Gambling in numbers: 7 stats that show the UK’s gambling problem

Today we discovered people aged 18-24 are doubly at risk of developing a gambling problem, because of technology and advertising.

Here are seven key stats about how much we gamble in the UK:

1. In 2010, 73% of adults in the UK gambled – 5% more than in 2007

Dice gambling

2. Gambling firms based outside the UK have grown 62% in the last four years, and now account for 15% of British gambling

3. There are 34,000 fixed odds machines in the UK, each raking in £47,000 a year in revenue

Roulette gambling

4. Customers can lose £100 every 20 seconds on a fixed odds betting terminal and put in £8.6bn in cash in 2013

5. 20% of people bought scratch cards in 2013

Bookie gambling

6. 2% of women and 7% of men are at risk of a gambling problem

7. 0.5% of white people are problem gamblers. This figure jumps to 2.5% for black people

All figures from the Gambling Commission, Campaign for Fairer Gambling and Health Survey for England.

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