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Jesus on Donkey

The best ways to spend the Easter weekend in London

By Harry Cockburn

The capital has lots to offer this weekend. We take a look at some of the best things to do

The Mirage Egg

Happy Easter: 5 most eggstravagant eggs around the world

By Shruti Tripathi

Which one would you like to buy? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Ning Li, CEO and co-founder, MADE.COM

Ning Li: How the creative industries can be better supported

By Ning Li

The MADE.COM CEO and co-founder on what the creative industries need to stay ahead

David Beckham Car

David Beckham to sell posh BMW on Auto Trader

By Harry Cockburn

Former England Captain David Beckham has put his luxury BMW convertible up for sale on vehicle listings service auto Trader.

Tom Kerridge

Forget the horses - it's the food that makes a day at Ascot unforgettable

By Sophie Hobson

Royal Ascot is all about Michelin-starred chefs and Mad Hatter’s tea parties - and apparently there’s some racing too

Drugs being cut up with credit card

More people are going online to buy legal and illegal drugs – and the UK is leading the trend

By Sophie Hobson

A higher proportion of drug users in the UK has bought drugs online than any other of the 43 nations questioned in a new survey.

London air pollution

3,389 deaths in London linked to poor air quality, new figures reveal

By Shruti Tripathi

A total of 3,389 Londoners over the age of 25 died due to pollution-related illnesses in 2010.

Faberge egg 1

Lost Fabergé egg to go on display in London for first time in a century

By Harry Cockburn

A lost Faberge egg crafted for Emperor Alexander III of Russia is to go on show for the first time in 112 years.

London eye turns blue

London crowned the third best tourist destination in the world

By Shruti Tripathi

Let’s stop moaning about the Saharan dust taking over London and celebrate the capital.

Heston Blumenthal has been crowned the world’s most successful chef

Revealed: The world's 100 best restaurants - Heston Blumenthal named chef of the year

By Shruti Tripathi

Top chef Heston Blumenthal’s two restaurants, Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, have made it to the top 100 eateries of the world.

Craft beer

Brown's beer: How mainstream is craft beer?

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown reveals the truth behind craft beer

London air pollution

Pollution hits high in London as Saharan dust chokes south

By Harry Cockburn

Londoners should be braced for “very high” levels of air pollution today, the government has said.

Rainbow flag Gay rights

Dating website OKCupid warns off Firefox users in gay-rights row

By Harry Cockburn

The free dating website OKCupid has advised users of Mozilla’s Firefox to change web browser, in a row over the tech firm’s gay-rights record.

Boris Spikes

Wondering what those “jogging” signs all over London are for? Meet the new Boris Spikes scheme

By Sophie Hobson

You’ve probably noticed the yellow “jogging” signs that have been appearing on roads and pavements in and around central London over the past couple of weeks.

Black out in London

Thousands of London homes faced blackouts last night

By Shruti Tripathi

Thousands of south Londoners were left in the dark last night, thanks to a fault at an electricity substation.

London smog

This week London is set to experience the worst air pollution on the scale

By Sophie Hobson

The Met Office is forecasting that tomorrow (Tuesday) and on Wednesday, London will hit the worst level on its scale for air pollution.

Reverie super-yacht

Meet the archetypal billionaire – survey reveals spending habits

By Sophie Hobson

The £22.3m London mansion is typically filled with art worth millions, though neither asset class is likely to have made much of a dent in the £1.79bn fortune of the average billionaire, as identified by a new survey.

Gay marriage

1 in 5 would turn down a gay wedding invite as first marriages happen tonight

By Robyn Vinter

One in five (22%) people still would refuse to go to a gay wedding, a survey by BBC Radio Five Live has found.

David Beckham

David Beckham and Class of '92 stars eyeing £2bn takeover of Manchester United

By Shruti Tripathi

David Beckham and Manchester United’s famous “Class of ‘92” are eyeing a £2bn takeover of the club.

Yellow Boris bike

Boris bikes go yellow ahead of Tour de France London leg

By Harry Cockburn

With just 100 days to go until the Tour de France Grand Départ in Yorkshire, some of London’s Boris bikes are sporting a radical new yellow paint job in support of the race.

Brand logo fo infographic

Infographic: How big brands use colours to influence you

The story behind some of the world’s most iconic logos…

Flight MH370

How did UK firm Inmarsat work out the last recorded position of flight MH370?

By Harry Cockburn

Investigators are now one step closer to unravelling the mystery of the lost Malaysian Airways flight MH370, which went missing on 8 March, thanks to a British communications satellite.

London Array

Siemens and Associated British Ports to invest £310m in UK wind turbines

By Shruti Tripathi

Siemens and the UK’s Associated British Ports are set to invest £310m in UK wind turbine factories.


Brown's beer: Beer and pub's £22bn contribution to UK economy & that awkward Grant Shapps tweet

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why beer deserves the support it got in the Budget

Battersea Power Station 1

The awkward legacy of Battersea Power Station

By Harry Cockburn

We take a look at the plans for the site that never quite made it

Playboy bunny girl shed simove

Shed Simove: LinkedIn, the Playboy bunny and a new internet craze

By Shed Simove

I need your help with a bit of web mischief that could sweep the world…

Water cannon

Boris Johnson backs water cannon for London police

By Harry Cockburn

Boris Johnson has given his support to the use of water cannon on the streets of London by police.

Football classic

MPs call for Qatar to be stripped of 2022 World Cup over bribery claims

By Harry Cockburn

Senior MPs have called for a Fifa investigation into the $2m bribery claims surrounding the 2022 World Cup bid which was won by Qatar, and should consider stripping the nation of the tournament.

Peter O'Toole plays Lawrence of Arabia in the 1962 film

Lawrence of Arabia’s saddle bag found in Bank of England vaults

By Harry Cockburn

Peter O’Toole plays Lawrence of Arabia in the 1962 film

Call of Duty

Time spent playing Call of Duty overtakes length of human existence on earth

By Harry Cockburn

The cumulative time people have spent playing popular video game Call of Duty, or COD, as it is sometimes known, has apparently reached an astonishing 2.85 million years. That is 2.85 million years spent gazing at television screens and making avatars run around shooting things. And those are the statistics for just one game.

Michael Gove

“Michael Gove to teach all children himself”. Oops! Spoof article appeared on Department for Education website

By Harry Cockburn

An article headlined “Michael Gove decides to teach all children himself” appeared on the Department for Education website for a month, despite staff being notified.


Brown's beer: Why cider is the world’s most misunderstood drink - part two

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why cider is a complicated drink


Brown's beer: Why cider is the world’s most misunderstood drink - part one

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why cider is a complicated drink

Len Blavatnik

Meet the 15 richest billionaires in the UK

By Sophie Hobson

The most recent world rich list has just been published, and it turns out that there are 77 billionaires in the UK.

Money, wealth, funds

UK has more billionaires than all but three countries

By Sophie Hobson

For an island nation with a population of less than 70 million, we sure do pack in a lot of billionaires.

Carson Yeung

Birmingham City FC owner guilty of money laundering

By Sophie Hobson

Carson Yeung, the owner of Birmingham City Football Club, has been found guilty of money laundering in Hong Kong, where he is a citizen.

Whoopee Cushion

Shed Simove: Stop blowing hot air - 3 unusual ideas for making money

By Shed Simove

The Ideas Man is ‘pumped’ to provide you with business ideas that may just help you grow


The best places to celebrate St David’s Day in London

By Harry Cockburn

The capital has plenty on offer to celebrate Wales’s national day

London poo 3

Apoocalypse Now? Amazing photos of the #Londonpoo fiasco

By Harry Cockburn

The burst water main in Stockwell, south London, was extensively documented on Twitter last night. Before any of the main media outlets had news of the moist mishap, shocking photos were doing the rounds minutes after the filthy water had spread.

Megaphone book cover

Five top management reads for commuters

By Nyree Ambarchian

Swot up on the way to work with these top bite-size management books as recommended by leading business and public sector executives as part of the CMI’s Management Book of the Year competition. The competition judges have picked out five fantastic books that are notable for their easy to digest management expertise.


Going going... gone! Taking a punt on emerging artists

By Kevin Wilson

Our resident Artman Kevin Wilson gives a nod to two artists worth a punt if you have that space to fill on the living room wall

Post in the snow

Brrrr.. London set to get snow as Met office issues weather warning

By Shruti Tripathi

Londoners should brace themselves for snow as the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for London & “many areas” of south east England.

Vin and Omi

Show day at London Fashion Week - designers VIN+OMI explain what's involved

By Vin and Omi

This part three of a four part blog follows fashion designers VIN+OMI to London Fashion Week. It gives an insight into what it takes to put on a fashion show and looks at the other businesses it touches on the way

Lego room

Inside the world's first Lego-themed children's bedroom

By Shruti Tripathi

What do David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears and your six-year-old have in common? They are all Lego fans.

Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT becomes world's fastest car with 270mph speed recordVideo

By Shruti Tripathi

The Hennessey Venom GT has become the fastest car in the world after hitting 270.49mph on Nasa’s space shuttle landing runway.

Busy Heathrow airport

British Airways named Britain's favourite brand

By Shruti Tripathi

British Airways has beaten tech goliaths Apple and Facebook to become Britain’s favourite brand.


The top 5 wearable technology gadgets in 2014

By Daniel Todaro

Wearable tech is already one of this year’s hottest trends. Are you dressed to thrill?

Rare 50p coin

Have you got the UK’s rarest coin in your pocket? If so, it’s worth £150

By Robyn Vinter

Thousands of people in the UK are likely to have a rare 50p coin in their pocket, which is worth a phenominal £150 on eBay.

Debbie Harry

Why do businesses sponsor designers for London Fashion Week? Designers VIN+OMI explain

By Vin and Omi

In the second of the four part series the duo encounter a sea of companies wanting a part of the action and a rock star wears one of their dresses

Jenny Jones snowboarder

21 amazing Olympic first-time-ever facts

By Robyn Vinter

Following a string of other Olympic firsts in Sochi…

Tough Mudder 1

FUNNY BUSINESS: Why do 21st-century office workers get kicks from gruelling physical feats?

By Harry Cockburn

Harry Cockburn casts a sideways glance at some strange things going on in the dark

Inside Richard Branson's Verbier ski lodge

Video: Inside Richard Branson’s $182,000-a-week Verbier ski lodgeVideo

By Sophie Hobson

You’re probably just as accustomed as I am to having four chefs, a 24-hour chauffeur and a spa therapist at your complete disposal, so I’m sure you’ll join me in saying a big fat “pretty average holiday” to Richard Branson’s Verbier ski lodge.

Norwegian Constitution Day

5 reasons London is obsessed with Scandinavia - and how to indulge more

By Robyn Vinter

How the recession has subtly shaped our exploding Nordic scene

Vin and Omi

What's it like to be a designer during London Fashion Week? Design duo VIN+OMI tell all

By Vin and Omi

The first of their four part series looks at the road to Fashion Week. It’s not a smooth journey

Models on the catwalk during the Burberry Prosum catwalk show, Kensington, London, on the fourth day of London Fashion Week

Katie Small: Why cover in the fashion world isn’t always about hemlines

By Katie Small

Katie Small, board director at insurance broker R K Harrison, on whether you should make inurance arrangements for clothes

Valentines Chimp

Last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas

By Harry Cockburn

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Floody hell Datchet

UK floods: "Unparalleled natural crisis" could wipe £14bn off UK economy

By Harry Cockburn

As Britain faces an “unparalleled natural crisis”, in the words of one army officer in charge of the flood recovery, Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, said that the effects of the disruption could derail the economic recovery.

Yoda from Star Wars

Star Wars in London: Lucasfilm to open VFX house in Soho

By Sophie Hobson

May the force be with – us, actually. Lucasfilm, one of cinema’s all-time most iconic production companies, will be opening a branch of its visual effects house Industrial Light & Magic in Soho, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Flooding in Thames Valley

Thames floods set to affect hundreds more homes as further floods forecast

By Harry Cockburn

Hundreds more homes along the Thames face the grim prospect of a battering from further storms forecast to hit the UK later this week.

Floody hell Datchet

Cost of flooding could rise to £1bn as more bad weather is on its way

By Harry Cockburn

As the Environment Agency prepares to announce that further rain could result in the wettest winter for 250 years, the continuing floods and storms are set to leave Britain with a £1bn bill, according to latest estimates.

AdMan: The pitfalls of flattery

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why lip service is choking the creative industry

Skiing at Sochi

Check out PwC’s top 10 Sochi medals chart, based on GDP and weather

By Sophie Hobson

PwC has bashed out an interesting bit of research predicting how many medals it expects countries to get at the Sochi Winter Olympics based on socio-economic as well as sporting factors.

Van Gogh

Meet the 8 most unlikely Londoners in history

By Adam Jacot de Boinod

The secret Londoners and their love for the capital…

Apollo Theatre collapse

Family to sue for Apollo Theatre collapse injuries

By Robyn Vinter

A family is suing the owners of the Apollo Theatre for injuries and trauma sustained when the ceiling collapsed in December.

Albert Hall picture

From “village hall” to world acclaim: Behind the scenes at the Royal Albert Hall

By Harry Cockburn

We meet Jasper Hope, the man behind the hall’s booming success

Westminster rubbish

Trafalgar Square Chinese New Year party - the world's biggest outside China - creates 20 tonnes of rubbish

By Robyn Vinter

Westminster City Council collected 20 tonnes of rubbish after the world’s biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside China on Sunday.

Blumenthal Heston with wine

Heston Blumenthal forced to close London restaurant Dinner after norovirus outbreak

By Harry Cockburn

Culinary “alchemist”, Heston Blumenthal has been forced to close his London restaurant Dinner, after an outbreak of a vomiting virus.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future musical to open in London

By Robyn Vinter

Back to the Future is set to return – but this time to London’s West End.


Brown's beer: Why expensive beers are way better than pricey wines

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why there’s genuine value lurking in a pricey beer at a craft beer bar near you

Blur ticket barrier

Wahoo! Rocking Jubilee line tube ticket barrier “sings” Blur’s Song 2Video

By Harry Cockburn

It’s always a bad sign when machinery starts talking to you. But someone definitely had too much time on their hands when they put together a video of a Tube barrier making a sound that may or may not sound something like the catchy “wahoo!” refrain from Blur’s 1990s hit single Song 2.

Range Rover Sport Lumma CLR-RS

Gumtree advertises two of the world's three rare Range Rover Sports

By Shruti Tripathi

Fancy buying a rare sports car? Log on to

Google search London

Why is Camden famous? Why is Ealing expensive? - The top things people ask about where you live

By Robyn Vinter

What do people want to know about your borough when they type “why is…” into Google?

The fist of business

Are you social not-working or blue sky drinking? The UK’s worst office jargon + Nick Hewer videoVideo

By Harry Cockburn

In the future - or “going forward”, as it is now known - the British language will be practically unrecognisable.

King's Cross station

12 legendary Scots who shaped London in ways you never knew

By Robyn Vinter

Scottish people – we salute you! In honour of Burns Night…

Haggis 1

10 best places to celebrate Burns Night in London on Saturday

By Harry Cockburn

Whisky, poetry, and the obligatory haggis: London has plenty on offer this Saturday

Warren Buffett

Fancy being a billionaire this year? Enter Warren Buffett's $1bn basketball challenge

By Shruti Tripathi

If you’ve got Paul the Octopus-like predictability skills and know a thing or two about Basketball, then you can be a billionaire this year.

Solar bridge on roof of Blackfriars station

The world's largest solar-powered bridge opens at Blackfriars station

By Shruti Tripathi

London’s become home to the world’s largest solar-powered bridge as a solar roof with 4,400 panels has been unveiled on Blackfriars Bridge.

Manchester United

These are the 10 richest football clubs, and Man Utd isn't even in the top 3

By Sophie Hobson

Manchester United has been kicked out of the football club rich list’s top three for the first time in the list’s history.

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino cancels new movie after script leaks – and he’s naming names

By Sophie Hobson

It was set to be a schmaltzy tale, full of hugs, pink unicorns, kindness to mankind and not a drop of blood spilled – perhaps. In fact, now we’ll never know what Tarantino’s new film The Hateful Eight would have featured, since the director has cancelled it.

Girl looks on as old man eats a burger

Revealed: The 10 worst countries to eat in

By Shruti Tripathi

Chad (Africa), Angola and Ethiopia are among the worst 10 countries to eat in the world.

Andy Murray

From underwear to teddy bears, check out items Andy Murray has trademarked

By Shruti Tripathi

If you’ve ever dreamt of getting into Andy Murray’s shoes, or better still, his pants, then you are going to love this news story.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, Joanna Lumley & Twiggy explain why they love London in moving videosVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Every Londoner loves London in their own way. Every Londoner creates their own map of the city, charting their favourite places, must-sees and must-dos.

Alcohol prohibited

Brown's beer: Why I don't subscribe to anti-alcohol hysteria this January

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown slams the campaign against alcohol

Skateboarder at South bank

Boris backs skateboarders’ campaign to remain at Southbank

By Harry Cockburn

Skateboarders at the iconic Southbank skatepark have received the support of London Mayor Boris Johnson in their battle to keep the skating location in the face of opposition from conservation groups.

Roman Skull Museum of London

Grisly truth about London’s Roman skulls revealed 26 years after excavation

By Harry Cockburn

Scores of Roman era skulls excavated from a site near Aldwych in 1988 have long been considered the unfortunate victims of Queen Boudica’s AD60 revolution. The East Anglican leader of the Icenii tribe swept across the south east of England, with her army torching Roman settlements in her path.

London past and present then and now

Stunning historic footage shows London past and present, from 1920s to todayVideo

By Harry Cockburn

In the mid-1920s, pioneering cinematographer, filmmaker and inventor Claude Friese-Greene travelled across Britain capturing fascinating footage of life in the UK for his collection of films called The Open Road.

Food hygiene washing hands spray

Food hygiene humiliation: six of the 10 worst councils are in London

By Harry Cockburn

More than a third of high-risk food businesses across the UK are failing to meet food hygiene standards and testing levels are declining, it has emerged.

Royal Ascot

Qatar's QIPCO becomes Royal Ascot's first commercial partner

By Shruti Tripathi

QIPCO Holdings, the holding company for a branch of the Qatari ruling family, has signed a five-year agreement to become the first official partner at Royal Ascot. QIPCO will sponsor two races - the King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes - and will have branding rights all over the tracks.

No Trousers Day tube

No Trousers Day pictures: surprisingly casual tube passengers in their pants

By Robyn Vinter

An alien crash-landing on earth would be confused by many of the world’s traditions, but this one seems bizarre even to us.

Heathrow Airport arrivals

Early arrival for woman who gives birth in Heathrow lavatory

By Robyn Vinter

A London woman took home more than just her baggage after going into labour in a lavatory at Heathrow Airport.

The Bradshaw family

Could you live off British goods for a year? Meet the family who found out

By Robyn Vinter

We all want to support British businesses. But how far can you really walk the talk?

Sean p diddy Combs

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs teams up with UK drinks giant Diageo to buy luxury tequila brand DeLeon

By Harry Cockburn

Rapper turned entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs has teamed up with British drinks giant Diageo, to buy Hollywood’s favourite tequila brand DeLeón.

Canary Wharf in smog

London air pollution contributes to all four main causes of death in capital

By Harry Cockburn

Despite lower levels of smoking among Londoners than those in other areas of the country, lung cancer is among the top four causes of death in the capital, as pollution levels are higher in the capital than anywhere else in the UK.

London Collections: Men at the Royal Opera House – June 2012

5 reasons the £10bn British menswear sector is exploding right now

By Adam King

Adam King explains all as the second men’s fashion week, London Collections: Men, draws to a close

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix's Mayfair flat to become museum

By Shruti Tripathi

Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s Mayfair flat, which he described as “the only home I ever had”, is set to become a museum.

Sherlock Holmes

BBC’s Sherlock newspaper mock-up describes London Mayor as “dithering, incoherent, and self-interested”

By Harry Cockburn

Hit detective drama Sherlock has riled the right-wing press after describing a nameless London Mayor as “dithering, incoherent and self-interested.”

Pupils at Eton College

Eton bans Snapchat in bid to curb sexting

By Sophie Hobson

You can learn Greek, Japanese or ICT with some of the very best tutors in the world, but the UK’s most famous public school has decided to take a rather more involved line in sexual education.

TB in lungs

London faces serious threat from rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis

By Harry Cockburn

A highly infectious form of drug-resistant tuberculosis is on the rise in London. Health experts have warned that the bacterial infection, which is spread through coughing and sneezing, could leave London on the verge of a TB epidemic.

Share a coke campaign

Why did Coke put your names on its bottles? De-branding is the new branding

By Mark Howley

Mark Howley, MD, Zenithoptimedia UK, on why personalisation and individualisation works for selling products


"My goldfish died": Top 10 odd excuses for late tax returns

By Shruti Tripathi

You’ve got to give it tardy British taxpayers for coming up with the most bizarre excuses for late tax returns.

Beer cocktails

3 new London bars opening in 2014 we can't wait to check out

By Georgiana Ndlovu

So you never have to stop raising a glass to the new year

Chess Boxing1

Brains and brawn: Chess boxing comes to London

By Harry Cockburn

Crush your opponent on the chessboard, then sock him in the jaw - it’s chess boxing

Apollo Roof Collapse

Support floods in for rescue services in Apollo theatre disaster

By Harry Cockburn

The collapse of the ceiling at the Apollo theatre during a performance on Thursday night has left 76 people injured, seven of them seriously. Fortunately there were no fatalities.

McAfee and Biggs

Who said it: Ronnie Biggs or fugitive entrepreneur John McAfee?

By Harry Cockburn

Who said it: train robber and long-time fugitive Ronnie Biggs, or anti-virus software developer and fugitive John McAfee?

Harry Vine

Ripping, biting and waterboarding: Just how tough will the new plastic bank notes be?Video

By Harry Cockburn

Polymer bank notes are now set to be introduced to replace the traditional cotton-paper ones from 2016. The proposed plastic notes are said to be smaller, cleaner and should even survive a spell in the washing machine, the Bank of England has said.

Rowan Atkinson Archbishop

Rowan Atkinson Archbishop sketch raises hackles - Most complained-about TV shows 2013

By Harry Cockburn

The end of the year is just a few days away, and it has been a busy one for TV watchdog Ofcom. But unless any particularly controversial televisual content has been scheduled over the Christmas holidays, then it’s fairly safe to look back at the programmes which have almost certianly won the dubious honour of having racked up the most complaints for 2013.

Boris Johnson Boris Bike

Boris bike scheme to double in size as Barclays ends sponsorship

By Harry Cockburn

London’s cycling-supporting Mayor, Boris Johnson, is to announce a significant extension to the London bicycle hire network today, in a move that will encourage higher participation in cycling after a year blighted by fatalities in the capital.

Santacon London

Top 10 Christmas events in London

By Robyn Vinter

We scour the capital’s calendars to find the top 10 Christmas events you cannot miss this year

Andy Murray

Hip hip Murray! Top 10 hottest Facebook topics in the UKVideo

By Shruti Tripathi

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory in July this year had the nation on the edge of its seats.

£2.8m Christmas wreath

World's most expensive Christmas wreath on sale for £2.8m

By Shruti Tripathi

Last week we told you about the gifts billionaires are eyeing up this Christmas. The outrageous list included everthing from a $62m tree house to a $83m Sky yacht.  

Stress Lady

Stress in the City: Is London cracking under pressure?

By Harry Cockburn

As more high-profile cases of stress come to light, is it time to re-examine our working lives?

Pub closures

Brown's beer: The bitter truth about Britain's pub economy

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why pubs across the UK are closing

Drugs being cut up with credit card

Brothels, sex shops and lap dancing clubs in Soho raided by hundreds of police

By Shruti Tripathi

Twenty two brothels, three sex shops and two lap dancing clubs in Soho were raided by more than 200 police in Soho yesterday.

Gambling addicts

Brits spent a staggering £46bn on gambling machines last year

By Harry Cockburn

Gamblers in the UK spent an incredible £46bn on gambling machines last year, prompting calls from anti-gambling campaigners and MPs, who have called for tighter regulations.

Pie Man Charlie Bigham

Charlie Bigham’s £314 ready meal

By Harry Cockburn

Who ate all the pies? Probably Britain. We are notoriously fond of anything encased in pastry. But are we ready for a luxury pie that costs in excess of £300?


A $62m tree house or $83m Sky yacht? The billionaires' Christmas gift guide Video

By Shruti Tripathi

For billionaires with bottomless bank accounts, Christmas gift shopping can be quite an ordeal.

Waterstones owls

Waterstones "will use owls to deliver books", winging ahead of Amazon's dronesVideo

By Sophie Hobson

If you were impressed by Amazon’s announcement yesterday that it plans to deliver items within 30 minutes using drones in the not-too-distant future, then here’s some news that’s really worth getting in a flap about.

UKIP rap

VIDEO: Watch this bizarre rap supporting UKIP - yes, reallyVideo

By Sophie Hobson

We’re not quite sure what’s happened here, but this is a rap about UKIP. That’s right - Nigel Farage, down with the kids, as ever.

Fortnum and Mason outside

Fortnum & Mason to open Dubai branch

By Harry Cockburn

Luxury London retailer Fortnum & Mason is sallying forth and has set up an outpost in foreign lands – the firm’s first in its entire 306 year history.

Street Crowdsat Chrsitmas

“Cyber Monday” shoppers set to spend £500m today

By Harry Cockburn

If you have begun the week feeling hollow as the Christmas shopping ecstasies of “Black Friday” have receded over the weekend, then here is some news to perk you up.

The Oxford Street Christmas Lights

London's best Christmas lights

By Georgiana Ndlovu

From Oxford Street to Canary Wharf, where to see the capital’s best festive illuminations

PS4 Buyer

We haven’t played Sony’s PS4 yet, but that hasn’t stopped us reviewing it

By Harry Cockburn

Here at, we love business. And the gaming industry is big business, so by definition we bloody love it, even if we don’t really understand games.

PS4 first customer

In pictures: Gaming fans queue overnight for first PS4 consoles

By Harry Cockburn

As the clocks struck 12 in London last night, Black Friday was officially underway and the new Playstation 4 became available in the UK.

Christmas markets in London

London’s best Christmas markets

By Georgiana Ndlovu

From Christmassy to quirky and cool, the capital has got it all

Harvey nichols ad

Video: Harvey Nichols launches “sorry I spent it on myself” adVideo

By Harry Cockburn

With just four weeks to go to Christmas, the high street’s biggest names have rolled out their big guns in the annual war to drag ever more customers through their shiny doors to spend spend spend.

Mabley Green Hackney

Hackney council to fund "edible park"

By Harry Cockburn

Ever since the world became acquainted with the psychedelic world Roald Dahl created in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, people have longed to stroll through edible landscapes.

Spotify man music headphones

Spotify valued at $4bn as music service looks to Japan

By Harry Cockburn

Soho-based music streaming service Spotify has today been valued at $4bn (£2.5bn), as the firm raises funds for expansion into Japan.

Cycle Crash

Cyclists “longing” to be run down by cars, so they can film it, Tory peer claims

By Harry Cockburn

Cyclists filming their journeys are “longing for” drivers to run them down, a Conservative peer has said.


Weed you believe it? London home-grown cannabis farms behind house fire rise

By Shruti Tripathi

London saw one fire a fortnight last year, thanks to the capital’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

Play at Bounce

London’s top 5 alternative office Christmas parties

By Georgiana Ndlovu

Defy awkwardness and tedium with cheffing, dance-stepping, piccalilli and ping pong

Diamond Jubilee Footbridge

£22m Diamond Jubilee Footbridge over Thames to get green light

By Shruti Tripathi

A £22m bridge over the Thames linking Battersea and Chelsea Harbour is set to get planning permission today.

Hippodrome casino

Hippodrome Casino on the hunt for 'Britain's smallest bouncers' Video

By Shruti Tripathi

The Hippodrome Casino is on the hunt for “Britain’s smallest bouncers” for its new entrance at Leicester Square.

David Beckham

AdMan: Pretty Please. The ugly truth about good looks in advertising

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on how adverts make you feel rubbish about yourself

That stunning staircase as seen from above

IN PICTURES: The beautiful £45m revamp of Tate Britain

By Sophie Hobson

One-and-a-half years, £45m and 1,800 builders later, Tate Britain is ready to reveal its revamp in full.

Where to buy property in London

London "among worst places to live in Britain", says report

By Shruti Tripathi

Bad news Londoners. The capital has been named as one of the worst places in Britain to live today.

Phone while driving

55,000 Londoners have points on their licence for driving while using mobiles

By Harry Cockburn

A road safety charity has revealed that an astonishing 55,000 Londoners have points on their licence for using a mobile phone while driving.

Snow globe at Picadilly

Eros statue gets 30ft snow globe for Christmas

By Shruti Tripathi

Westminster Council has gifted Picadilly’s iconic Eros statue a 62ft snow globe this Chritmas to protect it from vandals.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013: Best London events

Organisers Youth Business International pick out the most useful events for London entrepreneurs & managers

Crack Cocaine

Best Twitter reactions to the drug bust of ex chairman of Co-operative Bank, Paul Flowers

By Harry Cockburn

Following the trailblazing path set by Toronto’s infamous mayor Tom Ford, Britain has gained its own high-flying narcotics user.

Golden piggy bank offer: Get paid £50 just to talk about and try products

Focus groups are easy money - and we just made them even easier


In pictures: Selfridges Christmas Windows

By Harry Cockburn

The iconic windows of Selfridges hardly need any introduction, having risen in the public consciousness to practically become a draw in their own right. But at Christmas, when London is heaving with tourists and their gravid wallets, the Selfridges window team have to pull out all the stops.

Boris in a garden

Boris to create £30,000 “tropical park” in Tottenham

By Harry Cockburn

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced plans to spend £30,000 on the creation of a “tropical park” in (distinctly non-equatorial) Tottenham.

Jessie J is joined by Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry for the big switch-on of the Oxford Street Christmas lights

IN PICTURES: Oxford Street Christmas lights switch-on with Jessie J

By Sophie Hobson

Festive photos of London’s biggest Christmas light display, plus James Arthur and Lisa Snowdon

John Lewis Christmas advert 2013

VIDEO: Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert 2013 onlineVideo

By Sophie Hobson

It’s the one they’ve all been waiting for…

Female doctor

Women earn £16,000 less than men, with health workers in worst position

By Harry Cockburn

A report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has found that the gender pay gap can be as wide as £16,000, with female health professionals in the worst position to receive fair pay.

London smog

Air pollution death rates up in half of London boroughs

By Harry Cockburn

Deaths due to poor air quality in London have gone up in almost half of London boroughs, figures from the Department of Health show.

Boris on bike

Johnson unveils £35m cycle safety measures amid three serious accidents in 36 hours

By Harry Cockburn

Amid a dreadful two days for cycling in London that have seen one fatality and two life-threatening injuries, Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled a £35m scheme to help improve safety for cyclists in the city.

Hair Dryer

ASOS and Net-a-Porter bosses back Grazia editor's salon chain Blow

By Sophie Hobson

It’s the kind of management and investor line-up to make other ambitious style-centric start-ups weep through their Dior-masacara’d lashes: ASOS founder Nick Robertson and Net-a-Porter boss Mark Sebba as investors; Grazia launch editor Fiona McIntosh as co-founder; and serious financial kudos in the shape of Dharmash Mistry, formerly of Balderton Capital, as the other co-founder.

Man desperate for fizzy drinks

Tax on sugary drinks could raise £275m for Treasury

By Harry Cockburn

A tax on sugary drinks could help cut soaring rates of obesity and raise over £275m for the Treasury, according to research by Oxford and Reading universities.

No Christmas parties

No ho ho! One million Britons consider payday loans this Christmas

By Shruti Tripathi

It may not be a very merry Christmas for Britons this year as more than one million will turn to payday lenders in the run up to the festive season.

Horse - where to buy and eat horsemeat in london

Oh neigh: Horsemeat found in canned sliced beef

By Sophie Hobson

Just as we thought that food manufacturers had managed to reign in their horsemeat habit, it has emerged that canned beef sold by Home Bargains and Quality Save contains between 1% and 5% horse DNA.


Grrr! Top 10 most annoying commuter habits revealed

By Shruti Tripathi

It’s official! Not letting people off the Tube before getting on is the most annoying commuter habit for Londoners.

Harrods department store

Harrods' £200m makeover: New escalators, swanky shoes and luxury gifts section

By Shruti Tripathi

Harrods is set to unveil its new look after getting a £200m makeover.

Necker Island

Rich tycoons to spend £28,000 on matchmaking party at Branson’s Necker Island

By Shruti Tripathi

Loaded tycoons are spending up to $45,000 (£28,000) to attend a matchmaking cocktail party at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Gap shopping centre

London’s first designer outlet village opens in Wembley

By Harry Cockburn

London’s first designer outlet village opened its doors in Wembley yesterday, attracting hundreds of shoppers to over 70 stores.

Pearly kings - East End cockneys - cockney rhyming slang

The ultimate Cockney Rhyming slang glossary – do you know where these phrases come from?

By Adam Jacot de Boinod

Don’t be a lump of school - discover the reasoning behind the rhymes before you get Scotch mist tonight

Boris Johnson Boris Bike

Boris to trial e-bike scheme in hilly North London

By Harry Cockburn

Help could soon be at hand for the less upwardly mobile. Or rather, people less able to cycle up steep inclines, as Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that an experimental fleet of electric bicycles are to hit the steep streets around Muswell Hill next year.

London Post Office Railway

Could this forgotten London underground train network re-open?

By Harry Cockburn

Deep beneath the streets of London there lies an astonishing secret… There isn’t just one tube network, but two.

Depressed Worker

Revealed: The happiest and saddest areas of London

By Shruti Tripathi

If you’re a Croydon resident then you’re probably the least happy Londoner. No we’re not saying that, David Cameron’s “happiness index” project is.

University dog

American University of London awards MBA to dog

By Harry Cockburn

Pete the dog is likely to be the most qualified canine in south London, having recently been awarded a Master’s degree in business.

Soho House

Soho House eyeing BBC's old White City HQ for new club with rooftop pool

By Shruti Tripathi

Soho House, the members’ club founded by entrepreneur Nick Jones, is eyeing the site of the old BBC Television Centre in White City to open a new club.

Battersea Power Station

Frank Gehry and Norman Foster to collaborate on Battersea Power Station

By Sophie Hobson

Seminal architects Frank Gehry and Lord Norman Foster will collaborate on a series of building in the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station in a ground-breaking project for British architecture.

Steve Henry

AdMan: How to get famous in two hours

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why brands need to take more risks

Facebook Zuckerberg

#RIPFacebook: Users unable to update status, post comments or like posts

By Harry Cockburn

Facebook users are currently unable to post new statuses or to use the “Like” function.


Clapham bars could get an alcohol curfew at midnight

By Harry Cockburn

Lambeth Council could ban certain bars in Clapham from selling alcohol after midnight, due to residents’ complaints about unruly behaviour in the area.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Cadbury's hilarious rejection letter is fake

By Shruti Tripathi

A hilarious job rejection letter from Cadbury, that went viral on Twitter, is apparently fake.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Best Twitter reactions to Cadbury's hilarious job rejection letter

By Shruti Tripathi

A job applicant claiming to be a “super spy” has apparently received a hilarious job rejection from Cadbury.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Cadbury's hilarious rejection letter gets over 17,000 re-tweets

By Shruti Tripathi

Would you hire a job applicant claiming to be “super secret spy”? Cadbury won’t, apparently.


In cinemas soon: Wonga: the film – yes, really

By Sophie Hobson

Wonga has splashed out a reported six figures commissioning a feature-length documentary on the lives of its customers.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Cadbury's hilarious job rejection letter revealed

By Shruti Tripathi

Follow me: @shrutitripathi6 and @LondonLovesBiz

David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham's business empire makes £4m profit

By Shruti Tripathi

He may have hung up his boots but David Beckham’s still raking in the moolah.

Go home or face arrest

Home Office advert telling immigrants to 'GO HOME OR FACE ARREST' banned by watchdog

By Shruti Tripathi

A Home Office advert telling illegal immigrants to “GO HOME OR FACE ARREST” has been banned by the advertising watchdog.

Kate Moss Topshop

Kate Moss to strut her stuff with Topshop again

By Harry Cockburn

Supermodel Kate Moss is to return to Topshop to launch a new collection for the store, due in April 2014.

Necker Island

Inside Sir Richard Branson's £37,000-a-night Necker Island home

By Shruti Tripathi

Sir Richard Branson plans to “raise the roof” to celebrate the reopening of his £60m luxury Caribbean getaway after it was destroyed by fire in August 2011.

Swimming pool by Blackfriars

In pictures: Plans for swimming pool in the Thames unveiled

How would you like to take a dip in a swimming pool in the Thames? Yes, you read that right.

A chauffeur opeing the dorr to The Rizx Rolls Royce

The Ritz sees value soar to £735m after record revenues

By Shruti Tripathi

London’s iconic five-star Ritz hotel has seen its value increase to £735m after recording the highest revenues in its 107-year history.

Shaftesbury Avenue street sign

Iconic London street signs to go under the hammer

By Harry Cockburn

If you’ve always hankered after the original Downing Street sign to hang inside your pub, or the Shaftesbury Avenue plaque to go on your bedroom door, then here’s your chance.

Roman skull under London

In Pictures: Crossrail discovers 20 Roman skulls under Liverpool Street station

By Shruti Tripathi

Discovering 20 Roman skulls at a building site? It’s all in a day’s work for Crossrail.

On the ramp: Felde Felder, Christpher Kane and Mary Katrantzou

Vin and Omi: The best of London Fashion Week

International fashion designers Vin and Omi give their verdict

Tesco Covent Garden after "serious mouse problem"

Tesco ordered to pay £57000 after filthy 'super mouse' found in Covent Garden store

Warning: This story may make you lose your appetite for lunch.

Steve Henry

AdMan: Why I don't endorse advertising as a worthwhile industry

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why he quit the adworld

Sir Richard Branson poses with the latest signings to his V2 record label, Liberty X

Sir Richard Branson forced to turn down music at Virgin bash after noise abatement notice

By Shruti Tripathi

There were pirate outfits, flower garlands, Hawaiian shirts and a steel band at Sir Richard Branson’s Club Tropicana-themed bash at Virgin’s headquarters in west London last night.

Cat goes meow

The wait is over! London’s cat café finally given go ahead

It has been seven long months since we first brought you news that London was on the verge of getting its first cat café thanks to the joys of crowdfunding.


Brown’s Beer: Sambrook's Brewery’s 5th birthday is a great chance to toast London brewers

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why he’s heading to the Morden Hall Park, Beer by the River bash this Saturday

Closed pub

4,000 "complacent" pubs "stuck in the 1980s" should close in 2014, says drinkers' guide

By Simona Sikimic

Like the bulk of the press and political establishment we have mainly written about what a shame it is that 25 to 50 pubs were closing down every week across the UK.

Notting Hill Carnival

In pictures: Notting Hill Carnival - including THAT police dance-offVideo

Relive the colour, the comedy and the incredible crack that was carnival

Taste Tube Map

Hairspray Bond Street & Jam roly-poly Baker Street - Check out London's Tube taste map

By Shruti Tripathi

We’ve seen a Super Mario Tube map, a Lego Tube map and even, a rude ...

Carnival spirit in London

Notting Hill Carnival is coming! Our essential guide for less-seasoned revellers

By Simona Sikimic

Where to dance, eat and drink at Europe’s biggest street party

French Golf

Check out the 5 top golf courses loved by Londoners

Entrepreneurial golf duo behind Your Golf Travel tell us where Londoners really love to play

Admiralty Arch

Admiralty Arch hotel to get go-ahead only if planners pay more for social housing

By Shruti Tripathi

Plans to develop Admiralty Arch, the gatehouse which leads from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, into a luxury hotel are only likely to get approval if they meet minimum social housing contributions, it has emerged.


Crowdfunding project of the month: Tribesports

By Simona Sikimic

We feature one of London’s most successful crowdfunding projects each month so you can discover the city’s next big things

Picadilly Circus

London's iconic Piccadilly Lights to get new digital screen by Christmas

By Shruti Tripathi

Browse through your old photos and there’s a rare chance that you wouldn’t find a picture of you posing in front of Picadilly Lights, the blindingly bright outdoor advertising display at Piccadilly Circus.

Front covers of 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker, by EL James

Fifty Shades author becomes world's highest paid writer with £62m earnings

By Shruti Tripathi

Sex sells, and Fifty Shades Of Grey author EL James topping a list of the world’s highest earning authors seems to be proof of that.

Museum London

5 kooky London museums to visit this summer

By Simona Sikimic

Five inspiring things even the most seasoned Londoner may not have tried, yet…

Cat goes meow

Catonomics: the business of cats - why felines sell moreVideo

By Simona Sikimic

It’s World Cat Day. And Silly Season. All in all, we think it’s a good time to look at some cat stats


Evidence of 9,000-year-old London “factory” discovered  

By Simona Sikimic

In its ongoing burrowing under the capital, the Crossrail project has unearthed some magnificent snapshots of our past.

RideLondon three

In Pictures: 70,000 cyclists race in RideLondon cycling festivalVideo

By Simona Sikimic

From Boris to babies on bikes, the best of London’s ‘marathon on wheels’

London tourism

Hot weather gets 4 million Brits flocking to London, boosting economy by £1.3bn

By Simona Sikimic

Ignore, if you can for just a moment, the torrential rain outside and the thunder drumming away in the background and cast your mind back to the largely uninterrupted spell of glorious weather we’ve experienced of late.

Ancient London

Going back to the roots of London borough names

By Simona Sikimic

Anglo-Saxon chiefs, Tudor palaces and red industrial revolution bridges

Cat on Monopoly board

Giant 'Monopoly cat' tours London

By Shruti Tripathi

The iconic Iron on the Monopoly board has officially run out of steam, as fans of the game have voted to replace it with a cat.

Denbies tasting

English wine is booming - but can Sussex and Surrey usurp Champagne?

By Simona Sikimic

Why the Queen, French vintners and Waitrose are toasting the vineyards around London


Everyone's talking about BrewDog's expletive-laden battle with the ASA

By Shruti Tripathi

Scottish beer company BrewDog is in a bitter battle with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over BrewDog’s description of itself as “a post-punk apocalyptic mother fu*ker of a craft brewery”.

Giant blue cockerel Hahn

Boris Johnson unveils big blue cock in Trafalgar Square

By Shruti Tripathi

London mayor Boris Johnson today unveiled the big blue cock in Trafalgar Square, much to the amusement of many Londoners.

Jetpack James Bond

British films booming with 15% of world market, up from 7% in 2009

By Simona Sikimic

007 and the boy wizard have spearheaded a Brit film revival

The sexiest toilet in the world

AdMan: The sexiest toilet in the world

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why advertising should stop advertising

Girl looks on as old man eats a burger

A £210,000 petri dish burger to be served in London restaurant

By Simona Sikimic

We all knew that the posh burger craze has been exploding in London recently, but the latest one takes the bun.

Floating Cinema

Coming soon to a canal near you: London's floating cinema returns

By Sophie Hobson

We’re nostalgic old things here at, so we heartily suggest rejoicing in this glorious sunshine by indulging in that most traditional of London past-times: sitting by the banks of the Thames, watching horror films projected by a 60-foot canal boat in a spectacle dreamt up by two artists who met at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Andy Murray

Hip hip Murray! Seven amazing Andy Murray quotes you should read

By Shruti Tripathi

Murray on not supporting England, his mum’s singing and hopes to date Maria Sharapova

Twisted String Piano, created and exhibited by Based Upon

Review: Masterpiece London 2013, the capital’s jet-set shopping extravaganza  

By Asa Bennett

Asa Bennett visits the high-end Chelsea market loved by celebs and art-hunters

Wimbledon flat

The £990k flat with the best view of the Wimbledon tennis courts

By Shruti Tripathi

So Morrisons has renamed its Wimbledon store ‘Murrisons’ to cheer British tennis star Andy Murray in this year’s championship. What can you do to prove your love for Wimbledon?

Magician Dynamo levitates from bus

Magician Dynamo wows Londoners as he hangs from the roof of a London bus

By Shruti Tripathi

Magician Dynamo wowed Londoners yesterday after hanging from the side of a 15ft red double-decker bus.

Whale in Greenwich

Whale hello there! 17 metre bottlenose beached at Greenwich

By Shruti Tripathi

Londoners in Greenwich did a double take yesterday when they spotted a 17 metre sperm whale beached on the Greenwich shoreline yesterday.

Palace of Pestminster

Lights, camera, action! Film crews to get access to Palace of Westminster

By Shruti Tripathi

The Houses of Parliament is set for even more drama as a parliamentary committee has voted to allow film crews inside the Palace of Westminster for the first time.

Alan sugar says "Noone should vote for Ken"

Cable blasts The Apprentice for giving “completely false impression” of work

By Simona Sikimic

Business Secretary Vince Cable has expressed “reservations” about Lord Sugar’s BBC One programme The Apprentice.

London Fields

London to see mini-heatwave next week!

By Simona Sikimic

If you awoke this morning confused as to why it still seemed dark at 8am and why you were shivering hard under the covers in mid-June, you were certainly not alone.

Father's Day infographic

Infographic: Mother's Day Vs. Father's Day

Did you know that in the UK, 30 million cards are sent on Mother’s Day compared to just 7 million on Father’s Day?

Millenium Bridge

Seven magnificent Millenium Bridge facts

By Shruti Tripathi

As London’s iconic bridge turns 13

Classic! Fortunum & Mason's Christmas display inspired by the old tale of Dick Whittington

Fortnum & Mason to open new store in St Pancras station

By Shruti Tripathi

Fortnum & Mason, the shopping haunt of royals, is set to open a new store in King’s Cross.

A Queen is Crowned

The Queen in numbers: Her fortune, finances and fiscal impact

By Simona Sikimic

As Queen Elizabeth officially celebrates turning 87, we look at some of her other figures

ISSA show, Spring Summer 2013, London Fashion Week

How London became the world's fashion capital

By Gabriella Griffith

Hey, you stylish thing, you - you know our capital is a fashion epicentre. But what glamorous ingredients (and serious ones) made it thus?

Robert Maxwell

6 massive multi-million-pound gambling disasters

By Simona Sikimic

Which big businessmen have found themselves bankrupted by the roulette wheel?

Harry Potter studios open to the public

Royals to visit Harry Potter site as Warner Bros bring in £1bn a year to UK economy

By Simona Sikimic

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are inaugurating the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden today.

The Savoy

London’s six best luxury hotels

By Simona Sikimic

Who tops London’s ultra-lux hotel list?

London surnames

London’s most popular surnames - revealed!

By Simona Sikimic

Two surnames dominate London, but it’s likely not what you think!

Pussy poster

Don't use the P word! Pussy drinks ad banned for being 'sexually explicit'

By Shruti Tripathi

A Pussy Drinks’ advert has created stir for stating ‘pussy’ in large bold text, followed by smaller text reading: “The drink’s pure, it’s your mind that’s the problem”.

Winston Churchill's car up for sale on eBay

Sir Winston Churchill's car up for sale on eBay for £500k

By Shruti Tripathi

If you’re a car buff then this piece of motoring history might whirr your automobile fantasy.

Psy job advert

Psy posts hilarious $40k job advert on YouTube for a personal chef Video

By Shruti Tripathi

In true ‘Gangnam Style’, Korean pop sensation Psy has put up an advert for a chef on YouTube.

Beyonce looking bootylicious in new campaign for H&M

Beyonce and Jay-Z to become pop's first billion dollar couple

By Shruti Tripathi

Beyonce’s new deal with H&M is set to make her and Jay-Z pop’s first billionaire couple.

Justin Bieber in a onesie

Unbeliebable! Justin Bieber's Twitter followers are '50% fake'

By Shruti Tripathi

Justin Bieber might boast of having the most followers on Twitter but around 50% of his ‘Beliebers’ are fake.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix pop-up shop opens in Soho to mark new album

By Shruti Tripathi

A pop-up shop to mark the launch of rock-n-roll legend Jimi Hendrix’s posthumous new album has been set up in Ganton Street, Soho.

Crossrail plage find

Medieval plague burial pit near City unearthed by Crossrail dig

By Simona Sikimic

A mass burial site for what are believed to be 14th-century plague victims has been unearthed near the City of London.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day events in London today, Friday 15 March

Have a fabulously fun Friday AND raise money for charity. Get involved!

Lewis Hamilton gets on the phones

Lewis Hamilton plans to build a London museum to himself

By Simona Sikimic

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton wants to silence his critics by building a London museum honouring his racing achievements.

Best Job in the World competition

Australia's "Best Job in the World" competition returnsVideo

Remember 2009, when London collectively groaned at the luck of Ben Southall, who beat 34,000 applicants from more than 200 countries to win the Best Job in the World?

London Fashion Week, Vin and Omi, Prose

Vin and Omi: Our London Fashion Week winners!

By Simona Sikimic

Our resident fashion designers Vin and Omi give us their pick of the best looks from London Fashion Week

Savile Row for protest against Abercrombie & Fitch

Fresh hurdles for Abercrombie & Fitch London expansion plans

By Simona Sikimic

Savile Row store owners celebrated yesterday as Abercrombie & Fitch’s London expansion plans were dealt yet another blow.

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren

London to get its own Hollywood-like Music “Walk of Fame”

By Simona Sikimic

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren and her Hollywood star in LA (January 2013)

Underground Dining

Simms City: Braving London's blanket of white for Burns Night

By Freya Simms

Social butterfly Freya Simms gives us the lowdown on London’s happening spots this week

Dennis Severs' House

Time-travelling through Georgian and Victorian London at Dennis Severs' House

By Asa Bennett

Asa Bennett goes back to the Georgian times in visiting 18 Folgate Street

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin: Riots “worse than 2011” will hit London if arts side-lined in education

By Asa Bennett

Controversial artist Tracey Emin has issued a stark warning that riots will break out on the streets - “worse than it was before” - if art is side-lined in the government’s overhaul of GCSEs.

Virgin Atlantic Air Gallery

Virgin Atlantic’s “first art gallery at 35,000ft” takes off

By Asa Bennett

Virgin Atlantic has laid out its first in-flight art gallery which will exhibit works by London-based artist Ben Eine.

London covered in snow

Let it snow! 10 amazing London snow facts

By Simona Sikimic

From when the Thames freezes over, to how many words Eskimos actually have for snow

Electric House

Simms' City: Attenborough, Heston and defying dry January

By Freya Simms

Social butterfly Freya Simms gives us the lowdown on London’s happening spots this week

Pants lead

Pant-emonium hits London Underground

By Simona Sikimic

A loyal troop of underwear-only crusaders was not deterred by freezing temperatures yesterday, showing up en masse to celebrate annual No Pants on the Subway day.

Branson Galactic

Electrifying London events you can't miss in 2013

By Simona Sikimic

From the tube turning 150 in style, to Richard Branson blasting off into space, London is action-packed this year…

Richard Branson Necker

Where are the high rollers spending their Christmas?

By Simona Sikimic

From St. Barts and Necker to St. Moritz, we have a look where the glitterati will charter their private jets for the holidays

Santa Claus is coming to town... riding on a stiletto?

In pictures: London's best Christmas displays 2012Video

By Shruti Tripathi

From Disney princesses to Santas in stilettos, take a look at London’s exquisite Christmas displays

When the Siren Calls

Review: When the Siren CallsVideo

By Asa Bennett

Asa Bennett reads the first of a new trilogy of “50 Shades of Grey meets business”

Pippa Middleton in the Burlington Arcade

Simms' City: Pippa Middleton does some early Christmas shopping

By Freya Simms

Social butterfly Freya Simms gives us the lowdown on London’s happening spots this week

Beaded lace dress 1920s, Metallic thread dress, 1970s, Feather chokers all at Violet’s Box

Vin and Omi: Where to hire spectacular outfits this party season

By Vin and Omi

Fashion designers Vin and Omi lead us towards a money saving party season

Bacarelli Botticelli at Frieze Masters

Simms' city: Wine, diamonds and Frieze Masters

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…


Now with added Botticelli. Frieze art fair is getting even bigger

By Simona Sikimic

The UK’s biggest contemporary art fair is stocking up on big name Old Masters

Carlotta and her ballerina models

Vin and Omi: Quirktime with Katrantzou, Carlotta and Fred’s Sibling and a slice of Fam

By Vin and Omi

Designers Vin and Omi take a walk on the quirky side of London Fashion Week

Burberry metalics S/S 13

Vin and Omi: Feldering your Burberries in a Westwood with Minnie Mouse

By Vin and Omi

Designers Vin and Omi select some of the shows that have popped at Fashion Week

Lady Gaga and Philip Treacy at Treacy's show

In Pictures: London Fashion Week

A selection of the hottest shots from Fashion Week so far

Front row face offs:  the awkward moments before the catwalk starts London Fashion Week 2012

The Fashion Week Blog: Day 1, queueing it and faking it

By Vin and Omi

London Fashion Week 2012 kicked off on Friday. Fashion designers Vin and Omi tell us what it’s really like

Made in Chelsea stars Hugo Taylor and Natalie Joel

Simms' city: Hanging out with the Made in Chelsea stars

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Fifty Shades Trilogy author, E. L. James

The intimate details of the Fifty Shades of Grey classical album launch

By Gabriella Griffith

Source: Agencia EFE/Rex Features Fifty Shades Trilogy author, E. L. James

Little House Mayfair

Simms' city: From the best hidden pubs to the Little House in Mayfair

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Mayfair's Cork Street

The heart of London’s commercial gallery scene in jeopardy

By Gabriella Griffith

Cork Street has been the home to many of London’s top commercial galleries for the most part of 100 years.

Frank's Cafe, Peckham

Last of the summer pop-ups: 6 you don't want to miss

By Gabriella Griffith

Get in there while you still can - our favourite temporary bars, breweries, barbecues, smokeries and a rooftop crazy golf course

London Fields

London’s very best parks for the weekend of sun, sun, SUN!

By Rebecca Hobson

Best for kids, for sport, for flowers, for fitty spotting. Our guide

The front and back cover of Fifty Shades of Gray

What’s the new Fifty Shades of Grey? Fifty Shades of GRAY, natch

By Sophie Hobson

“The content gets darker and darker,” reads the tantalising blurb on the back of the book. It’s “the book everyone’s talking about”. Fifty Shades of Grey? Nope, Fifty Shades of Gray, the brand new book made up of 200 blank pages ...

Carnival spirit in London

Time to look towards Rio! Here's the best of Brazil in London

By Gabriella Griffith

With the Olympic Games behind us, it’s time to soak up some Brazilian culture to prepare for 2016

Freya Simms

Simms' city: Olympic cycling, Marylebone's treasures and more

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Front covers of 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker, by EL James

Erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey becomes UK’s all-time best-seller

By Sophie Hobson

The English canon of literature just got officially ravaged. Twilight fan fiction novel and S&M and bondage tale Fifty Shades of Grey is now officially the all-time best-selling book in the UK.

Time Out front cover

Time Out London set for free distribution

Time Out London is being relaunched as a free distribution magazine later this year.

Freya Simms

Simms’ city: Escape the Olympics with cheese, Hogarth and a hidden garden

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Twickenham Film Studios

Threatened Twickenham film studios bought by property magnate

By Gabriella Griffith

The historical film Twickenham Film Studios has been saved from closure by Sunny Vohra, a Kensington resident and film magnate.

Leicester Square Hippodrome reopens after 7-year £40m investment

Leicester Square Hippodrome reopens after 7-year £40m investment

After seven years of refitting the world famous 112-year old Hippodrome in the West End, Boris Johnson is to officially reopen the casino tomorrow

Freya Simms

Simms’ city: Jill Scott at Somerset House, diamonds and midsummer madness

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Milk & Honey

The infallible guide to London’s private members’ clubsSubscription

By Rebecca Hobson

They have shed their furtive cloaks to become hotbeds of entrepreneurialism, fine cuisine and even workplaces

James Bond

13 amazing things you never knew about James Bond

By Sophie Hobson

To mark James Bond’s 50th anniversary and today’s opening at the Barbican of ‘Designing 007’, here’s some tremendous trivia about our favourite spy

Freya Simms

Simms’ city: Hobnobbing with Tara P-T, Seb Coe, Wilbur Ross and the princesses

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Weary but excited tennis fans make their way to the entrance

Tennis fans queue for two days for tickets to Wimbledon

By Gabriella Griffith

The turnstiles are open, the sun is shining and the first fans have finally gained access to the tennis tournament having camped for two days.

Switzerland's Roger Federer kisses his trophy after winning the Mens Final during the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon, London

Top 5 epic Wimbledon moments

By Shruti Tripathi

‘Tis Wimbledon season and tennis lovers all over the world are itching to see their favourites fight for the title. Here are our all-time favourite tennis triumphs and, er, tunes from the tournament

Stephen Fry

Olympic culture! Our top 10 London 2012 events

By Rebecca Hobson

The London 2012 Festival has started. Thousands of cultural events without a sport in sight are to take place over the next few weeks. Here’s our pick of the crop

David Beckham

David Beckham and Lennox Lewis to make Britain post-Olympic success

VisitBritain has enlisted the help of sporting legends such as David Beckham, Lennox Lewis and Boris Becker as it prepares for a post-Olympic marketing blitz.

Wayne Hemingway, designer of the new McDonald's uniform

McDonald's new uniform... and some blasts from the past

As Maccy D’s unveils its new, fully recyclable, uniform today as part of its campaign to turn itself green, we’ve taken a trip back through the uniform wardrobes of time to remember some other gems…

Madness singing on the roof of Buckingham Palace

Simms’ city: Royalty, table football and Madness

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Branded restaurant Cafe Rouge

It's official! A London night out is the most expensive in the world

A couple looking to enjoy an evening out can expect to pay more in London than any other major city in the world, according to a report.

Dale Rogers Warehouse

In pictures: London's secret collection of amazing fossils and giant crystals

By Rebecca Hobson

After 25 years scouring the globe for fossils, minerals and crystals, Dale Rogers’ clients include rock and roll stars and the world’s biggest art dealers. He let us in for an exclusive peek behind the scenes

Parachute jumping - Superrich swap assets for adventure as Generation Y favours experience

Super-rich swap assets for adventure as Generation Y favours experience

Bespoke holidays and travel adventures are the latest status symbol according to a new report measuring consumer trends among the world’s mega wealthy.

Hamleys Jubilee window display

In Pictures: Best Jubilee shop windows

By Shruti Tripathi

Queen of cakes, Union Jack cars and Great Britain boxer shorts- take a look at these stunning Jubilee shop fronts

Diamond Jubilee BT ArtBoxes Unveiled at Tower of London

Pink Diamond Jubilee phone boxes pop up at Tower of London

By Shruti Tripathi

If you head down to the Tower of London today you’d be in for a surprise. London’s iconic red telephone box has turned pink!

A couple enjoy a street party - Diamond Jubilee London street parties

Eight of the best Jubilee street parties in London

By Rebecca Hobson

The weekend is nearly here. But where to go? Here’s our pick of the best street parties taking place across London

Dale Rogers of Ammonite

Simms’ city: Fossilised dinosaurs, Sloane Street in bloom and L’Autre Pied

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

 Leicester Square

Boris to repoen Leicester Square tonight after £15.3m facelift

London’s iconic Leicester Square will be reopened on Wednesday evening after undergoing a £15.3m makeover.

Freya Simms

Simms’ city: The South Pole, FA Cup Final and Bordeaux wine tasting at the Saatchi...

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly previews of her favourite London haunts…

Aerial view of the of London showing the London Eye, County Hall, Houses of Parliament, Ministry of Defence and the River Thames.

London crowned the planet's best tourist destination

By Shruti Tripathi

Hurrah! London’s beaten New York, Rome and Paris to be named the best place to visit on the planet.

Dabbous restaurant in London, opened by Ollie Dabbous

Simms' city: Dabbous, Automat and masterpieces on Dover St

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms shows us around her favourite London haunts…

Tourist attraction London Dungeon recreates an 18th century hanging using stunt performers

London Dungeon to move to County Hall

By Gabriella Griffith

Spooks on the move. The famously gruesome London Dungeon is set to relocate to the south bank as a proposal has been approved by Lambeth Council.

Proposed over site developments at Tottenham Court Road station sites including new theatre

First new theatre in 30 years coming to West End

By Gabriella Griffith

Theatreland looks set to welcome a sparkling new character.

St Paul's Cathedral will be free of charge throughout the four days

Four day party comes to the Square Mile

A programme of music, art, film and poetry has been announced for the Square Mile. City slickers will benefit from a four day celebration of the City when the Celebrate the City festival kicks off on 21 June.

In summer 2012 the Science Museum will host an exhibition of some of the most exciting British manufacturing developments and explore the positive impact they have on our lives.

Best of British manufacturing celebrated with show at Science Museum

Top companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems and McLaren will show off the best of British manufacturing at an exhibition in London this summer.

Stars of the theatrical dance production Merchants of Bollywood, pose for a photocall in Piccadilly Circus, London, to promote the show.

How Bollywood conquered London

By Shruti Tripathi

What’s behind the glitzy romance between Bollywood and London and what does it mean for London’s economy?

Freya Simms

Simms' city: The Mandarin Oriental and the highs and lows of Dover St's Arts Club

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms shows us around her favourite London haunts…

Faberge Egg photographer

In pictures: The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is over, here's some of the best of your photos

By Rebecca Hobson

The Big Egg Hunt is over. How many of the 200 did you spot? Here’s our pick of Londoners’ photos of the eggs from the photo sharing website, Flickr

Mad Men

Mad Men:'s co-founder reveals her nostalgic muse

By Chloe Macintosh

As Mad Men hits our screen once again, co-founder Chloe Macintosh reflects on how the cult series inspired her business

Purl Cocktail Bar

Simms' city: London's hottest cocktail bars, pop-ups and parties

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly reflections on her favourite London haunts…

Regent Street Cinema - Historic cinema and Vinopolis to undero major refurbishment

Historic cinema and Vinopolis to undergo major refurbishment

Two popular London venues are set to undergo multimillion-pound refurbishment and restoration projects, it has been announced.

John Carter Disney film

The top 10 most expensive movie flops of all timeVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Disney has just announced that its latest flick could be the worst movie bomb of all-time. What other phenomenally faulted films have flopped to the tune of $100m losses - or more?

Fragonard’s lady of The Swing

Simms' city: French bankers, British bankers and flashing knickers

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly reflections on her favourite London haunts…

Château Mouton Rothschild

Simms' city: Art with Château Mouton Rothschild and a serious pub quiz

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly reflections on her favourite London haunts…

London Fashion Week, Vin and Omi, Prose

Vin and Omi: Flocks of Fast dinosaurs and behind the scenes of day 4 at LFW

By Vin and Omi

Our roving resident designers Vin and Omi watch cardigan loving celebrities, flashbacks of fringing and sophisticated Dino designs

A model on the catwalk during the Peter Pilotto London Fashion Week

Peter Pilotto's collection wows crowds on day 4 of London Fashion Week

By Shruti Tripathi

Take a look at Peter Pilotto’s chic collection of Asian-flavoured dresses that wooed many, including none other than the editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour

London Fashion Week Vin and Omi

Vin and Omi / Bo Peep on acid, Moomins and a new flag for Holland

By Vin and Omi

Vin and Omi, our resident fashion duo, bring you a summary of what’s caught their eye over the weekend at London Fashion Week

Dan J Austin photography, London construction

15 astonishing facts about London to make you proud of being a Londoner

By Rebecca Hobson

Londoners - you live longer than other Brits, one in three of you are foreign-born, and you live alongside the world’s most popular art gallery. Rejuvenated? You will be…

A model on the catwalk during the Belle Sauvage show at Somerset House for part of London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week starts with a bang

The eyes of the world have descended on the capital during what one blogger has called “London’s year” as the biannual fashion week gets under way.

CC KUO Autumn Winter 2012

London fashion week's young stars: CC KUO

By Gabriella Griffith

Hurrah London Fashion Week is back! To celebrate we’ve scouted around to meet some of London hottest young fashion designers and see what’s on offer

Vin and Omi interview Twiggy

The interview: Twiggy on London fashion and musical passion

By Vin and Omi

It’s London Fashion Week people. Here’s Twiggy…

Dan J Austin photography, London construction

London Captured: Construction

By Dan J Austin

Each month London-based photographer Dan J Austin captures an industry through a lens. This month it’s construction.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day: meaningless or meaningful? Business experts debate

By Gabriella Griffith, Shruti Tripathi

We asked London’s business scene whether Valentine’s Day is a genius idea or just a commercial gimmick

Niche dating sites could help you find your perfect match

Top 10 weird and wonderful niche dating sites

By Gabriella Griffith

There are so many dating sites out there it’s hard to know which one to go for as a lonely Valentine. Unless of course, one of these rather more niche sites tugs on your heart strings.

5x15 event at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill

The Londoner’s diary: 13 February - 18 FebruaryVideo

By Shruti Tripathi

Lucian Freud paintings, the age-old Keynes vs. Hayek debate, the listed property show and more - there’s a lot going on in the capital this week

Publicist Jess Stokes positions the 'heads on sticks' in preparation for the Orange British Academy Films Awards (BAFTAs) at the Royal Opera House, London which takes place this Sunday.

London in pictures: The BAFTAs, Abbey Clancey and a big red moon

By Rebecca Hobson

We take a look at the less obvious perspectives of events in the capital - keep an eye out for Gary Barlow and Brad Pitt

Actress Gillian Anderson reads a Charles Dickens book to the Prince of Wales during his visit to the Charles Dickens Museum during a visit in London to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth.

In pictures: Charles Dickens celebrations and, er, Scully

By Rebecca Hobson

Two hundred years ago Charles Dickens was born, and in case you hadn’t noticed, today marks the start of Dickens fever as people celebrate the writer’s legacy across the country. Here’s some of what happened.

The British Library

The Londoner's diary: 6 February - 12 February

By Gabriella Griffith

From boosting your sustainable living to enjoying a night of cabaret in the Old Vic tunnels, here’s what you can get up to in the capital this week

 Princess Victoria , 217 Uxbridge Road, W12 9DH

Simms' city: Keeping the winter blues at bay

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly reflections on her favourite London haunts…

West End theatre

West End theatres enjoy bumper year at the box office

Takings at theatres in London’s West End have increased for the eighth consecutive year with box offices recording ticket sales of £528m in 2011, according to figures.

London tech city

The Londoner's diary: 31 January - 5 February

By Shruti Tripathi

What to do in the capital this week, from a networking event in Mayfair to a holiday show featuring Sir Trevor McDonald

Chinese new year

The Londoner's diary: 24-29 January Video

By Shruti Tripathi

From a Bill Gates Lecture to the Chinese new year celebrations- there’s a lot going on this week..

The Jet Business

VIDEO: World's first private jet showroom in Grosvenor Video

By Gabriella Griffith

It’s access through appointment only - but secured a sneak peek inside this opulent playground for the superrich

Savile Row tailors report boom in long coats thanks to Sherlock Holmes

By Rebecca Hobson

A high-end tailor with offices in the City, Canary Wharf and Savile Row, has reported a flood of enquires for calf-length, tailored coats as worn by Sherlock Holmes.

London Art Fair

The Londoner's diary: 16 - 22 January

By Shruti Tripathi

What to do in the capital this week, from networking events at golf clubs to buying art and finding a job in a start-up

Tamara Ecclestone at the London boat show

In pictures: Tullett Prebon London Boat ShowVideo

By Shruti Tripathi

Giltzy multimillion-pound yachts, “Billion Dollar Girl” Tamara Ecclestone and wakeboarding to make you go “woah!”

Richmond park

Simms' city: Richmond Park, L’Artisan du Chocolat and Gerhard Richter

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly reflections on her favourite London haunts…

Claude Monet Waterloo Bridge 1901

Simms' city: Monet at the Savoy and Allegra Hicks

By Freya Simms

Last week Freya Simms gave us the first batch of her 12 musings for Christmas. In it partridges were swapped for prehistoric bear skeletons and the French hens transformed into French bankers. What’s in store for the final five? You need wait no longer…

Freya Simms

Simms' city

By Freya Simms

In the first batch of her 12 musings of Christmas, Freya Simms finds ‘tis the season to indulge your taste buds, your wallet and friends while, hopefully, practising the art of seduction

Boxpark in Shoreditch, London

VIDEO: Inside the world's first pop-up mall, BoxparkVideo

By Rebecca Hobson

The world’s first pop-up mall opens to the public today, take a look around


Simms' city

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms shows us around her favourite London haunts…

Freya Simms

Simms' city

By Freya Simms

Our diarist Freya Simms offers her fortnightly reflections on her favourite London haunts…

Wally Boats

When is a boat not a boat?

By Chloe Macintosh co-founder Chloe Macintosh ruminates on the art world’s current fascination with the nautical world

Wasteland App

National Poetry Day: Why London is no waste land

By Rebecca Hobson

The commercial success of Faber’s iPad app highlights the vibrancy of the poetry scene across the capital


London’s best bookshops

By Rebecca Hobson

After news of bookshop closures across the land, we celebrate London’s greatest in this useful guide

Freya Simms

Simms’ city

By Freya Simms

Our new diarist Freya Simms offers the first of her fortnighly previews of her favourite London haunts…


London Fashion Week day 6: The verdict

By Vin and Omi

Day 6: A bit of snake, multi-culture-colour and the Queen’s designer Hardy Amies

vin and Omi

Vin and Omi / London Fashion Week day 5

By Vin and Omi

Day 5:  Tension, Attitude, Oversized Kids and Jackie Collins

V and A

Chloe Macintosh: Fashion Week vs. Design WeekVideo

By Chloe Macintosh

This week fashion and design go head to head. co-founder Chloe Macintosh reveals why it pays to look beyond the flashbulbs of fashion to the more welcoming land of design.

Stephanie Grace Foy SS12

Fashion's future stars: Stephanie Grace Foy

By Gabriella Griffith

To celebrate London Fashion Week we are profiling one emerging designer each day of the event

Burberry - digital superstar

Burberry launch first ever Twitter catwalk show

By Gabriella Griffith

The digitally-pioneering fashion house adds another first to its repetoire - will others follow?

Vin and Omi latex dress

 Vin and Omi at Fashion Week

By Vin and Omi

Dressers to the stars, Vin and Omi, will be reporting on London Fashion Week exclusively for, who exactly are they?

Triumph of the city by Edward L Glaeser book cover

Book review: The Triumph of the City, by Edward Glaeser

By Charles Orton-Jones

There’s a scene in Crocodile Dundee where our hero is being driven through the Big Apple. The newspaper editor says: “New York City, Mr. Dundee. Home to seven million people.”

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Damien Hirst Spot Painting

Now you see it... 5 most scandalous thefts of iconic London artworks

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Sophi Tranchell, Divine Chocolate

Sweet success: Divine Chocolate's Sophi Tranchell MBE on building a successful social enterprise

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The UK’s Fairtrade chocolate category is exploding

Tom Kerridge

Forget the horses - it's the food that makes a day at Ascot unforgettable

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Pints of beer

You wouldn't believe how much the price of a pint has gone up

Fri, 7 Mar 2014

A pint of lager is now 20 times more expensive than it was in the 70s.

Norwegian Constitution Day

5 reasons London is obsessed with Scandinavia - and how to indulge more

Wed, 19 Feb 2014

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Tarek Malouf

One minute Q&A with Hummingbird Bakery founder Tarek Malouf

Fri, 7 Feb 2014

The king of cupcakes tells us how sticking to a core range of products has been the secret of his success

K 10 Restaurant  2

Review: K10, in EC2 - the sushi bar at the heart of the Libor scandal

Thu, 6 Feb 2014

Can conveyor-belt sushi ever deliver in the evening? Harry Cockburn finds out

Just-Eat becomes UK's number one food website

London-based JUST EAT set for float valuing it at up to £900m

Thu, 23 Jan 2014

London-based JUST EAT is set to float in the UK in April this year for a valuation of £700m-£900m, the FT has reported, in a boon for the London market.

A plate of smoked salmon

7 hottest new London restaurants opening in 2014

Tue, 24 Dec 2013

Sack off that January diet and get stuck in

Duke of Wellington, Portobello

Review: Duke of Wellington, Portobello (following its Cher-worthy facelift)

Thu, 28 Nov 2013

Reasonable prices and a delicious Wellington big enough to feed a primary school - Simona Sikimic is impressed

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