Cyclists “longing” to be run down by cars, so they can film it, Tory peer claims

Cyclists filming their journeys are “longing for” drivers to run them down, a Conservative peer has said.

Speaking during a debate over introducing fines for littering from car windows, Lord James of Blackheath unleashed a wide-ranging rant in which he railed against London cyclists and also proposed a clampdown on children “mooning” from vehicles.

During the session, Lord James said that London cyclists think they have “superior law and authority” over drivers.

He went on to say that “ludicrous” safety campaigns in the media are creating “a new and separate society in London where cyclists think they have a superior law and control over everybody in a motor car”.

“It’s going to lead to some catastrophic accidents very soon,” he added.

“I have had cyclists put their cycle up against the central reservation, not the line where the bus lane is , [and] stand in the middle of the road with a camera, and defy you to run them down while they photograph you doing it. That’s what they’re longing for.

“We need to have that sort of behaviour included in some exclusion because it is going to lead to their demise and our persecution, and it’s ridiculous.”

Following a spate of cyclist deaths in London, Lord James’s comments will look particularly ill-timed.

Tory Peer Lord James of Blackheath

The 75-year-old, who was given a life peerage by the Conservatives in 2006, also insisted that children who had exposed their bottoms at him and his wife while they were on their way to a rugby game in Twickenham should be dealt with under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

“My wife was totally horrified at the sight of the school buses coming down the road towards Twickenham full of children who were indulging in a pastime which I believe is called mooning,” Lord James said.

“The sight of some 40 children mooning simultaneously is not a pretty sight, my Lords.”

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Readers' comments (4)

  • what a stupid old man does he not understand why helmet cameras are used. The last bike he probably rode had a wick in the lights..moron

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  • Whilst I do understand what he's saying, being a regular London motorist, there is an all pervading attitude of cars Rool! But really, do cyclist cause motorist that much trauma to make it a national issue? No of course not. They are gone in literally seconds, but expose most motorist’s inattention, and irritate simply because they reveal appalling driving standards.

    If you are irritated by a cyclist then you are doing something wrong, not them. The worst a cyclist can do is scratch your car and I have never had a car scratched in London, by a cyclist, in 25 years of motoring. Nor have I hit or run one down, having said that I don’t drive an HGV, which is another subject altogether.

    For the average motorist, get over yourselves, so what if cyclist’s jump red lights, they are at risk, not you. Big deal if they weave amongst cars, they can fall off, not you. If you’re surprised by them then you should have been using your mirrors more whilst ignoring your/radio/CD/USB player/mobile phone/sat nav/iPod/bird in the car next to you/billboard/electric windows/air con/screaming kids/bitch wife telling you how to drive etc.

    If you leave the space between you and the vehicle in front, as recommended by the Highway Code, there should be no problem, seriously, cyclist could gently weave a path between cars in traffic without being noticed. But when was the last time any of you read the highway code?.........test time? Can you even imagine how often it has changed since then? It was introduced in 1931 and has had to keep up with changes in road regulation every year since then. But you figure your 10/20/30/40 year old interpretation of it is good enough. Dream on.

    So what if cyclists flick the bird, flick it back, you wouldn't get out your car and have a punch up with them anyway, despite what your ego tells you, so who cares. They will be the ones crushed under the wheels of a truck, not you, and you can’t do anything about it so just chill!

    Much like taxi drivers, many of them are on the road all day, every day, so they usually DO know what they are doing better than you. If you are sworn at by a taxi driver, chances are, you are in the wrong. The same with cyclists’.

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  • As for kids "Mooning" what a tosser, did this guy ever have a childhood? And his slapper wife was probably turned on :)

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  • Uggi, Uggi Uggi!

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