Boris backs skateboarders’ campaign to remain at Southbank

Skateboarders at the iconic Southbank skatepark have received the support of London Mayor Boris Johnson in their battle to keep the skating location in the face of opposition from conservation groups.

Plans announced in March last year would see a £120m redevelopment of the Southbank centre, including a glass pavilion over the area where the skaters currently practice.

According to the Evening Standard, skaters at the location were “stoked” to receive the backing of the mayor.

The paper’s interviewee, Tommy Wright said: “We’re stoked the mayor is backing us, anyone down for preservation gets mad props. Boris is a real G.”

The Standard adds that according to the Urban Dictionary, a ‘real G’ is “a robust individual who did not change course under rough circumstances”.

Campaigner Louis Woodhead, 18, said: “I’m very happy that he has come out to support us as this is the least popular planning application of all time. It’s a big step forward for the campaign, especially as he has the power to veto any decision.”

Paul Richards, the creative director of arts organisation UpRise, involved in the Long Live Southbank campaign, said: “It’s great that Boris recognises the importance of the cultural heritage that exists in this space.”

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