Dynamo generates backlash after Shard levitation aberration

Does the magician’s high-altitude stunt bear scrutiny?

“You can see the wires!” The one utterance bound to bring every magician across the globe out in a cold sweat.

The latest illusionist to break the magic for their audience is Bradford born Dynamo, whose recent stunt – levitating between the glass spires of the Shard – has let everybody down somewhat.

Unverified photos circulating online apparently show the entertainer hanging from wires at the top of Britain’s tallest building.

Dynamo 1

Dynamo dangling. Photo via Twitter

To be fair to Dynamo, he hasn’t actually said that he is a real wizard who can levitate hundreds of metres in the air. If he had really managed to levitate off the top of the shard, physicists may have some principles to urgently re-evaluate.

Here’s his photo of the stunt:


Nonetheless, disaffected spectators took to the usual social media channels to express their displeasure at not seeing real magic at work.



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