames Water.

The “super sewer” will cut this by 96% when it is finished in 2023, leaving the Thames sparkling clean and perfect for swimming (we hope).

Thames pool 3

London architects Studio Octopi proposes building two sets of pools – one at Shadwell in East London, the other at Blackfriars Bridge.

Thames pool 4

“A lot of people screw their noses up at the thought of swimming in the Thames but it already occurs within very controlled conditions, such as at Hampton Court and the Docklands,” said Studio Octopi director Chris Romer-Lee.


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