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April Fools bear

15 tweets that perfectly summarise every reaction to April Fools' Day

By LLB Reporter

We don’t know what to believe anymore!

This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson

This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson dies after short battle with cancer

ITV This Morning’s resident agony aunt Denise Robertson died this morning.

Top Gear drone footage

Take a look at the first trailer for the all-new Top Gear

By LLB Reporter

Top Gear will return to screens in May

Ronnie Corbett

TV star Ronnie Corbett has died

By LLB Reporter

Tributes pour in for one of the nation’s best-loved entertainers

Tesco's tasteless advert

Tesco forced to apologise for "disgraceful" ad showing domestic worker being slappedVideo

By LLB Reporter

A tasteless advert showing a housemaid getting slapped has landed Tesco into trouble.


Mihir Bose: Discrimination is always a battle about power

By Mihir Bose

Mihir Bose on the problems with the world of sport today

Kindest cities

Britain's kindest cities revealed - how generous is London?

By LLB Reporter

And the kindest city in Britain is…

Batman Superman

How much would it cost to be Batman or Superman?

Being a caped crusader doesn’t come cheap

Nike's self-tying shoes

Woah! Nike just released a pair of SELF-TYING shoes

Can’t be asked to tie shoelaces anymore? Don’t worry, Nike’s got a solution for you.

Inside the $1bn Harmony of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner that's longer than the Eiffel Tower

Introducing the $1bn Harmony of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner that's longer than the Eiffel Tower

The world’s biggest cruise liner, Harmony of the Seas, sailed off from Saint-Nazaire in western France as part of a trial run today.


The $1bn typo: How a spelling mistake bungled a billion-dollar bank heist

Who’d have thought a tiny typo could save a $1bn bank heist?

Bezos penis shaped spaceship

Entrepreneur space race: Bezos vs Branson - who will leave earth first?

By Harry Cockburn

Bezos’ space firm says it expects to begin passenger flights in 2018


The BIGGEST heists in history

Heard of the Great Gold Robbery of 1855?

Mothers Day

Weirdest Mother’s Day gifts ever recorded, including lingerie

By Harry Cockburn

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. What is it? Should I buy anyone a gift?

Leonardo diCaprio

5 things the Oscars 2016 taught us about public speaking

By Lucy Musselwhite

Be funny, not offensive. Public speaking is harder than it looks, says Lucy Musselwhite

Trump pointing

Mihir Bose: Could FIFA do with a Donald Trump?

By Mihir Bose

FIFA’s presidential candidates are a bland bunch. They should be calling for revolutionary change, argues Mihir Bose


David Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain next year will be one of the biggest ever

By Harry Cockburn

2017 exhibition will coincide with the artist’s 80th birthday


The most expensive cars ever sold at auction

By Harry Cockburn

People go a bit crazy for Ferraris it turns out

Delecroix exhibition

Review: Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art at the National Gallery

By Harry Cockburn

This exploration of Delacroix’s influence promises to be one of the biggest exhibitions in the capital this year. Does it deliver the goods?

Top Gear drone footage

Amateur drone pilot follows a sports car and stumbles upon the set of Top GearVideo

By LLB Reporter

Watch drone footage of the filming of the new series

Candy Crush bouncy castle

A gigantic Candy Crush bouncy castle is set to pop up in London soon

By LLB Reporter

Be it the Tube or the toilet seat, Candy Crush is a game played by almost everyone everywhere.

Top Gear full lineup no stig 622

Top Gear unveils SEVEN new presenters. Here’s who they are

By Harry Cockburn

Jumble of new faces for nation’s favourite car programme. Can it work?

Waterstones books shelves

London's top literary destinations

By LLB Reporter

If you like reading and London, this is the guide for you

Antipode jet

London to New York in 11 minutes? The "Antipode Jet" can make this happen...

By LLB Reporter

It’s not April, you’re no fool, and this is no joke.

Vladimir Putin

Explosive revelations in new BBC documentary: Did Roman Abramovich gift Vladimir Putin a £25m yacht?

By LLB Reporter

Russian President Vladimir Putin was gifted a £25m yacht by billionaire business magnate Roman Abramovich.

Yorkshire 3 Tea

How Yorkshire Tea became one of Britain’s best loved brands

By Harry Cockburn

We spoke to Yorkshire Tea’s Kevin Sinfield about growth, cricket, the Tour de France, and not playing up to the Yorkshire stereotype too much

Backhander money

The BITTER truth about illegal betting and match fixing

By Mihir Bose

The government should make legal changes to their gambling laws, argues our sports columnist Mihir Bose

Chris Evans

5 biggest roadblocks for troubled Top Gear

By LLB Reporter

Oh Dear! Is the BBC show going into reverse gear?

Tennis player

Tennis menace: Wimbledon matches “may have been fixed”

By Harry Cockburn

World No.1 Novak Djokovic reveals he was offered £140,000 to throw match in Russia

No trousers 2016 1

No trousers on the Tube – the bare-legged phenomenon in photographs

By Harry Cockburn

Just look at these mad Londoners getting their legs out

Hackney Victoria Park

Which areas do the most and least spontaneous Londoners live?

By Harry Cockburn

Are Greenwich dwellers dull and boring? Are Hackney folk hip and happening? Yes, is the answer, it seems

Google self driving car

The history of self-driving cars

Google and Tesla are NOT the first companies to have dabbled with self-driving cars. This infographic by Car leasing made simple shows that self-driving cars go back to 1920s.

London's illegal base jumper

Take a look at terrifying footage of London's illegal base jumper leaping off skyscrapers Video

Now here’s an adrenaline junkie that will make you choke on your coffee.


9 terrible New Year jokes that are so bad they're actually good

By LLB Reporter

Here’s hoping we forget some of these jokes in 2015

Unhappy boy

The top 50 first world problems will astonish you

Over 30 million Britons experience a first world problem every day.

Lemmy, Motorhead frontman

Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead frontman, dies days after cancer diagnosis

By LLB Reporter

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister died this morning after being diagnosed with an “extremely aggressive cancer” on 26 December.

Christmas drunk dog maybe dead

The funniest Christmas jokes of 2015

By Harry Cockburn

Nothing says “funny” like the birth of a god

Chris Evans

The new Top Gear trio: Who's joining Chris Evans?

By LLB Reporter

The new show is set to launch on Sunday 8 May 2016.

Ice skating at Somerset House

8 unique experiences in London for Christmas 2015

From the Disney Christmas Tree at St. Pancras Station to skating on the Somerset House ice rink, here are 8 unique and exciting things to see and do in London this Christmas

Spot the panda

Can you spot the panda? This Christmas puzzle is baffling the internet

By LLB Reporter

Now here’s a Christmas puzzle that is baffling the internet.

Christmas suit man

Scroogenomics: The economic waste of ChristmasVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Santa is contributing to the “dead weight loss” of Christmas. He should just bring us cash

Clegg Christmas jumper

9 MPs looking beyond adorable in their Christmas jumpers

By Robyn Vinter

Featuring Cameron, Clegg, Farage and some less well-known, but equally embarrassed, faces

Thomas Mansfield Christmas

How to get fired at Christmas - in pictures

Here’s what not to do if you want to keep your job

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho just got FIRED by Chelsea

Mourinho was called to Chelsea’s training ground and sacked at 2pm

Quality streets

Decline and fall: the wretched degeneration of the Quality Street tin

By Harry Cockburn

Honey I shrunk the tin, but charged the same and made a tidy profit

Christmas shopping

How to do all your Christmas shopping like a boss + Last minute gift guide

By Harry Cockburn

London Loves Business’s Christmas shopping advice – mink fur gilets all round

Brian Blessed sweary man

Swearing by it: Using profanities is a sign of intelligence, scientists claim

By Harry Cockburn

Voluminous capacity for lewd language is indicator of verbal fluency, study says

Horse skull Mari Lwyd Chepstow

Who eats caterpillars for Christmas? Weird Christmas traditions around the world

By Harry Cockburn

Nothing says Christmas like the skull of a dead horse, as they say in Wales

Jamie Oliver

Santa sack? Jamie Oliver under fire for sacking staff right before Christmas

By LLB Reporter

More than 40 employees at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Notting Hill cookery shop are livid for getting sacked right before Christmas.

Ice rink on the Thames

Woah! London to get ICE RINK ON THE THAMES by freezing parts of river

By LLB Reporter

A new ice rink proposed by design company NBBJ is set to be the mother of all ice rinks.

Sugar pointing women

Females in the firing line: What's going on in The Apprentice? What can women in business learn from it?

By Frances Dickens

Frances Dickens, a guest on The Apprentice You’re Fired, wonders what has gone wrong for the women in this year’s programme

Virgin Galactic 747

Branson to launch Virgin Galactic rockets into space from jumbo jetVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Boeing 747 named Cosmic Girl to be used as launchpad for space travel

Ola Jordan

5 popular BBC TV shows that have been accused of being fixed

By Robyn Vinter

You wouldn’t expect it from Strictly or Blue Peter, would you?

Tube aargh

Stand on the right! Mind the Gap! A guide to good Tube etiquette

By Harry Cockburn

A crash course on how to use the London Underground system

LEGO train

Gigantic LEGO Christmas train arrives in style into Covent Garden

Christmas has arrived in Covent Garden in the form of a giant red, green and yellow Lego train.

Rotherhithe Bridge

Revealed: London to get a new £88m bridge across the River Thames Video

By LLB Reporter

Sick of hearing about the Garden Bridge? Here’s a new London bridge you could obsess over.

The titanic 1912

Was Titanic inquiry a Freemason “whitewash”?

By Harry Cockburn

Newly published list of Freemasons highlights extent to which inquiry may have been influenced

Mog the cat

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is better than John Lewis’s. Watch it here Video

By Harry Cockburn

Mog the cat would scram the man on the moon in a head-to-head battle

Union Jack flags London

It’s Guinness World Record day. Here are six astonishing records from London

By Harry Cockburn

Most millionaires ever, biggest fig ever, it’s all happening in the capital of England


India to drag the Queen to court for "stolen" £100m Koh-i-Noor diamond

By LLB Reporter

The Koh-i-Noor was once the world’s largest diamond


Which are the world’s most generous countries?

By LLB Reporter

We Brits are not only the most polite and boozy people in Europe but we’re also the most generous.

Ice Skating London Eye

Five great things to do around London in November

By Moya Maxwell

As the autumn chill bites and winds whistle across the capital, the London Loves Business resident culture vulture, Unique Venues of London’s Moya Maxwell, gives her pick of the best things to do this November.

Million mask march

Million Mask March: What the devil is it? Where did it come from? What happened?

By Harry Cockburn

Chaos reigned in central London on Bonfire Night. But would Guy Fawkes approve?

UFO crash in London

Did you hear about the "UFO crash" in London?

By LLB Reporter

This actually happened…

Les Gourmet des Ternes, Knightsbridge

Kooky decor and sexy cocktails: What it's like to eat at Les Gourmet des Ternes, Knightsbridge

By Sherelle Jacobs

Ah, Knightsbridge. Harrods, Jimmy Choos clacking down the pavement, gold-plated Ferraris desecrating the speed limit…

Jeremy Clarkson and crew

Former Top Gear trio start filming for Amazon Prime

Jeremy Clarkson and his co-stars James May and Richmond Hammond have started shooting their new motoring programme, possibly in Portugal.

Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar unveils its first-ever SUV with world-record-breaking 360 degree loopVideo

By LLB Reporter

Jaguar launched its luxury SUV, the F-Pace, by breaking a Guinness world record for cars performing 360 degree loop-the-loops.

Crazy scientist man

London’s top 10 remarkable inventions you never knew about

By Harry Cockburn

Whiff-Whaff, roller skating, and artificial writing machines – London’s greatest contributions

Jeremy Clarkson Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson vs. Chris Evans: The battle of the petrolheads

Which one of them owns better cars and which one’s richer?

Weird Corbyn video

Watch this hilarious yet slightly creepy video about Jeremy Corbyn Video

By LLB Reporter

We frankly don’t know what to tell you about this Taiwanese video about Jeremy Corbyn.

Nelsons column trafalgar square pasties

Cornish pasties come from LONDON, historian claims

By Harry Cockburn

Could pasty revelations trigger civil war?

Jeremy Clarkson Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson to become UK's highest-paid TV host. Here's how many millions he'll make from the new Amazon show

By LLB Reporter

Getting the sack from the BBC might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to Jeremy Clarkson.

Gold bars

Has a Nazi gold train been hidden in Poland for 70 years?

By Harry Cockburn

“Significant find” claimed by treasure hunters in Poland

Tower Bridge music venue

Tower Bridge chamber hidden BELOW river-level turned into quirky music venue

By LLB Reporter

The chambers can be accessed only by steep and spiral staircases

Kensington Palace

Five great things to do in August

By Moya Maxwell

Since when did silent discos and the Cutty Sark go together? Since now!

Coke Cola

This graphic showing Coca-Cola's effects on your body in 60 minutes has gone VIRAL

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

An infographic showing how your body reacts to the first sip of Coca-Cola and its effects on your body in 60 minutes has gone viral.

HMS Belfast

In pictures: London’s most incredible historical ships

By Harry Cockburn

Get out your gangplanks and commandeer these epic London boats

Tour de France 1

Could London host Tour de France in 2017? Here's a big hint...

The opening stage of the Tour de France could be hosted in London in 2017, according to the London Evening Standard.

Andre Derain Westminster

Fire! Bridges! Snow! More bridges! Here are the best paintings of London

By Harry Cockburn

Senior reporter Harry Cockburn chooses his favourite paintings of London

Yum yum mmmm food delicious taste eat - gastropubs

Pop-ups, pistachios and Prawnography – London's hottest food trends & restaurants

Executive head chef David Ridgway on where and what to eat this summer

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer

5 crazy facts you probably didn't know about Wimbledon

Come 29 June and Wimbledon will take over all dining table/pub conversations.

Groucho Club

London's iconic Groucho Club sold for £40m

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London’s iconic Groucho Club has been sold to group of investors for a rumoured £40m.

TV chef Nigella Lawson at a book launch

Celebrity chefs including Nigella Lawson & Jamie Oliver back new London food markets business

Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi and a slew of other celebrity chefs are throwing their weight behind London Union, a food markets venture.

Heston Blumenthal has been crowned the world’s most successful chef

These are the world's 100 best restaurants – how many in London?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London has not one, not two, but five of the world’s 100 best restaurants.

Girl in hot weather

Summer is here! Britain set for heatwave as temperatures to hit 28C

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Get your barbeque kits out people, Britain is set to have a heatwave this week

House floating on the Thames

Have you spotted the quaint blue house floating on the Thames?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Its blue, has a back garden and is floating on the Thames… if you like quirky homes then this home at Number 1, The Thames, will definitely float your boat.

Picasso women of algiers

Picasso painting sold for $179m, becomes most expensive painting sold at auction

By Harry Cockburn

Women of Algiers by Pablo Picasso has become the most expensive painting ever sold at auction.

Clarkson smoking

Former Top Gear hosts’ secret meeting: What are they planning?

By Harry Cockburn

Top Gear trio seen lurking near Goodwood racing circuit

Waxworks Star Wars

Five great things to do in London this May

By Moya Maxwell

From Star Wars waxworks to Shakespeare, here’s what May has to offer

London - skyline - evening - aerial shot - River Thames

Five great things to do around London in April

By Moya Maxwell

Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks the best culture, sport and art in the capital


Gutted about the loss of Orange Wednesdays? Meerkat Movies has saved the day

By Sophie Hobson

And you’ll be able to get two-for-one cinema tickets on Wednesdays OR Tuesdays

Monet Church at Varengeville Morning 466 622 actual

Review: Inventing Impressionism at the National Gallery

By Harry Cockburn

Overflowing with some of the world’s most famous paintings, this exhibition has struck gold

Spray-painted dress Alexander McQueen

Five must-see cultural events in London this March

By Moya Maxwell

From Mothering Sunday to the anatomy of crime  – Moya Maxwell on what to do in London this March

Wine glasses

These are the 10 most popular types of wine in the UK

By Sophie Hobson

We aren’t exactly known for our oenophilia here in Blightly.

Margaret Thatcher

Do you sleep more or less than these industry and political leaders?

By Sophie Hobson

The Iron Lady only took four hours of her 40 winks a night. What about Gates, Trump and Obama?

Roman Abramovich super yacht

Cinema, submarine and missile defence system not enough for Abramovich’s yacht

By Rebecca Hobson

Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich, has sent his super-yacht – the Eclipse – to Germany for a refit.

The Shard, Bermondsey

Why are 100 British landmarks getting re-named? (Hint: to please the Chinese)

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Want to buy a suit? Head to the “Tall, Rich, Handsome Street”.

Successful chaps smoking cigars

The best places to buy and enjoy cigars in London

For those who believe there is smoke without fire

Valentine's Day Londoners facts

14 Valentine's Day facts that even cynics will love

Think St Valentine’s Day is a load of commercial cobblers? Think again

ISSA show, Spring Summer 2013, London Fashion Week

Five must-see cultural events in London this February

By Moya Maxwell

Food, fashion, rugby and relics - Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks the best

Rubens Pan and Syrinx

Review: Rubens and His Legacy at the Royal Academy

By Harry Cockburn

Rubens dazzles, but why are so few of the works by him?

Table football

The 10 richest football clubs – but who is richest of them all?

Deloitte has published its annual Football Money League, and there are some big hitters. Really big

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay's kitchen nightmares: chef loses court battle over London pub rent

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay just lost a High Court battle for being personally liable to pay a London pub’s rent.

London's weird pub names

Brown's beer: Doing Dry January? Here's why you should still go to the pub

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

National Portrait Gallery

In pictures: London landmarks in Tricolore tribute to Paris

By Sophie Hobson

The capital showed its unity with France yesterday.

Southampton Arms

10 of the best real ale pubs in London

By Harry Cockburn

Are these the best pubs in London? Let the arguments commence


Tourists may have to pay £1-a-night "bed tax" to stay at central London hotels

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Tourists staying in central London may soon have to pay £1-a-night “bed tax”.

Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern

Five great cultural things to do in London in January

By Moya Maxwell

Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks the best of the bunch


No snow for London on Christmas day Video

Expecting a White Christmas, Londoners? Well, don’t.

Kindle Fire HD

Here's why your e-reader could be damaging your health

By Robyn Vinter

They’re light, portable, they store hundreds of books and allow you to download anything you fancy reading on a whim.

Breaking TV

The most complained-about TV programmes of 2014

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It’s time of the year again! Ofcom has revealed the most complained about TV programmes in 2014.

Christmas carol

Silent Night or O Holy Night? Britain’s favourite Christmas carol revealedVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Britain’s favourite Christmas carol *drumroll and jingle bells please* is Silent Night.

Christmas angry

Merry Shristmas anyone? Here are Poundland's hilarious Christmas blunders

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Jesus is probably turning in his grave right now, thanks to Poundland’s Christmas decorations.

Three Wise Lads

Christ! This is how rich the wise men would be today, with their gold, frankincense and myrrh swag

By Harry Cockburn

When a person is born who you suspect may well be God, you had better be sure your gifts are up to scratch.


This beautiful video shows London in timelapses by 40 photographersVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Gosh – London can look beautiful sometimes, can’t it?

Office Party Christmas

7 things to remember during Christmas party seasonVideo

By Jonny Rosenblatt

Have any more? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Police posters index

The story behind the posters everywhere saying police are "really racist"

“We caused the 2011 riots by shooting dead an unarmed civilian and then lying about it. And we got away with it.”

Lion Christmas present

Which UK city spends most on Christmas? (It’s not London)

By Sophie Hobson

In fact, London’s not even in the top five for Christmas spending. You tight gits.

BRGR.Co's afternoon tea

The foodies' guide to Christmas: where to eat, what to cook and trends to try

Afternoon tea with oysters and dougnuts, Americana and salsify, pickles galore… it’s Christmas, but not as you know it

Beer festival

Brown's beer: The whole point of beery pop-ups

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

London's most over-priced restaurants

Revealed: London's most overpriced restaurants

Dining in London restaurants costs a bomb – even if the food is a bit meh.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Lionel Messi of Argentina shake hands before the game

Messi v/s Ronaldo: who's more famous?

Who has more endorsement deals and whose value on social media is more?

Ice skating at Somerset House

Five wintery and wonderful things to do in London in December

By Moya Maxwell

Discover that festive feeling

Stik artwork

This is the UK's tallest piece of street art - what does it signify?Video

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Who’s the artist behind the UK’s tallest piece of street art? No, not Banksy. It’s Stik.Source: Image © Stik (by Joyce/Division)

Vinyl record records 1

Five of the best vinyl record shops in London

By Harry Cockburn

Sales of vinyl records have risen to the highest level for 18 years.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay in bitter court battle with father-in-law for "forging" £640k pub lease

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay has dragged his father-in-law to court for “forging his signature” on a £640,000-a-year gastropub lease.

Father Christmas - technology - laptop

The 10 best gadgets for Christmas 2014

By Daniel Todaro

From fitness trackers to tellies, it’s time to get gadgeting


What are the management books of the year?

By Harry Cockburn

There are galaxies of business books out there promising managers the secret to successful business techniques.

Gordon Ramsay

What ruined the launch of Gordon Ramsay's new Mayfair restaurant?

The launch of Gordon Ramsay’s new Mayfair restaurant was tainted by a rival who made 100 fake bookings that left tables empty.

Father Christmas drunk

Is Dry January worth it? This study has the answer

By Harry Cockburn

For many, the Christmas period is a season for letting it all hang out.

Sainsbury's Christmas advert

Sorry John Lewis, Sainsbury's just won Christmas with this emotional advertVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert will make you quit awwing at Monty the penguin, the star of the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Tower Bridge glass walkway

Forget the Shard! Take a look at amazing London views from Tower Bridge's £1m glass floor

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Now we’re not sure if Tower Bridge’s £1m new glassway will be as popular as the poppy exhibition but the views from the top are pretty amazing.

Lord Mayor's Show

Pictures: Half a million turn out for the Lord Mayor’s Show

By Robyn Vinter

About half a million people are thought to have turned out for the Lord Mayor’s Show at the weekend.

Paddington Trail - Paddington Bear

Why Paddington Bear makes a great mascot for London

By Frances Dickens

Duffle coats and doing good - Frances Dickens on why businesses are backing the bear

Beefeater kissing a Raven at the Tower of London

11 hilarious and mysterious urban myths about LondonVideo

By Harry Cockburn

From Hitler’s Nazi base in Balham to the black sewer-swine of Hampstead

Internet love

What's more important to Brits than taking a shower? Surfing the internet

Do Brits have their life priorities straight? Read this story and make up your mind.

Harrods unveiled its Christmas dispay with dazzling firworks earlier this month

Where to watch fireworks for FREE in London

Not everybody in London is after your dough. You can watch fireworks for free in these places.


Remember, remember! 5 awesome things to do in London in November

By Moya Maxwell

From sexology to skating, there’s more to November than orange leaves and pink skies

64 degrees restuarant

Kohlrabi, Korean and pickles - discover London's hottest food trends & restaurants this autumn

From Buffalo Bourbon to bonfire salt, here’s what to eat and where

Pills, is ketamine the new coke in London's workplace?

Rebecca Hobson: The drugs debate is raging in parliament. Here are the facts behind the headlines

By Rebecca Hobson

Parliament is debating UK drugs policy right now. Make no mistake, this is a big deal.

Brian Blessed index

Brian Blessed is exhorting Tube passengers to purchase remembrance poppies

By Harry Cockburn

Brian Blessed’s legendary loud voice has been booming out of speakers across London this morning. Why? Because he wants commuters to buy remembrance poppies to mark the Royal British Legion’s London Poppy Day.

Rom Skatepark 2

This 1970s skatepark in east London just gained a Grade II listing

By Harry Cockburn

A 1970s concrete skatepark in east London has been awarded a Grade II listing.

The manor house of Toten Hall - 1813

Brown's beer: Why the London Beer Flood is the strangest tragedy in London's history

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Battersea Power Station

Check out the lush new roof garden that’ll be on top of Battersea Power Station

By Sophie Hobson

It’s going to be one of London’s largest roof gardens – a space more than 350 metres long full of interlacing garden walkways, mini forests of birch trees and free-standing hammocks. There’s even a fitness deck.

ban on e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes were banned from London buses, trains & Tubes in August. Why didn't TfL let you know?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

If you’re reading this on the bus/Tube/train, you may want to put that e-cigarette away right now.


Why has Waterstones invited guests for a sleepover?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Did you hear about the guy who caused a tizzy on Twitter after getting locked inside Waterstones’ Trafalgar Square branch? Well, that story just got better.

Waterstones books shelves

Four reasons we all love Waterstones at the moment - and what you can learn from thatVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Waterstones is nailing it on the social media, PR and customer services fronts

Pete Brown

Brown's beer: Why Guinness is late to the craft beer party

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Wellies mud festival

What, no mud? John Nugent reflects on London Film Festival and sitting in silence in the dark

By John Nugent

Our film columnist examines the jack-of-all-trades annual film festival in the capital

Lord Sugar

10 best Lord Sugar quotes of all time

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

We’ve all seen how Lord Sugar, sitting alongside his arm candies Nick Hewer and Karen Brady, uttering fiery and funny one-liners to diss contestants.

Pieter and Johannes Blaeus’ ‘Pascaarte van alle de Zee-custen van Europa’ from 1677 (£600,000)

Check out these beautiful antique maps - some are worth more than houses!

Centuries-old rarities come to London for Frieze Masters

Traffic Jam M25 Motorway cars congestion

Car-mageddon: Congestion costs London $8.5bn a year and it’s getting worse

By Harry Cockburn

Exasperated by the slow crawl into work? Fed-up of traffic fumes? London is grinding to a halt, and as the transport crisis worsens, it is wreaking economic havoc on the capital.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai becomes world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient at 17. Who else has won the award over the past 10 years?

By Harry Cockburn

Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai has been named joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian children’s rights activist.

Andrew Strauss

EXCLUSIVE: Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss – “It’s a myth good teams get on well”

By Robyn Vinter

Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss has said it’s “good to have conflict” in a team, following revelations of heated arguments and allegations of bullying in the England dressing room.

London Film Festival 2014

Preview: From Cumberbatch to Camp X-Ray - what to look out for at the BFI London Film Festival 2014

By John Nugent

Our man at the movies, John Nugent, casts his eye over the programme

World's most expensive burger

London restaurant makes the world's most expensive burger that costs £1,100 (and has 2,618 calories)

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London’s famous for a lot of “most expensive” things but this one really takes the err, bun.

Spelling words

Half of adults have trouble spelling common words – how many of these can you spell?

By Robyn Vinter

Ever been embarased by the dificulty you ocasionaly have spelling words? You’re not the only one who has struggled to aquire the relavent and necesery disipline.

Sherlock Holmes

Amazing things to do in London this October

By Moya Maxwell

Sherlock, Strictly, satire and sartorialism - there’s something for everyone this month. Moya Maxwell picks her faves

Technology and innovation - tree with lightbulbs

Check out this series of inspirational debates and discussions in London, October 2014 - February 2015

From Alain de Botton to Google, The Midtown Big Ideas Exchange is well worth checking out

The Queen with Crowne Prince Pavlos of Greece

Who are the 100 most connected women in Britain?

From the Queen to George Clooney’s wife Amal Alamuddin to Boris’ executive assistant – women from all walks of life have made it to GQ’s list of the 100 most connected women in Britain.

Putney Bridge

Putney Bridge reopens after £1.25m repairs. Here are some of London’s other remarkable bridges

By Harry Cockburn

Putney Bridge has re-opened this morning after undergoing a significant repair operation to protect the Victorian structure from water penetration.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Total recall: Ferrari recalls £200,000 cars as owners can get stuck in boots

Ferrari has had to recall 3,000 of its £200,000 F458 Italia and F458 Spider models. Why? Because the latch that opens the boot from inside only works when the car is moving. 

Dr Dre

Hip hop pays top dollar to its stars – but who is the richest of them all?

By Harry Cockburn

Sean “Diddy”/“Puff Daddy”/“P Diddy” Combs has long been top-dog in the hip hop earnings stakes, with a $60m empire made up from drinks, clothing and TV deals.

Southbank skater

Southbank Centre skaters to stay for long term, thwarting redevelopment plans

By Harry Cockburn

Skateboarders embroiled in a battle to keep the famous skate park at the undercroft on the South Bank have emerged victorious after campaigning to keep the park open.

Fat Man

Fit for work? NHS chief urges tax breaks for companies tackling obesity

By Harry Cockburn

Businesses in the UK could be encouraged to help tackle rising obesity in the UK with tax breaks for firms introducing slimming clubs and health activities for employees.

npower football

And the award for the WORST company in the UK for customer service goes to...

npower has bagged the not-at-all coveted title of the worst company for customer service in the UK.

London Eye

Londoners boo Boris for charging £10 to see New Year's Eve fireworks display

Londoners booed Boris today for making the capital’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display a paid and ticketed event.

Westfield, Stratford City

Westfield Stratford evacuated after suspect package found

Update: Shops were re-opened after the incident was stood down by Met Police.

Great Scotland Yard

Great Scot! Former police HQ Great Scotland Yard to become £10,000-a-night hotel

By Harry Cockburn

“Ello, ello, ello”, is probably not what the person at the front desk at Great Scotland Yard will utter when you stroll into the lobby, as the former police HQ is set to be turned into a £10,000-a-night five-star hotel.

Punch face

Portuguese professor pans “promiscuous” and “pathologically violent” Brits in bestselling book

By Harry Cockburn

A Portuguese professor at Imperial College, who is an expert in theoretical physics, has turned his hand away from slamming particles together, to instead slam all aspects of bad British behaviour in a bestselling book.

Quentin Blake Roald Dahl BFG

It's Roald Dahl Day tomorrow. Here are 10 marvellous quotes from the author

By Harry Cockburn

“Don’t gobblefunk around with words”, the BFG tells Sophie in Roald Dahl’s famous tale of a friendly dream-blowing giant.

Charlie chaplin violin

John Nugent: There's no downside to live music in the cinema

By John Nugent

Our film columnist can’t get enough of the trend for live musical scores at film screenings in London

Namaaste restaurant

Review: Namaaste Kitchen and Salaam Namaste - contemporary Indian cooking

By Robyn Vinter

The Camden and Bloomsbury restaurants are perfect for when you have visitors, says our reviewer

iPhone Apple haha

Funniest iPhone 6 and Apple Watch parodies, lolz and tweetsVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Oh, you didn’t hear? Apple just launched a load of new stuff.

Stress person

Britain’s £100bn stress problem: 24% rise in lost working days since 2009

By Harry Cockburn

The government’s chief medical officer has warned that major improvements must be made to support the UK’s growing body of stressed workers.

The Great Riover Race - rowing boat

Five great things to do in London this September

From music to oarsmanship to Ming, there’s loads going on in London this month. Moya Maxwell picks her favourites

Jack the Ripper

London’s most famous murder mystery solved - Jack the Ripper’s identity revealed

By Robyn Vinter

A total of 126 years after his horrific murders shook Whitechapel, the identity of London’s most famous murderer, Jack the Ripper, has finally been revealed.

London School of Economics

LSE under fire for sending "racist" Kung Fu Panda emails to students

London School of Economics has come under fire for calling new students “Kung-Fu Pandas” in an email.

Beer bottle city

Brown's beer: Why beer (and NOT wine) goes with everything

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Victoria coach station

From penguins to pubs: London’s most unusual listed buildings

By Harry Cockburn

Every year around 10 million passengers file through the doors of Victoria Coach Station to be whisked away to over 1,200 destinations across the UK and Europe.

Union Jack sunglasses - Made in Britain

Freya Simms: What creates that unique British style?

By Freya Simms

Social butterfly Freya Simms blogs about how to get the perfect “British accent”

Cycle lane westminster

“Crossrail for cyclists” unveiled by Boris

By Harry Cockburn

The proposed design at Westminster. Photo via Twitter

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow apologises over tax avoidance claims

Pop star Gary Barlow has vowed to settle his tax affairs “ASAP” after tax avoidance allegations.

Thames hippo

So there’s a hippo in the Thames...Video

By Robyn Vinter

Yes you read that headline right.

Powerful women

Female powerlist: Who is the most powerful woman on TV? You’ll be surprised

By Robyn Vinter

A list of the 30 most powerful women working in and on TV features some unlikely suggestions alongside our favourites.

Dynamo index

Dynamo generates backlash after Shard levitation aberration

By Harry Cockburn

Does the magician’s high-altitude stunt bear scrutiny?

Zara T-shirt

This Zara 'Holocaust uniform' T-shirt caused a global Twitter outrage yesterday

Zara’s Twitter timeline was flooded with complaints yesterday over a striped shirt featuring a yellow star on the front.

Notting Hill  1

Rain on the parade: Notting Hill Carnival in photographs

By Harry Cockburn

Ah, Notting Hill Carnival – the August bank holiday parade is the best place in London to get down to some grooving tunes, while gobbling goat curry from a paper plate in the rain.

DJ Deadmau5

10 highest paid DJs in the world

By Robyn Vinter

Forbes has released the list of the world’s highest paid DJs. I think it’s fair to say they are minted.1: Calvin Harris $66m2: David Guetta $30m

Battersea Power Station before it stopped functioning

Battersea Power Station’s chimneys are coming down. We look at the power station through the ages

By Harry Cockburn

Battersea Power Station is being torn down. The iconic art-deco structure with its four colossal chimneys has dominated the skyline of west London for almost a century, but its reign is coming to an end, albeit temporarily.

Smartphone kid

Harry Cockburn: Smartphones are conduits for misery. Why can’t we put them down?

By Harry Cockburn

Not sure what to do with your life? There’s an app for that

Drunk Brits

Hic and click: drunk Brits spend an average £142 while shopping online

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

From drunk-dialling your ex to not waking up in your own bed, there are a lot of regrettable things we do when we’ve had a few too many drinks.

Lido index size

Take a look at the amazing plans for a floating lido at Victoria Embankment

By Harry Cockburn

Fancy flinging yourself into the Thames for a bracing dip? Course you do. Well, now that beautiful dream is edging closer to becoming reality.

Crack not fair trade

The future of illicit online drug trading: “fair-trade” cocaine and “locally farmed” opium

By Harry Cockburn

Is your cocaine fair-trade? It sounds like some sort of hipster joke, but drug dealers on the internet are now offering their customers “fair-trade” Bolivian cocaine, and opium from non-violent producers rather than cartels, in a bid to win business from conscientious users.


Sweets to the sweet for Cumberbatch as Hamlet becomes most in-demand play ever

By Harry Cockburn

Whatever Benedict Cumberbatch touches turns to gold at the moment it seems. The actor is hot property across the globe after the success of Sherlock, which has won him fans as far afield as China and Japan, but it is his decision to tread the boards as Hamlet in a production at the Barbican next year that has got the ticket-buying public baying for Benedict.

Closed pub The Lord Napier in Hackney Wick

No pubs left in 34 years if current decline continues

By Harry Cockburn

Closed pub The Lord Napier in Hackney Wick

Supermoon rises over Auckland, New Zealand

Stunning photos of last night's supermoon from around the world

By Sophie Hobson

From London to Jiangsu to Auckland, the world was awed by the orb…Auckland, New ZealandSource: REX/Simon RuntingJiangsu, China


Watch the moment two adrenaline junkies jump off 48th floor at Canary WharfVideo

Two adrenaline junkies jumped off a 48-floor skyscraper in Canary Wharf last month.


Rain, wind and excitement: RideLondon in pictures

By Harry Cockburn

London’s annual cycling festival, RideLondon, has cemented its place in the capital’s summer calendar despite being in just its second year.


Fine wine? Wine fine! Fraudster to pay nearly $50m for selling fake wines

By Sophie Hobson

He was a glass-half-full kinda guy. But now he’s feeling the grapes of wrath.

Charlie and choco

Harry Cockburn: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been given a "creepy" new cover. Let’s judge it.

By Harry Cockburn

Is the new image more snozzcumber than Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight?

Beer bottle city

Brown's beer: In praise of lager

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown says lager isn’t all bad

Yellow Lamborghini

From Bugattis to Lamborghinis, take a look at the supercars vrooming around LondonVideo

If you’re a petrolhead planning to attend The Frankfurt Motor Show — the world’s biggest car expo – then don’t bother. Head to Knightsbridge instead.

Cycling tour de france

RideLondon: What is it? Where can I watch it? Will travel be disrupted?

By Harry Cockburn

Thousands of cyclists are preparing to hit the streets of Surrey and London this weekend. Here’s the lowdown

Business man phone angry

We now spend more time using technology than sleeping - OfCom

By Sophie Hobson

More than half our waking hours are now spent listening to and/or staring at the screen of a digital device, according to new research from OfCom.


How long does it take you to judge someone? Less time than you think

By Robyn Vinter

Being able to spot a trustworthy person is a vital skill in business, but as is not rushing to judge people before you’ve got to know them.

Christmas at Selfridges

Ho, ho, no! Selfridges opens Christmas store in August

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Haven’t started Christmas shopping yet? You should panic as there are only 141 days to go.

Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel

London is the world’s most expensive city to book a 5-star hotel room

It costs a whopping £11,700 per night to book the Royal Suite in Park Lane’s Intercontinental Hotel in Mayfair. That’s why London has been crowned the world’s most expensive city to book a five-star hotel.

Secret Cinema Back to the Future

Review: Secret Cinema Back to the Future - cool but where's the hoverboard?

By Robyn Vinter

Secret Cinema’s offering missed some of the best bits of the franchise

Secret Cinema Back to the Future

Pictures: Secret Cinema Back to the Future

By Robyn Vinter

Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future event went off with a bang last night, after licencing problems caused cancellations last week.

London skyline sunshine

7 wonderful quotes about London in the summertime

Nothing divides Londoners like a decent summer (north versus south, cyclists and Hackney aside). You’re either miserable, with your head in the freezer, or you’re wide-eyed and beaming. Here’s what this lot had to say about it.

Beer festival

Brown's beer: All you need to know about London's biggest celebration of beer

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on the City of Beer festival from 9-16 August

Proms Albert Hall

Five great things to do in July

By Moya Maxwell

PROMS ALERT! Festival of Love, and Coral reefs in London?

Slot machines gambling

Gambling in numbers: 7 stats that show the UK’s gambling problem

By Robyn Vinter

Today we discovered people aged 18-24 are doubly at risk of developing a gambling problem, because of technology and advertising.

England fan reflects on Englands 4-1 World Cup exit to Germany, 2010

Why 16-24 year olds are twice as likely to be addicted to gambling and how the World Cup didn’t help

By Robyn Vinter

Young people are twice as likely to be in the “at risk” category as the UK population as a whole, and the problem is getting worse.

David Bagleys Ferrari

Video: We meet the man behind luxury supercar extravaganza Salon PrivéVideo

By Harry Cockburn

David Bagley on his love of cars and setting up his dream supercar festival

London's weird pub names

London’s weirdest pub names and what they mean

By Robyn Vinter

Ever wondered about the origns of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or The Pyrotechnists Arms?

Commonwealth kiss

Robyn Vinter: Scotland showed the world the true meaning of a "Glasgow kiss"Video

By Robyn Vinter

Combine a world-famous sporting event and former European Capital of Culture and you’re always going to get some pleasant surprises. When that city is Glasgow, you know it will be memorable too.

Millionaire wealthrich - Who wants to be a millionaire with Chris Tarrant

One in 30 Londoners is a millionaire - but one in four live in poverty

By Sophie Hobson

There are 281,000 dollar-millionaires based in London, according to new research – the equivalent of almost one in 30 of the capital’s population (including those who work in London).

Leicester Square

John Nugent: Why I don't care that Leicester Square is no longer the home of British Cinema

By John Nugent

RIP Leicester Square - home of misguided tourists and soulless sports bars - says our new film columnist

Stirling Shard

The Shard makes the shortlist, but what are the greatest new buildings in the UK?

By Harry Cockburn

All Londoners have an opinion on the Shard. The 87-storey Qatari owned skyscraper on the Southbank has become a dominating aspect of the London Skyline, and is now among several British buildings in contention for a major architecture prize.

Parrot 1

Why is there a huge “dead parrot” on the Southbank?Video

By Harry Cockburn

Deceased “Norwegian Blue” Photograph: Twitter

Brazil Lose

Best internet reactions to Brazil v Germany, the most Tweeted event in sporting history Video

By Harry Cockburn

Brazil is in the throes of national catastrophe after their football team’s unceremonious elimination from the World Cup at the hands of Germany.

Luna cinema

7 of the best outdoor cinemas you have to experience in London this summer

By Robyn Vinter

2014 is shaping up to be the year of the open-air cinema. If you thought last summer’s pop-ups were exciting, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The 7/7 memorial last night, before it was defaced

7/7 memorial defaced with anti-Blair graffiti on anniversary

By Sophie Hobson

Source: Guy Bell/REXThe 7/7 memorial last night, before it was defaced

Sherlock Holmes

Why did the British government organise a screening of the BBC’s Sherlock in North Korea?

By Harry Cockburn

The revamped and modernised Sherlock Holmes drama, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the oddball PI, has gained a vast global following.

Burger King Proud Whopper

Burger King launches world’s first pro-gay burger – but in the wrong wayVideo

By Sophie Hobson

I’m all for brands flying the flag for LGBT rights. A bit of brand activism can get important messages to wide audiences while boosting brand engagement – the ultimate win-win.

UK USA flags

This 4 July, we demystify the funniest discrepancies between US and UK English

By Harry Cockburn

It’s Independence Day, but 238 years later, the battle for comprehension rages on

David Sonnenthal

Mayfair’s posh pawnbroker reveals the items rich people get loans against

By Robyn Vinter

David Sonnenthal owns New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, London’s first luxury pawnbroker.

Paddington bench

Pictures: Famous books become London benches

By Robyn Vinter

If you like sitting and reading, boy do we have the story for you.

Sunbathing in the park

Hottest day of the year predicted for London on Thursday

By Harry Cockburn

It’s not just the housing market that’s heating up in London. As summer makes its presence felt, the sun is expected to scorch the capital today with temperatures high enough to smash the hottest recorded this year.

Lady Gagas

Did you spot the army of Lady Gaga lookalikes in Westminster yesterday? They were actually there for a serious reason...

By Sophie Hobson

A sea of scantily-clad Lady Gagas swarmed through Westminster yesterday, resplendent with strange hats, multi-coloured hair, impossibly-stacked shoes and the odd flailing Kermit the Frog dress.

London Pride 2014

London Pride 2014 in pictures

By Robyn Vinter

While thousands of people flocked to grey and stormy Glastonbury, London was where the real fun was happening. Here are the best pictures from London Pride 2014:

Tour de France 1

The Tour de France in London: What you need to know and where to watch the action

By Harry Cockburn

How do you win? Why do they do it? Should I watch it? What’s it all about? We answer your Tour de France questions


5 best GoPro videos - after the company’s impressive IPO yesterdayVideo

By Robyn Vinter

Popular video camera company GoPro launched on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday, with shares soaring more than 30% over the course of the day.

Clegg Cable pub 1

Brown's beer: Why politicians love beer

By Pete Brown

It all started with Barack Obama.

Queen Downing St

Royal family cost the taxpayer £35.7m last year

The monarchy cost taxpayers £35.7m last year, according to detailed annual accounts published by Buckingham Palace.The Queen’s income is expected to soar more than 5% next year as the Crown Estate has reported record profits. It is expected to reach £40m.

Game of Thrones

BBC News app gets hacked, publishes naughty Game of Thrones news alert

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The BBC News app got hacked this morning displaying a weird breaking news alert about TV series Game of Thrones.

London austerity protest

There was a 50,000-strong protest in London yesterday, but no one’s reporting it

By Sophie Hobson

This is a mysterious thing. There was a major demonstration march in London yesterday, but certain national media outlets seem to be ignoring it.

Andy Murray

Wimbledon begins today - here's a sneak peek into Andy Murray's £40m personal fortune

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Big day for Andy Murray today as he begins to defend his Wimbledon title.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Taxpayer forks out £4m for Wills and Kate’s apartment refurbishment

By Sophie Hobson

Even in the most exclusive parts of London, £4m could get you a pretty nice home.

Lego bus stop

Lego bus stop appears on Regent Street

By Robyn Vinter

A bus stop made entirely of Lego has appeared outside Hamleys toy store on Regent Street.

Floripa Braziliant restaurant and bar, Shoreditch

These are London’s best Brazilian restaurants

By Rebecca Hobson

Just as well you didn’t make it to Brazil for the World Cup. Get a bite of the action anyway with this lot

The Black Lion pub

The last roar: 300-year-old London pub The Black Lion sold for £27m

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A 300-year-old pub in Bayswater has been sold for £27m with plans afoot for turning the site into luxury flats.

Facebook Zuckerberg

This clip from The Social Network explains what happens when Facebook goes downVideo

We can safely assume that Mark Zuckerberg will have his grump on right now, seeing as Facebook has just gone down globally, and the

Yaya Toure

Katie Small: World Cup risks, but not the ones you think…

By Katie Small

Katie Small, board director at insurance broker R K Harrison, on the risks footballers should watch out for

Hidden cash

Fancy winning cash this weekend? Participate in the @HiddenCash treasure hunt

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Lucky Londoners may get their hands on envelopes with £100 each this weekend, the man behind Twitter account @hiddencash has said.

Press freedom - silcenced

How free is the UK press, really? New ranking reveals the worrying truth

By Sophie Hobson

We Brits generally like to think we have a good free press – it’s one of the things many of us are pretty chuffed with about the UK.

Nothing2hide campaign

We have #nothing2hide! Underwear-clad Londoners protest hidden bank charges

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Did you spot a naked mob baring it all in central London today? No, it’s not because they were feeling hot. It was to protest against hidden bank charges.

F1 numberplate

F1 numberplate on sale for £10m - same price as Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Richmond home

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Numberplate “F1” is on sale for a whopping £10m – the same price as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s £10m Richmond home.


Kerching! £5m cash found stuffed in a wooden box in a London flat

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Over £5m-worth of dollars were found stuffed in a wooden box in London yesterday.

Alastair Humphreys 1

Microadventures: Excellent ideas for making the most of time outside the office

By Alastair Humphreys

9 - 5 grind getting you down? Make the most of your ‘5 - 9’ with a Microadventure says Alastair Humphreys


World Cup wealth league: Which footballer is the richest?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It’s Christmas for football fans today as the World Cup kicks off in Brazil.

Summer London

Tomorrow is Fry-day in London as forecasters predict hottest day of the year

By Harry Cockburn

Standby Britain. Dust down the deckchair, seek out the sunscreen, bring out the barbecue, summer is ON. And we’re set for a scorcher tomorrow.

Beer bottle city

Which are the 10 most expensive cities to have a beer, and which are the cheapest?

By Harry Cockburn

Everyone living in London knows that beer is expensive. Back in the 1960s, people could scarcely believe that anyone would pay a whole pound for a pint. Today, a pint can easily top £4 in a relatively normal pub, and at some (hopefully) distant point in the future we’re bound to think nothing of handing over £40 for a pint. That’s just the way inflation takes us.

Yoda from Star Wars

Hurrah! New Star Wars movie to be filmed in the UK

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Another much-awaited Star Wars film that’ll hit theatres on 16 December 2016, will be shot in Britain.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay to open two new London restaurants this year

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is set to launch two new restaurants in London this year.

Summer Exhibition 1

Preview: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014

By Harry Cockburn

Ah, the Summer Exhibition, as much a regular fixture of English summer as Wimbledon, picnics, stripy deckchairs and Pimms and lemonade. Except unlike all of those things, it is perfect on a rainy day.


You're fired! Pope sacks all board members of Vatican's financial watchdog

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

In classic Alan Sugar-style, Pope Francis has fired the entire board of the Vatican’s financial regulator.

Outdoor swimming

10 best outdoor swimming pools in London

Author, journalist and swimming enthusiast Jenny Landreth picks out the capital’s top 10 swimming pools

Cycle Facemask Bike cyclist pollution smog air

Rising air pollution levels linked to irregular heartbeat and lung clotting

By Harry Cockburn

Air pollution in Britain has been linked with higher incidences of developing an irregular heartbeat and blood clots in the lung, new research has revealed.

The Shard

Shard in fire alert: firefighters called to evacuate building after reports of smoke in basement

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The London Fire Brigade was called to the Shard after reports of smoke in the basement of the building.

Holborn station

A man was on fire outside Holborn Tube station yesterday

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A man was reportedly on fire near Holborn Tube station yesterday evening.

Arsenal win Premier League

Premier League now earning more than £3bn – more than any other Euro league

The nation’s favourite sport is absolutely raking it in – and the amount of money it makes is accelerating at an astonishing amount.

Terminal 2

These stunning photos tell the story of the £2.5bn Heathrow Terminal 2

By Sophie Hobson

It’s taken £2.5bn and four years of construction work. It’s already been trialled more than 180 times by 14,000 volunteers and 100,000 bags.

Rihanna ad

This Rihanna advert has been banned from anywhere kids might see it

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Rihanna’s audacious. Earlier this week, she wore a see-through gown at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards.

Hidden cash

Will there be more envelopes of cash hidden around London today?

By Sophie Hobson

It started in San Francisco, when an anonymous donor started leaving envelopes of cash hidden around the area, then tweeting cryptic clues for anyone to find them.

EDL march

Racism rising, though lowest in London

By Harry Cockburn

One third of people in the UK are racially prejudiced new research shows.

Wine bottles drink alcohol bar pub

Wine and spirits’ alcohol content rising despite calls for curbs

By Harry Cockburn

The quantity of alcohol in wines and spirits is rising, new figures from the Department of Health show.

Max Clifford

Max Clifford wants to rent out his £6m home for £12,000-a-month

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Beleaguered PR guru Max Clifford is trying to rent out his £6m Surrey home for £12,000-a-month.

BBC tv centre

£30m in 3 years: BBC's big hotel bill

By Harry Cockburn

The BBC has spent almost £30m on hotel rooms in three years, with one room costing £633 a night.

Fire at Camden

In pictures: Fire breaks out at Camden Stables Market

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Over 70 firefighters evacuated 600 people from Camden’s Stables Market after a fire broke out yesterday.

Pocari Sweat

Lunar-tic! A Japanese drink company is putting the first advert on the moonVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

You thought Morrisons’ baguette advert mounted on the Angel of the North was crazy? Think again.


Brown's beer: And the award for the best drinks producer goes to....

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on judging the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards

Warm London

London to enjoy hottest day of the year on Saturday

By Harry Cockburn

Londoners, put down your umbrellas. Cast off your cagoules. The sun is putting his hat on for the weekend and it’s going to be hot! Well, moderately warm. Warm enough to wear summer clothes, lounge in the park and even have a barbecue.

Fruit bowl with fruit in it

The health benefits that can boost your business

How can supplying fresh fruit to employees boost your bottom line?

London speaks: What do you think of the Shard?

Shard-enfreude! Guests at new Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard can see inside each others' bedrooms

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Oops.. Sorry we’ve put a wrong link on the newsletter. If you want to read the story about UK billionaires, click here

Bill gates and John D Rockefeller

Is the world’s first trillionaire alive today?

By Harry Cockburn

A trillion is a mind-boggling figure. Despite being spelt just slightly differently from a million or a billion, the vast leap to a trillion, aka a thousand billion, is one that is hard to comprehend fiscally.

Richard Branson

New York to Tokyo in less than an hour? It's doable, says Richard Branson

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Sir Richard Branson grabbed headlines in the US yesterday after revealing plans to build supersonic planes that could travel at 19,000 miles an hour.

London Collections: Men at the Royal Opera House – June 2012

5 suits every gentleman should own

King & Allen co-founder Adam King on how to dress

Max Clifford sentencing

Max Clifford's PR firm expected to close

By Harry Cockburn

Max Clifford’s high profile PR firm is expected to close as the shamed PR guru is sentenced for a string of sex crimes.

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman’s greatest Newsnight momentsVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Jeremy Paxman is to quit Newsnight after 25 years working at the BBC 2 programme. His opinion-led and acerbic delivery has won him huge popularity with viewers while simultaneously striking dread into the hearts of the public figures he turns his attention to.

Angry dog

Animal bites hospitalised almost 900 Londoners last year

By Sophie Hobson

The NHS yesterday released its figures on the number of hospital admissions caused by animal attacks for last year - and London has been suffering.

Alcohol prohibited

Brown's beer: Why Britain’s drinking problem has been significantly overstated

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown condemns the scaremongering press reports about alcohol

Heathrow airport aeroplane flying in sky

10 top tips for flying from frequent travellers

By Robyn Vinter

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, we all want to eliminate stress

Jesus on Donkey

The best ways to spend the Easter weekend in London

By Harry Cockburn

The capital has lots to offer this weekend. We take a look at some of the best things to do

The Mirage Egg

Happy Easter: The most eggstravagant eggs around the world

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Which one would you like to buy? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Ning Li, CEO and co-founder, MADE.COM

Ning Li: How the creative industries can be better supported

By Ning Li

The MADE.COM CEO and co-founder on what the creative industries need to stay ahead

David Beckham Car

David Beckham to sell posh BMW on Auto Trader

By Harry Cockburn

Former England Captain David Beckham has put his luxury BMW convertible up for sale on vehicle listings service auto Trader.

Tom Kerridge

Forget the horses - it's the food that makes a day at Ascot unforgettable

By Sophie Hobson

Royal Ascot is all about Michelin-starred chefs and Mad Hatter’s tea parties - and apparently there’s some racing too

Drugs being cut up with credit card

More people are going online to buy legal and illegal drugs – and the UK is leading the trend

By Sophie Hobson

A higher proportion of drug users in the UK has bought drugs online than any other of the 43 nations questioned in a new survey.

London air pollution

3,389 deaths in London linked to poor air quality, new figures reveal

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A total of 3,389 Londoners over the age of 25 died due to pollution-related illnesses in 2010.

Faberge egg 1

Lost Fabergé egg to go on display in London for first time in a century

By Harry Cockburn

A lost Faberge egg crafted for Emperor Alexander III of Russia is to go on show for the first time in 112 years.

London eye turns blue

London crowned the third best tourist destination in the world

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Let’s stop moaning about the Saharan dust taking over London and celebrate the capital.

Heston Blumenthal has been crowned the world’s most successful chef

Revealed: The world's 100 best restaurants - Heston Blumenthal named chef of the year

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Top chef Heston Blumenthal’s two restaurants, Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, have made it to the top 100 eateries of the world.

Craft beer

Brown's beer: How mainstream is craft beer?

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown reveals the truth behind craft beer

London air pollution

Pollution hits high in London as Saharan dust chokes south

By Harry Cockburn

Londoners should be braced for “very high” levels of air pollution today, the government has said.

Rainbow flag Gay rights

Dating website OKCupid warns off Firefox users in gay-rights row

By Harry Cockburn

The free dating website OKCupid has advised users of Mozilla’s Firefox to change web browser, in a row over the tech firm’s gay-rights record.

Boris Spikes

Wondering what those “jogging” signs all over London are for? Meet the new Boris Spikes scheme

By Sophie Hobson

You’ve probably noticed the yellow “jogging” signs that have been appearing on roads and pavements in and around central London over the past couple of weeks.

Black out in London

Thousands of London homes faced blackouts last night

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Thousands of south Londoners were left in the dark last night, thanks to a fault at an electricity substation.

London smog

This week London is set to experience the worst air pollution on the scale

By Sophie Hobson

The Met Office is forecasting that tomorrow (Tuesday) and on Wednesday, London will hit the worst level on its scale for air pollution.

Reverie super-yacht

Meet the archetypal billionaire – survey reveals spending habits

By Sophie Hobson

The £22.3m London mansion is typically filled with art worth millions, though neither asset class is likely to have made much of a dent in the £1.79bn fortune of the average billionaire, as identified by a new survey.

Gay marriage

1 in 5 would turn down a gay wedding invite as first marriages happen tonight

By Robyn Vinter

One in five (22%) people still would refuse to go to a gay wedding, a survey by BBC Radio Five Live has found.

David Beckham

David Beckham and Class of '92 stars eyeing £2bn takeover of Manchester United

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

David Beckham and Manchester United’s famous “Class of ‘92” are eyeing a £2bn takeover of the club.

Yellow Boris bike

Boris bikes go yellow ahead of Tour de France London leg

By Harry Cockburn

With just 100 days to go until the Tour de France Grand Départ in Yorkshire, some of London’s Boris bikes are sporting a radical new yellow paint job in support of the race.

Brand logo fo infographic

Infographic: How big brands use colours to influence you

The story behind some of the world’s most iconic logos…

Flight MH370

How did UK firm Inmarsat work out the last recorded position of flight MH370?

By Harry Cockburn

Investigators are now one step closer to unravelling the mystery of the lost Malaysian Airways flight MH370, which went missing on 8 March, thanks to a British communications satellite.

London Array

Siemens and Associated British Ports to invest £310m in UK wind turbines

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Siemens and the UK’s Associated British Ports are set to invest £310m in UK wind turbine factories.


Brown's beer: Beer and pub's £22bn contribution to UK economy & that awkward Grant Shapps tweet

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why beer deserves the support it got in the Budget

Battersea Power Station 1

The awkward legacy of Battersea Power Station

By Harry Cockburn

We take a look at the plans for the site that never quite made it

Playboy bunny girl shed simove

Shed Simove: LinkedIn, the Playboy bunny and a new internet craze

By Shed Simove

I need your help with a bit of web mischief that could sweep the world…

Water cannon

Boris Johnson backs water cannon for London police

By Harry Cockburn

Boris Johnson has given his support to the use of water cannon on the streets of London by police.

Football classic

MPs call for Qatar to be stripped of 2022 World Cup over bribery claims

By Harry Cockburn

Senior MPs have called for a Fifa investigation into the $2m bribery claims surrounding the 2022 World Cup bid which was won by Qatar, and should consider stripping the nation of the tournament.

Peter O'Toole plays Lawrence of Arabia in the 1962 film

Lawrence of Arabia’s saddle bag found in Bank of England vaults

By Harry Cockburn

Peter O’Toole plays Lawrence of Arabia in the 1962 film

Call of Duty

Time spent playing Call of Duty overtakes length of human existence on earth

By Harry Cockburn

The cumulative time people have spent playing popular video game Call of Duty, or COD, as it is sometimes known, has apparently reached an astonishing 2.85 million years. That is 2.85 million years spent gazing at television screens and making avatars run around shooting things. And those are the statistics for just one game.

Michael Gove

“Michael Gove to teach all children himself”. Oops! Spoof article appeared on Department for Education website

By Harry Cockburn

An article headlined “Michael Gove decides to teach all children himself” appeared on the Department for Education website for a month, despite staff being notified.


Brown's beer: Why cider is the world’s most misunderstood drink - part two

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why cider is a complicated drink


Brown's beer: Why cider is the world’s most misunderstood drink - part one

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why cider is a complicated drink

Len Blavatnik

Meet the 15 richest billionaires in the UK

By Sophie Hobson

The most recent world rich list has just been published, and it turns out that there are 77 billionaires in the UK.

Money, wealth, funds

UK has more billionaires than all but three countries

By Sophie Hobson

For an island nation with a population of less than 70 million, we sure do pack in a lot of billionaires.

Carson Yeung

Birmingham City FC owner guilty of money laundering

By Sophie Hobson

Carson Yeung, the owner of Birmingham City Football Club, has been found guilty of money laundering in Hong Kong, where he is a citizen.

Whoopee Cushion

Shed Simove: Stop blowing hot air - 3 unusual ideas for making money

By Shed Simove

The Ideas Man is ‘pumped’ to provide you with business ideas that may just help you grow


The best places to celebrate St David’s Day in London

By Harry Cockburn

The capital has plenty on offer to celebrate Wales’s national day

London poo 3

Apoocalypse Now? Amazing photos of the #Londonpoo fiasco

By Harry Cockburn

The burst water main in Stockwell, south London, was extensively documented on Twitter last night. Before any of the main media outlets had news of the moist mishap, shocking photos were doing the rounds minutes after the filthy water had spread.

Megaphone book cover

Five top management reads for commuters

By Nyree Ambarchian

Swot up on the way to work with these top bite-size management books as recommended by leading business and public sector executives as part of the CMI’s Management Book of the Year competition. The competition judges have picked out five fantastic books that are notable for their easy to digest management expertise.


Going going... gone! Taking a punt on emerging artists

By Kevin Wilson

Our resident Artman Kevin Wilson gives a nod to two artists worth a punt if you have that space to fill on the living room wall

Post in the snow

Brrrr.. London set to get snow as Met office issues weather warning

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Londoners should brace themselves for snow as the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for London & “many areas” of south east England.

Vin and Omi

Show day at London Fashion Week - designers VIN+OMI explain what's involved

By Vin and Omi

This part three of a four part blog follows fashion designers VIN+OMI to London Fashion Week. It gives an insight into what it takes to put on a fashion show and looks at the other businesses it touches on the way

Lego room

Inside the world's first Lego-themed children's bedroom

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

What do David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears and your six-year-old have in common? They are all Lego fans.

Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT becomes world's fastest car with 270mph speed recordVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The Hennessey Venom GT has become the fastest car in the world after hitting 270.49mph on Nasa’s space shuttle landing runway.

Busy Heathrow airport

British Airways named Britain's favourite brand

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

British Airways has beaten tech goliaths Apple and Facebook to become Britain’s favourite brand.


The top 5 wearable technology gadgets in 2014

By Daniel Todaro

Wearable tech is already one of this year’s hottest trends. Are you dressed to thrill?

Rare 50p coin

Have you got the UK’s rarest coin in your pocket? If so, it’s worth £150

By Robyn Vinter

Thousands of people in the UK are likely to have a rare 50p coin in their pocket, which is worth a phenominal £150 on eBay.

Debbie Harry

Why do businesses sponsor designers for London Fashion Week? Designers VIN+OMI explain

By Vin and Omi

In the second of the four part series the duo encounter a sea of companies wanting a part of the action and a rock star wears one of their dresses

Jenny Jones snowboarder

21 amazing Olympic first-time-ever facts

By Robyn Vinter

Following a string of other Olympic firsts in Sochi…

Tough Mudder 1

FUNNY BUSINESS: Why do 21st-century office workers get kicks from gruelling physical feats?

By Harry Cockburn

Harry Cockburn casts a sideways glance at some strange things going on in the dark

Inside Richard Branson's Verbier ski lodge

Video: Inside Richard Branson’s $182,000-a-week Verbier ski lodgeVideo

By Sophie Hobson

You’re probably just as accustomed as I am to having four chefs, a 24-hour chauffeur and a spa therapist at your complete disposal, so I’m sure you’ll join me in saying a big fat “pretty average holiday” to Richard Branson’s Verbier ski lodge.

Norwegian Constitution Day

5 reasons London is obsessed with Scandinavia - and how to indulge more

By Robyn Vinter

How the recession has subtly shaped our exploding Nordic scene

Vin and Omi

What's it like to be a designer during London Fashion Week? Design duo VIN+OMI tell all

By Vin and Omi

The first of their four part series looks at the road to Fashion Week. It’s not a smooth journey

Models on the catwalk during the Burberry Prosum catwalk show, Kensington, London, on the fourth day of London Fashion Week

Katie Small: Why cover in the fashion world isn’t always about hemlines

By Katie Small

Katie Small, board director at insurance broker R K Harrison, on whether you should make inurance arrangements for clothes

Valentines Chimp

Last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas

By Harry Cockburn

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Floody hell Datchet

UK floods: "Unparalleled natural crisis" could wipe £14bn off UK economy

By Harry Cockburn

As Britain faces an “unparalleled natural crisis”, in the words of one army officer in charge of the flood recovery, Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, said that the effects of the disruption could derail the economic recovery.

Yoda from Star Wars

Star Wars in London: Lucasfilm to open VFX house in Soho

By Sophie Hobson

May the force be with – us, actually. Lucasfilm, one of cinema’s all-time most iconic production companies, will be opening a branch of its visual effects house Industrial Light & Magic in Soho, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Flooding in Thames Valley

Thames floods set to affect hundreds more homes as further floods forecast

By Harry Cockburn

Hundreds more homes along the Thames face the grim prospect of a battering from further storms forecast to hit the UK later this week.

Floody hell Datchet

Cost of flooding could rise to £1bn as more bad weather is on its way

By Harry Cockburn

As the Environment Agency prepares to announce that further rain could result in the wettest winter for 250 years, the continuing floods and storms are set to leave Britain with a £1bn bill, according to latest estimates.

AdMan: The pitfalls of flattery

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why lip service is choking the creative industry

Skiing at Sochi

Check out PwC’s top 10 Sochi medals chart, based on GDP and weather

By Sophie Hobson

PwC has bashed out an interesting bit of research predicting how many medals it expects countries to get at the Sochi Winter Olympics based on socio-economic as well as sporting factors.

Van Gogh

Meet the 8 most unlikely Londoners in history

By Adam Jacot de Boinod

The secret Londoners and their love for the capital…

Apollo Theatre collapse

Family to sue for Apollo Theatre collapse injuries

By Robyn Vinter

A family is suing the owners of the Apollo Theatre for injuries and trauma sustained when the ceiling collapsed in December.

Albert Hall picture

From “village hall” to world acclaim: Behind the scenes at the Royal Albert Hall

By Harry Cockburn

We meet Jasper Hope, the man behind the hall’s booming success

Westminster rubbish

Trafalgar Square Chinese New Year party - the world's biggest outside China - creates 20 tonnes of rubbish

By Robyn Vinter

Westminster City Council collected 20 tonnes of rubbish after the world’s biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside China on Sunday.

Blumenthal Heston with wine

Heston Blumenthal forced to close London restaurant Dinner after norovirus outbreak

By Harry Cockburn

Culinary “alchemist”, Heston Blumenthal has been forced to close his London restaurant Dinner, after an outbreak of a vomiting virus.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future musical to open in London

By Robyn Vinter

Back to the Future is set to return – but this time to London’s West End.


Brown's beer: Why expensive beers are way better than pricey wines

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why there’s genuine value lurking in a pricey beer at a craft beer bar near you

Blur ticket barrier

Wahoo! Rocking Jubilee line tube ticket barrier “sings” Blur’s Song 2Video

By Harry Cockburn

It’s always a bad sign when machinery starts talking to you. But someone definitely had too much time on their hands when they put together a video of a Tube barrier making a sound that may or may not sound something like the catchy “wahoo!” refrain from Blur’s 1990s hit single Song 2.

Google search London

Why is Camden famous? Why is Ealing expensive? - The top things people ask about where you live

By Robyn Vinter

What do people want to know about your borough when they type “why is…” into Google?

The fist of business

Are you social not-working or blue sky drinking? The UK’s worst office jargon + Nick Hewer videoVideo

By Harry Cockburn

In the future - or “going forward”, as it is now known - the British language will be practically unrecognisable.

Haggis 1

10 best places to celebrate Burns Night in London on Saturday

By Harry Cockburn

Whisky, poetry, and the obligatory haggis: London has plenty on offer this Saturday

Warren Buffett

Fancy being a billionaire this year? Enter Warren Buffett's $1bn basketball challenge

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

If you’ve got Paul the Octopus-like predictability skills and know a thing or two about Basketball, then you can be a billionaire this year.

Solar bridge on roof of Blackfriars station

The world's largest solar-powered bridge opens at Blackfriars station

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London’s become home to the world’s largest solar-powered bridge as a solar roof with 4,400 panels has been unveiled on Blackfriars Bridge.

Manchester United

These are the 10 richest football clubs, and Man Utd isn't even in the top 3

By Sophie Hobson

Manchester United has been kicked out of the football club rich list’s top three for the first time in the list’s history.

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino cancels new movie after script leaks – and he’s naming names

By Sophie Hobson

It was set to be a schmaltzy tale, full of hugs, pink unicorns, kindness to mankind and not a drop of blood spilled – perhaps. In fact, now we’ll never know what Tarantino’s new film The Hateful Eight would have featured, since the director has cancelled it.

Girl looks on as old man eats a burger

Revealed: The 10 worst countries to eat in

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Chad (Africa), Angola and Ethiopia are among the worst 10 countries to eat in the world.

Andy Murray

From underwear to teddy bears, check out items Andy Murray has trademarked

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

If you’ve ever dreamt of getting into Andy Murray’s shoes, or better still, his pants, then you are going to love this news story.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, Joanna Lumley & Twiggy explain why they love London in moving videosVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Every Londoner loves London in their own way. Every Londoner creates their own map of the city, charting their favourite places, must-sees and must-dos.

Alcohol prohibited

Brown's beer: Why I don't subscribe to anti-alcohol hysteria this January

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown slams the campaign against alcohol

Skateboarder at South bank

Boris backs skateboarders’ campaign to remain at Southbank

By Harry Cockburn

Skateboarders at the iconic Southbank skatepark have received the support of London Mayor Boris Johnson in their battle to keep the skating location in the face of opposition from conservation groups.

Roman Skull Museum of London

Grisly truth about London’s Roman skulls revealed 26 years after excavation

By Harry Cockburn

Scores of Roman era skulls excavated from a site near Aldwych in 1988 have long been considered the unfortunate victims of Queen Boudica’s AD60 revolution. The East Anglican leader of the Icenii tribe swept across the south east of England, with her army torching Roman settlements in her path.

London past and present then and now

Stunning historic footage shows London past and present, from 1920s to todayVideo

By Harry Cockburn

In the mid-1920s, pioneering cinematographer, filmmaker and inventor Claude Friese-Greene travelled across Britain capturing fascinating footage of life in the UK for his collection of films called The Open Road.

Food hygiene washing hands spray

Food hygiene humiliation: six of the 10 worst councils are in London

By Harry Cockburn

More than a third of high-risk food businesses across the UK are failing to meet food hygiene standards and testing levels are declining, it has emerged.

Royal Ascot

Qatar's QIPCO becomes Royal Ascot's first commercial partner

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

QIPCO Holdings, the holding company for a branch of the Qatari ruling family, has signed a five-year agreement to become the first official partner at Royal Ascot. QIPCO will sponsor two races - the King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes - and will have branding rights all over the tracks.

No Trousers Day tube

No Trousers Day pictures: surprisingly casual tube passengers in their pants

By Robyn Vinter

An alien crash-landing on earth would be confused by many of the world’s traditions, but this one seems bizarre even to us.

Heathrow Airport arrivals

Early arrival for woman who gives birth in Heathrow lavatory

By Robyn Vinter

A London woman took home more than just her baggage after going into labour in a lavatory at Heathrow Airport.

The Bradshaw family

Could you live off British goods for a year? Meet the family who found out

By Robyn Vinter

We all want to support British businesses. But how far can you really walk the talk?

Sean p diddy Combs

Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs teams up with UK drinks giant Diageo to buy luxury tequila brand DeLeon

By Harry Cockburn

Rapper turned entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs has teamed up with British drinks giant Diageo, to buy Hollywood’s favourite tequila brand DeLeón.

Canary Wharf in smog

London air pollution contributes to all four main causes of death in capital

By Harry Cockburn

Despite lower levels of smoking among Londoners than those in other areas of the country, lung cancer is among the top four causes of death in the capital, as pollution levels are higher in the capital than anywhere else in the UK.

London Collections: Men at the Royal Opera House – June 2012

5 reasons the £10bn British menswear sector is exploding right now

By Adam King

Adam King explains all as the second men’s fashion week, London Collections: Men, draws to a close

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix's Mayfair flat to become museum

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s Mayfair flat, which he described as “the only home I ever had”, is set to become a museum.

Sherlock Holmes

BBC’s Sherlock newspaper mock-up describes London Mayor as “dithering, incoherent, and self-interested”

By Harry Cockburn

Hit detective drama Sherlock has riled the right-wing press after describing a nameless London Mayor as “dithering, incoherent and self-interested.”

Pupils at Eton College

Eton bans Snapchat in bid to curb sexting

By Sophie Hobson

You can learn Greek, Japanese or ICT with some of the very best tutors in the world, but the UK’s most famous public school has decided to take a rather more involved line in sexual education.

TB in lungs

London faces serious threat from rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis

By Harry Cockburn

A highly infectious form of drug-resistant tuberculosis is on the rise in London. Health experts have warned that the bacterial infection, which is spread through coughing and sneezing, could leave London on the verge of a TB epidemic.

Share a coke campaign

Why did Coke put your names on its bottles? De-branding is the new branding

By Mark Howley

Mark Howley, MD, Zenithoptimedia UK, on why personalisation and individualisation works for selling products


"My goldfish died": Top 10 odd excuses for late tax returns

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

You’ve got to give it tardy British taxpayers for coming up with the most bizarre excuses for late tax returns.

Beer cocktails

3 new London bars opening in 2014 we can't wait to check out

By Georgiana Ndlovu

So you never have to stop raising a glass to the new year

Chess Boxing1

Brains and brawn: Chess boxing comes to London

By Harry Cockburn

Crush your opponent on the chessboard, then sock him in the jaw - it’s chess boxing

Apollo Roof Collapse

Support floods in for rescue services in Apollo theatre disaster

By Harry Cockburn

The collapse of the ceiling at the Apollo theatre during a performance on Thursday night has left 76 people injured, seven of them seriously. Fortunately there were no fatalities.

McAfee and Biggs

Who said it: Ronnie Biggs or fugitive entrepreneur John McAfee?

By Harry Cockburn

Who said it: train robber and long-time fugitive Ronnie Biggs, or anti-virus software developer and fugitive John McAfee?

Harry Vine

Ripping, biting and waterboarding: Just how tough will the new plastic bank notes be?Video

By Harry Cockburn

Polymer bank notes are now set to be introduced to replace the traditional cotton-paper ones from 2016. The proposed plastic notes are said to be smaller, cleaner and should even survive a spell in the washing machine, the Bank of England has said.

Rowan Atkinson Archbishop

Rowan Atkinson Archbishop sketch raises hackles - Most complained-about TV shows 2013

By Harry Cockburn

The end of the year is just a few days away, and it has been a busy one for TV watchdog Ofcom. But unless any particularly controversial televisual content has been scheduled over the Christmas holidays, then it’s fairly safe to look back at the programmes which have almost certianly won the dubious honour of having racked up the most complaints for 2013.

Boris Johnson Boris Bike

Boris bike scheme to double in size as Barclays ends sponsorship

By Harry Cockburn

London’s cycling-supporting Mayor, Boris Johnson, is to announce a significant extension to the London bicycle hire network today, in a move that will encourage higher participation in cycling after a year blighted by fatalities in the capital.

Santacon London

Top 10 Christmas events in London

By Robyn Vinter

We scour the capital’s calendars to find the top 10 Christmas events you cannot miss this year

Andy Murray

Hip hip Murray! Top 10 hottest Facebook topics in the UKVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory in July this year had the nation on the edge of its seats.

£2.8m Christmas wreath

World's most expensive Christmas wreath on sale for £2.8m

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Last week we told you about the gifts billionaires are eyeing up this Christmas. The outrageous list included everthing from a $62m tree house to a $83m Sky yacht.  

Stress Lady

Stress in the City: Is London cracking under pressure?

By Harry Cockburn

As more high-profile cases of stress come to light, is it time to re-examine our working lives?

Pub closures

Brown's beer: The bitter truth about Britain's pub economy

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why pubs across the UK are closing

Drugs being cut up with credit card

Brothels, sex shops and lap dancing clubs in Soho raided by hundreds of police

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Twenty two brothels, three sex shops and two lap dancing clubs in Soho were raided by more than 200 police in Soho yesterday.

Gambling addicts

Brits spent a staggering £46bn on gambling machines last year

By Harry Cockburn

Gamblers in the UK spent an incredible £46bn on gambling machines last year, prompting calls from anti-gambling campaigners and MPs, who have called for tighter regulations.

Pie Man Charlie Bigham

Charlie Bigham’s £314 ready meal

By Harry Cockburn

Who ate all the pies? Probably Britain. We are notoriously fond of anything encased in pastry. But are we ready for a luxury pie that costs in excess of £300?


A $62m tree house or $83m Sky yacht? The billionaires' Christmas gift guide Video

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

For billionaires with bottomless bank accounts, Christmas gift shopping can be quite an ordeal.

Waterstones owls

Waterstones "will use owls to deliver books", winging ahead of Amazon's dronesVideo

By Sophie Hobson

If you were impressed by Amazon’s announcement yesterday that it plans to deliver items within 30 minutes using drones in the not-too-distant future, then here’s some news that’s really worth getting in a flap about.

UKIP rap

VIDEO: Watch this bizarre rap supporting UKIP - yes, reallyVideo

By Sophie Hobson

We’re not quite sure what’s happened here, but this is a rap about UKIP. That’s right - Nigel Farage, down with the kids, as ever.

Fortnum and Mason outside

Fortnum & Mason to open Dubai branch

By Harry Cockburn

Luxury London retailer Fortnum & Mason is sallying forth and has set up an outpost in foreign lands – the firm’s first in its entire 306 year history.

Street Crowdsat Chrsitmas

“Cyber Monday” shoppers set to spend £500m today

By Harry Cockburn

If you have begun the week feeling hollow as the Christmas shopping ecstasies of “Black Friday” have receded over the weekend, then here is some news to perk you up.

The Oxford Street Christmas Lights

London's best Christmas lights

By Georgiana Ndlovu

From Oxford Street to Canary Wharf, where to see the capital’s best festive illuminations

PS4 Buyer

We haven’t played Sony’s PS4 yet, but that hasn’t stopped us reviewing it

By Harry Cockburn

Here at, we love business. And the gaming industry is big business, so by definition we bloody love it, even if we don’t really understand games.

PS4 first customer

In pictures: Gaming fans queue overnight for first PS4 consoles

By Harry Cockburn

As the clocks struck 12 in London last night, Black Friday was officially underway and the new Playstation 4 became available in the UK.

Christmas markets in London

London’s best Christmas markets

By Georgiana Ndlovu

From Christmassy to quirky and cool, the capital has got it all

Harvey nichols ad

Video: Harvey Nichols launches “sorry I spent it on myself” adVideo

By Harry Cockburn

With just four weeks to go to Christmas, the high street’s biggest names have rolled out their big guns in the annual war to drag ever more customers through their shiny doors to spend spend spend.

Mabley Green Hackney

Hackney council to fund "edible park"

By Harry Cockburn

Ever since the world became acquainted with the psychedelic world Roald Dahl created in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, people have longed to stroll through edible landscapes.

Spotify man music headphones

Spotify valued at $4bn as music service looks to Japan

By Harry Cockburn

Soho-based music streaming service Spotify has today been valued at $4bn (£2.5bn), as the firm raises funds for expansion into Japan.

Cycle Crash

Cyclists “longing” to be run down by cars, so they can film it, Tory peer claims

By Harry Cockburn

Cyclists filming their journeys are “longing for” drivers to run them down, a Conservative peer has said.


Weed you believe it? London home-grown cannabis farms behind house fire rise

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London saw one fire a fortnight last year, thanks to the capital’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

Play at Bounce

London’s top 5 alternative office Christmas parties

By Georgiana Ndlovu

Defy awkwardness and tedium with cheffing, dance-stepping, piccalilli and ping pong

Diamond Jubilee Footbridge

£22m Diamond Jubilee Footbridge over Thames to get green light

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A £22m bridge over the Thames linking Battersea and Chelsea Harbour is set to get planning permission today.

Hippodrome casino

Hippodrome Casino on the hunt for 'Britain's smallest bouncers' Video

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

The Hippodrome Casino is on the hunt for “Britain’s smallest bouncers” for its new entrance at Leicester Square.

David Beckham

AdMan: Pretty Please. The ugly truth about good looks in advertising

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on how adverts make you feel rubbish about yourself

That stunning staircase as seen from above

IN PICTURES: The beautiful £45m revamp of Tate Britain

By Sophie Hobson

One-and-a-half years, £45m and 1,800 builders later, Tate Britain is ready to reveal its revamp in full.

Where to buy property in London

London "among worst places to live in Britain", says report

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Bad news Londoners. The capital has been named as one of the worst places in Britain to live today.

Phone while driving

55,000 Londoners have points on their licence for driving while using mobiles

By Harry Cockburn

A road safety charity has revealed that an astonishing 55,000 Londoners have points on their licence for using a mobile phone while driving.

Snow globe at Picadilly

Eros statue gets 30ft snow globe for Christmas

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Westminster Council has gifted Picadilly’s iconic Eros statue a 62ft snow globe this Chritmas to protect it from vandals.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013: Best London events

Organisers Youth Business International pick out the most useful events for London entrepreneurs & managers

Crack Cocaine

Best Twitter reactions to the drug bust of ex chairman of Co-operative Bank, Paul Flowers

By Harry Cockburn

Following the trailblazing path set by Toronto’s infamous mayor Tom Ford, Britain has gained its own high-flying narcotics user.

Golden piggy bank offer: Get paid £50 just to talk about and try products

Focus groups are easy money - and we just made them even easier


In pictures: Selfridges Christmas Windows

By Harry Cockburn

The iconic windows of Selfridges hardly need any introduction, having risen in the public consciousness to practically become a draw in their own right. But at Christmas, when London is heaving with tourists and their gravid wallets, the Selfridges window team have to pull out all the stops.

Boris in a garden

Boris to create £30,000 “tropical park” in Tottenham

By Harry Cockburn

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced plans to spend £30,000 on the creation of a “tropical park” in (distinctly non-equatorial) Tottenham.

Jessie J is joined by Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry for the big switch-on of the Oxford Street Christmas lights

IN PICTURES: Oxford Street Christmas lights switch-on with Jessie J

By Sophie Hobson

Festive photos of London’s biggest Christmas light display, plus James Arthur and Lisa Snowdon

John Lewis Christmas advert 2013

VIDEO: Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert 2013 onlineVideo

By Sophie Hobson

It’s the one they’ve all been waiting for…

Female doctor

Women earn £16,000 less than men, with health workers in worst position

By Harry Cockburn

A report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has found that the gender pay gap can be as wide as £16,000, with female health professionals in the worst position to receive fair pay.

London smog

Air pollution death rates up in half of London boroughs

By Harry Cockburn

Deaths due to poor air quality in London have gone up in almost half of London boroughs, figures from the Department of Health show.

Boris on bike

Johnson unveils £35m cycle safety measures amid three serious accidents in 36 hours

By Harry Cockburn

Amid a dreadful two days for cycling in London that have seen one fatality and two life-threatening injuries, Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled a £35m scheme to help improve safety for cyclists in the city.

Hair Dryer

ASOS and Net-a-Porter bosses back Grazia editor's salon chain Blow

By Sophie Hobson

It’s the kind of management and investor line-up to make other ambitious style-centric start-ups weep through their Dior-masacara’d lashes: ASOS founder Nick Robertson and Net-a-Porter boss Mark Sebba as investors; Grazia launch editor Fiona McIntosh as co-founder; and serious financial kudos in the shape of Dharmash Mistry, formerly of Balderton Capital, as the other co-founder.

Man desperate for fizzy drinks

Tax on sugary drinks could raise £275m for Treasury

By Harry Cockburn

A tax on sugary drinks could help cut soaring rates of obesity and raise over £275m for the Treasury, according to research by Oxford and Reading universities.

No Christmas parties

No ho ho! One million Britons consider payday loans this Christmas

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It may not be a very merry Christmas for Britons this year as more than one million will turn to payday lenders in the run up to the festive season.

Horse - where to buy and eat horsemeat in london

Oh neigh: Horsemeat found in canned sliced beef

By Sophie Hobson

Just as we thought that food manufacturers had managed to reign in their horsemeat habit, it has emerged that canned beef sold by Home Bargains and Quality Save contains between 1% and 5% horse DNA.


Grrr! Top 10 most annoying commuter habits revealed

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It’s official! Not letting people off the Tube before getting on is the most annoying commuter habit for Londoners.

Harrods department store

Harrods' £200m makeover: New escalators, swanky shoes and luxury gifts section

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Harrods is set to unveil its new look after getting a £200m makeover.

Necker Island

Rich tycoons to spend £28,000 on matchmaking party at Branson’s Necker Island

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Loaded tycoons are spending up to $45,000 (£28,000) to attend a matchmaking cocktail party at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

Gap shopping centre

London’s first designer outlet village opens in Wembley

By Harry Cockburn

London’s first designer outlet village opened its doors in Wembley yesterday, attracting hundreds of shoppers to over 70 stores.

Pearly kings - East End cockneys - cockney rhyming slang

The ultimate Cockney Rhyming slang glossary – do you know where these phrases come from?

By Adam Jacot de Boinod

Don’t be a lump of school - discover the reasoning behind the rhymes before you get Scotch mist tonight

Boris Johnson Boris Bike

Boris to trial e-bike scheme in hilly North London

By Harry Cockburn

Help could soon be at hand for the less upwardly mobile. Or rather, people less able to cycle up steep inclines, as Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that an experimental fleet of electric bicycles are to hit the steep streets around Muswell Hill next year.

London Post Office Railway

Could this forgotten London underground train network re-open?

By Harry Cockburn

Deep beneath the streets of London there lies an astonishing secret… There isn’t just one tube network, but two.

Depressed Worker

Revealed: The happiest and saddest areas of London

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

If you’re a Croydon resident then you’re probably the least happy Londoner. No we’re not saying that, David Cameron’s “happiness index” project is.

University dog

American University of London awards MBA to dog

By Harry Cockburn

Pete the dog is likely to be the most qualified canine in south London, having recently been awarded a Master’s degree in business.

Soho House

Soho House eyeing BBC's old White City HQ for new club with rooftop pool

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Soho House, the members’ club founded by entrepreneur Nick Jones, is eyeing the site of the old BBC Television Centre in White City to open a new club.

Battersea Power Station

Frank Gehry and Norman Foster to collaborate on Battersea Power Station

By Sophie Hobson

Seminal architects Frank Gehry and Lord Norman Foster will collaborate on a series of building in the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station in a ground-breaking project for British architecture.

Steve Henry

AdMan: How to get famous in two hours

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why brands need to take more risks

Facebook Zuckerberg

#RIPFacebook: Users unable to update status, post comments or like posts

By Harry Cockburn

Facebook users are currently unable to post new statuses or to use the “Like” function.


Clapham bars could get an alcohol curfew at midnight

By Harry Cockburn

Lambeth Council could ban certain bars in Clapham from selling alcohol after midnight, due to residents’ complaints about unruly behaviour in the area.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Cadbury's hilarious rejection letter is fake

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A hilarious job rejection letter from Cadbury, that went viral on Twitter, is apparently fake.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Best Twitter reactions to Cadbury's hilarious job rejection letter

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A job applicant claiming to be a “super spy” has apparently received a hilarious job rejection from Cadbury.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Cadbury's hilarious rejection letter gets over 17,000 re-tweets

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Would you hire a job applicant claiming to be “super secret spy”? Cadbury won’t, apparently.


In cinemas soon: Wonga: the film – yes, really

By Sophie Hobson

Wonga has splashed out a reported six figures commissioning a feature-length documentary on the lives of its customers.

Cadbury job rejection letter

Cadbury's hilarious job rejection letter revealed

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Follow me: @shrutitripathi6 and @LondonLovesBiz

David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham's business empire makes £4m profit

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

He may have hung up his boots but David Beckham’s still raking in the moolah.

Go home or face arrest

Home Office advert telling immigrants to 'GO HOME OR FACE ARREST' banned by watchdog

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

A Home Office advert telling illegal immigrants to “GO HOME OR FACE ARREST” has been banned by the advertising watchdog.

Kate Moss Topshop

Kate Moss to strut her stuff with Topshop again

By Harry Cockburn

Supermodel Kate Moss is to return to Topshop to launch a new collection for the store, due in April 2014.

Necker Island

Inside Sir Richard Branson's £37,000-a-night Necker Island home

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Sir Richard Branson plans to “raise the roof” to celebrate the reopening of his £60m luxury Caribbean getaway after it was destroyed by fire in August 2011.

Swimming pool by Blackfriars

In pictures: Plans for swimming pool in the Thames unveiled

How would you like to take a dip in a swimming pool in the Thames? Yes, you read that right.

A chauffeur opeing the dorr to The Rizx Rolls Royce

The Ritz sees value soar to £735m after record revenues

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London’s iconic five-star Ritz hotel has seen its value increase to £735m after recording the highest revenues in its 107-year history.

Shaftesbury Avenue street sign

Iconic London street signs to go under the hammer

By Harry Cockburn

If you’ve always hankered after the original Downing Street sign to hang inside your pub, or the Shaftesbury Avenue plaque to go on your bedroom door, then here’s your chance.

Roman skull under London

In Pictures: Crossrail discovers 20 Roman skulls under Liverpool Street station

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Discovering 20 Roman skulls at a building site? It’s all in a day’s work for Crossrail.

On the ramp: Felde Felder, Christpher Kane and Mary Katrantzou

Vin and Omi: The best of London Fashion Week

International fashion designers Vin and Omi give their verdict

Tesco Covent Garden after "serious mouse problem"

Tesco ordered to pay £57000 after filthy 'super mouse' found in Covent Garden store

Warning: This story may make you lose your appetite for lunch.

Steve Henry

AdMan: Why I don't endorse advertising as a worthwhile industry

By Steve Henry

Steve Henry, the advertising legend behind “You’ve been Tango’d” and other iconic ads, on why he quit the adworld

Sir Richard Branson poses with the latest signings to his V2 record label, Liberty X

Sir Richard Branson forced to turn down music at Virgin bash after noise abatement notice

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

There were pirate outfits, flower garlands, Hawaiian shirts and a steel band at Sir Richard Branson’s Club Tropicana-themed bash at Virgin’s headquarters in west London last night.

Cat goes meow

The wait is over! London’s cat café finally given go ahead

It has been seven long months since we first brought you news that London was on the verge of getting its first cat café thanks to the joys of crowdfunding.


Brown’s Beer: Sambrook's Brewery’s 5th birthday is a great chance to toast London brewers

By Pete Brown

Our male-about-ale Pete Brown on why he’s heading to the Morden Hall Park, Beer by the River bash this Saturday