Fifty Shades author becomes world's highest paid writer with £62m earnings

Sex sells, and Fifty Shades Of Grey author EL James topping a list of the world’s highest earning authors seems to be proof of that.

James, whose real name is Erika Leonard, took home an estimated £62m last year beating James Patterson, Danielle Steel, and Stephen King.

“The e-book format was a key factor, giving readers an easy way to purchase sex-filled sequels - and a discreet way to read them in public,” according to Forbes.

The Brit is believed to have earned more than £3m for the film rights to her titillating trilogy.

Here’s a list of the top 10 highest earning authors of 2013:

1. EL James - $95m

2. James Patterson - $91m

3. Suzanne Collins - $55m

4. Bill O’Reilly - $28m

5. Danielle Steel - $26m

6. Jeff Kinney - $24m

7. Janet Evanovich - $24m

8. Nora Roberts - $23m

9. Dan Brown - $22m

10. Stephen King - $20m

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  • Simon Woodroffe, founder, Yo! Sushi and Yotel

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