BrewDog's "transphobic" advert causes outrage. Take a look at some angry responses

Storm in a beer mug?

Craft beer chain BrewDog has been slammed for producing an advert “offensive” to the LGBT community.

Called “Don’t Make Us Do This”, the video features BrewDog co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie asking people to become investors in the company.

Over 8,000 people have signed a petition calling on the company to remove the advert.

The petition says: “Mocking trans women, sex workers and homeless people and that by doing so - is not punk or ethic.

Watt has hit out at claims that the advert is “transphobic”.

In a statement to The Drum, he said: “The video we created was to launch the CrowdCube aspect of Equity for Punks and was made in the spirit of fun and sending ourselves up – it’s a shame that some people have taken offence where none was intended.

“We have a history of supporting and championing the LGBT community, and will continue doing so… watch this space.”

People took to Twitter to slam the advert:








Readers' comments (4)

  • Please stop pushing the Transagenda on everyone. It's not normal to have a sex change so it is not clear why the public has to be force fed this thing in the name of political correctness and a certain conformity to an increasingly warped sense of morality and libertarian ideals being promoted by the Western media. I guess we will soon be told it is normal for humans to cross breed with our beloved dogs and cats in the name of post-millenial love!

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  • I can not even see how that video relates to transgender or trans sexual. Some people cross-dress to have fun or take the mick, it has not nothing to do with changing ones biological gender to a make believe gender. As it simply is using cross-dressing in a comic way. however it looks like the over zealous media and certain overzealous elements of the public have taken anything to condemning anything to do with gender issues even the once absurd issue of anartificial sex-change.

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  • Sometimes LGBT take thenselves way to seriously, and some transgender folk even consider the 'T' in LGBT to be offensive to transgender people - Being gay/lesbian is not a medical condition, whereas transgender is a medical condition.

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  • Some odd people seem to get upset by just about anything. Best thing to do is just ignore them.

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