Kate Moss to strut her stuff with Topshop again

Supermodel Kate Moss is to return to Topshop to launch a new collection for the store, due in April 2014.

The new range will comprise 40 pieces and will be available in 40 countries worldwide and on Topshop.com.

As with previous Topshop collaborations, the products are expected to be inspired by the model’s personal wardrobe, and will span womenswear, accessories and footwear.

The announcement comes three and a half years since Moss first worked with the high street brand owned by Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia group. According to Vogue, the pair came up with the idea while on holiday together this summer.

A grand opening of Moss’s 2007 range saw the model posing in the windows of Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street store. However, since then, a glut of celebrity collaborations has appeared on the high street.

Speaking to the BBC, Danielle Pinnington, managing director of shopper research agency, Shoppercentric said: “It did go well before, especially at the start - but that’s because it was breaking new ground, and there was a huge marketing push behind it. Whether it can have the same impact again, I would question”.

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