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Letter writing

Brewin Dolphin says ‘write a letter to your future self to help you plan’

By LLB Reporter

Over half of UK adults plan only days or weeks ahead


London to get its first cryptocurrency sculpture

By LLB Reporter

Here’s what you need to know 

Laptop on the beach

Brits work on holiday due to fear of falling behind

By LLB Reporter

Substantial number of bosses think it’s okay to contact employees on holiday

Stressed woman

People with mental health problems failed by companies

By LLB Reporter

Citizens Advice finds

Cracked mud

Drought to hit England?

By LLB Reporter

Concerns grow 

People sitting in pub

Sainsbury’s Living Well Index reveals drop in how well British households are living

By LLB Reporter

Landmark study shows winter is bad for our wellbeing: drop of 0.5 points as we ‘hibernate’ in colder months

Flexible working

London parks: oases of calm ….or noisy and polluted places to avoid?

By LLB Reporter

New research shows a third of London’s parks are severely impacted by traffic noise

Windsor Castle

Will the royal wedding be the hottest day of the year?

By LLB Reporter

Here’s what you need to know 

plane taking off

Brits head further afield since EU Referendum

By LLB Reporter

New insights show long-haul flights have shot up 50%

Card payment

Over half of British cardholders spend on credit cards just for the rewards

By LLB Reporter

On average, Brits spent £1,554.47 chasing rewards last year, totalling an estimated £23.9bn spent on credit cards

Online shopper

Brits have blown £4.46 billion on drunk shopping

By LLB Reporter

Almost half of British adults (45.80%) who regularly drink alcohol admit to making a purchase while under the influence

UK should host global “Places of Learning” contest post-Brexit, says RSA

UK should host global “Places of Learning” contest post-Brexit, says RSA

By LLB Reporter

Half of most deprived workers have had no formal training since they left school

Gas energy

Ofgem acts to cut 1 million vulnerable households' bills

By LLB Reporter

5 million protected after Ofgem extends safeguard tariff to almost 1 million vulnerable customers


Five cities bringing drones to the UK

By LLB Reporter

Take a look

Valentine's Day

Check out our top five Valentine’s Day offers with Portico Places

By LLB Reporter

Check these out, with or without a valentine!

Pet insurance

Londoners are the ‘worst pet parents’

By LLB Reporter

East of England is the golden retriever region when it comes to pet insurance


Save money by going abroad for the weekend

By Sarah Dunsby

According to new data


Research reveals big increase in city breaks as people plan for their holidays

By LLB Reporter

38 per cent of 2018 holidays will be booked by the end of January

Homeless person

Government unlocking £330 million from dormant accounts to build a fairer society

By LLB Reporter

Big Lottery Fund and Big Society Capital will distribute cash to initiatives tackling a number of societal challenges

Merry Christmas

10 facts Yule never know about Christmas

By Sarah Dunsby

Take a look at these

Couple doing paperwork

Household costs indices reveal those hardest hit by inflation

By LLB Reporter

The figures also show that working age households have seen wages outstripped by inflation in the past ten years

Christmas party

Revealed: One in four professionals dread the work Christmas party

By LLB Reporter

As CV-Library offers its top tips for Christmas party success!

Merry Christmas

Christmas LUXURY guide: 10 gifts over £10,000

By Purvai Dua

All I want for Christmas…

Person with earphones at work

Why are Londoners viewed as unfriendly?

By LLB Reporter

Fear of rejection, survey says

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Jedi Mania hits the UK ahead of the launch off Star Wars The Last Jedi

By LLB Reporter

Lightsaber duels staged in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham

Deficit in elderly funding

First time buyers turn to bank of mum and dad

By LLB Reporter

But retirement funds put at risk

Waterloo Train Station

Train fares set to rise in 2018

By LLB Reporter

Bad news, commuters 


Ophelia strengthens to a hurricane, set to hit Britain with 70mph winds this weekend

By Purvai Dua

Western part of Britain to be worst affected


Oxford racing ahead of London to become 'world's first zero-emissions zone'

By Purvai Dua

First UK city to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles starting 2020

Orchestra moves to Rome

EU youth orchestra quits Britain, moves legal seat to Rome

By Purvai Dua

Brexit fear reason for the step?


2.6m UK cars at risk from cleaning damage

By LLB Reporter

One in five car owners are concerned about the dangers of car washes


Brits fret over their finances

By LLB Reporter

New stats show

No entry road signs

Do drivers know their road signs?

By LLB Reporter

As Brits prepare for the Bank Holiday weekend


Brits' brazen attitude towards tradesmen revealed

By LLB Reporter

Over a third of people would not let a tradesman use their toilet when they come to do work at their house

Daniel Craig returns as  Bond

Daniel Craig will be Bond againVideo

By Gem Sofianos

Finally said yes!


Do UK workers have a relaxation problem?

By LLB Reporter

Why Brits work on holiday

L plate

Driving tests cause greater anxiety than exams

By LLB Reporter

New research finds


Online package holidays get better protection

By Gem Sofianos

Half of holidays not covered

Debt, borrowing

In the Red: Number of Brits in debt rises

By LLB Reporter

New data reveals


Brits don't understand the pensions system

By LLB Reporter

Shocking study shows

EE Store front

Which is the UK's best mobile operator?

By LLB Reporter

Take a look

NatWest Victoria Street

NatWest celebrates 50 years since the bank’s first cash machine was launched

By LLB Reporter

Here’s where the first London cash machine was opened

Man looking in fridge

Brits look in the fridge or food cupboard 13 times while at work

By LLB Reporter

Top fridge raiding snacks revealed 

Electric car charging

Electric cars woo more customers

By LLB Reporter

New study reveals

Laptop on plane businessman

Flight passengers crave for wi-fi

By LLB Reporter

Traveller priorities revealed

PPerson being active and running

Best countries for well-being revealed

By LLB Reporter

Take a look

Stressed woman

Revealed: The nation's most difficult conversations

By LLB Reporter

More than 11.5m Brits regret not having the conversation

Pizza delivery

Brits have stopped going to restaurants - here's why

By LLB Reporter

Deliveroo and Just Eat ruling the roost


UK traffic controllers face their ‘busiest summer ever’

By Gem Sofianos

2.4million head off on great summer getaway   

Electric car charging

How to choose the right electric motor

By LLB Reporter

Check this out


Should you take annual leave this summer?

By Phil Sheridan, senior managing director at Robert Half UK

How it is possible to get away without the worry or guilt

car keys

Cost of car insurance soars to an all-time high

By Gem Sofianos

What’s to blame

Sick person

Lack of sick pay leaves UK workers on financial cliff-edge

By LLB Reporter

UK employees at ‘severe risk’ of financial ‘shock’

Washing machine

One in four Brits wouldn’t know how to make a cup of tea or coffee without an appliance

By LLB Reporter

40 per cent  would struggle to make toast without an appliance

Jaguar E-PACE

This new super car will blow your mind

By LLB Reporter

Jaguar rolls out new vehicle 

Electric car charging

UK electric and plug-in car registrations rise as renewable energy generation hits new high

By LLB Reporter

First half of 2017 sees record 22,480 plug-in cars registered in the UK

Man and woman on mobile phone

Top five phone scams people fall victim to

By LLB Reporter

Survey reveals details


Wimbledon tipped for five days of rain-affected play

By LLB Reporter

Bookmaker offers even money on six or more and 8/11 for five or less rain stoppages


Five things to do this July in London

By Lisa Hatswell, Managing Director of Unique Venues of London

Which one will you go to?

Woman coffee

Coffee or tea: Which is the nation's favourite drink?

By LLB Reporter

Study answers all questions

Petitou in Peckham

Best places to live in London revealed

By LLB Reporter

Take a look

The Woodman outside

Sanctuary for the seasoned South London drinker: The Woodman, Battersea

By Henry Rubinstein

Looking for a new pub to visit?


Surging business rates are forcing pubs to close

By Chloé Western

Why are rates rising?

Coffee shop

Lattes vs Lager: Are coffee shops becoming more popular?

By Chloé Western

Where do you like to go to socialise?

People sitting at restaurant

In numbers: London vs. New York

Which city do you prefer?


More coffee shops approach the high streets as pubs decline

By Chloé Western

Where is your favourite place to meet?

A woman tucks into  mushy peas pasty

Pasties at your doorstep: Greggs to launch delivery service in London

By LLB Reporter

Sausage rolls delivered to your house

Snow in London

10 snow jokes that will make you LOL

By LLB Reporter

It’s time for snow and tell

Ice Skating

The best Christmas activities to do in London

By Chloé Western

Would you try any of these out?

Merry Christmas

The cheapest Christmas dinners revealed

By LLB Reporter

Here’s where you should shop

Christmas Market

10 whacky facts about Christmas

By Chloé Western

Do you know these facts about Christmas?

F1 numberplate

Check out these mind-bogglingly expensive number plates

What people forked out for their favourite number plates

Fake John Lewis advert

This fake John Lewis advert has gone viral Video

By LLB Reporter

The advert has been made by a student

Mary Berry

Revealed: Mary Berry has a new show

Do you like history? This might be one to watch…

Wine cellar in St John's Wood home

Revealed: The cheapest countries for imported wine

By LLB Reporter

Did the UK make the list?

Taylor Swift

These are the 20 richest celebs on the planet

By Sarah Dunsby

The ultimate billionaires

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham just called this viral Spice Girls remake fabulous - watch it here Video

By Sarah Dunsby

Tell me what you want what you really really want

Top Gear full lineup no stig 622

Two punchy stats that prove Top Gear is going in reverse gear

By LLB Reporter

Top Gear? Flop Gear more like…

Star Wars trailer

Take a look at the trailer for the next Star Wars movie, Rogue OneVideo

The new trailer has Star Wars fans palpitating

April Fools bear

15 tweets that perfectly summarise every reaction to April Fools' Day

By LLB Reporter

We don’t know what to believe anymore!

This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson

This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson dies after short battle with cancer

ITV This Morning’s resident agony aunt Denise Robertson died this morning.

Top Gear drone footage

Take a look at the first trailer for the all-new Top Gear

By LLB Reporter

Top Gear will return to screens in May

Ronnie Corbett

TV star Ronnie Corbett has died

By LLB Reporter

Tributes pour in for one of the nation’s best-loved entertainers

Tesco's tasteless advert

Tesco forced to apologise for "disgraceful" ad showing domestic worker being slappedVideo

By LLB Reporter

A tasteless advert showing a housemaid getting slapped has landed Tesco into trouble.


Mihir Bose: Discrimination is always a battle about power

By Mihir Bose

Mihir Bose on the problems with the world of sport today

Kindest cities

Britain's kindest cities revealed - how generous is London?

By LLB Reporter

And the kindest city in Britain is…

Batman Superman

How much would it cost to be Batman or Superman?

Being a caped crusader doesn’t come cheap

Nike's self-tying shoes

Woah! Nike just released a pair of SELF-TYING shoes

Can’t be asked to tie shoelaces anymore? Don’t worry, Nike’s got a solution for you.

Inside the $1bn Harmony of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner that's longer than the Eiffel Tower

Introducing the $1bn Harmony of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner that's longer than the Eiffel Tower

The world’s biggest cruise liner, Harmony of the Seas, sailed off from Saint-Nazaire in western France as part of a trial run today.


The $1bn typo: How a spelling mistake bungled a billion-dollar bank heist

Who’d have thought a tiny typo could save a $1bn bank heist?


The BIGGEST heists in history

Heard of the Great Gold Robbery of 1855?

Mothers Day

Weirdest Mother’s Day gifts ever recorded, including lingerie

By Harry Cockburn

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. What is it? Should I buy anyone a gift?

Leonardo diCaprio

5 things the Oscars 2016 taught us about public speaking

By Lucy Musselwhite

Be funny, not offensive. Public speaking is harder than it looks, says Lucy Musselwhite

Trump pointing

Mihir Bose: Could FIFA do with a Donald Trump?

By Mihir Bose

FIFA’s presidential candidates are a bland bunch. They should be calling for revolutionary change, argues Mihir Bose


David Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain next year will be one of the biggest ever

By Harry Cockburn

2017 exhibition will coincide with the artist’s 80th birthday


The most expensive cars ever sold at auction

By Harry Cockburn

People go a bit crazy for Ferraris it turns out

Delecroix exhibition

Review: Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art at the National Gallery

By Harry Cockburn

This exploration of Delacroix’s influence promises to be one of the biggest exhibitions in the capital this year. Does it deliver the goods?

Top Gear drone footage

Amateur drone pilot follows a sports car and stumbles upon the set of Top GearVideo

By LLB Reporter

Watch drone footage of the filming of the new series

Candy Crush bouncy castle

A gigantic Candy Crush bouncy castle is set to pop up in London soon

By LLB Reporter

Be it the Tube or the toilet seat, Candy Crush is a game played by almost everyone everywhere.

Top Gear full lineup no stig 622

Top Gear unveils SEVEN new presenters. Here’s who they are

By Harry Cockburn

Jumble of new faces for nation’s favourite car programme. Can it work?

Waterstones books shelves

London's top literary destinations

By LLB Reporter

If you like reading and London, this is the guide for you

Antipode jet

London to New York in 11 minutes? The "Antipode Jet" can make this happen...

By LLB Reporter

It’s not April, you’re no fool, and this is no joke.

Vladimir Putin

Explosive revelations in new BBC documentary: Did Roman Abramovich gift Vladimir Putin a £25m yacht?

By LLB Reporter

Russian President Vladimir Putin was gifted a £25m yacht by billionaire business magnate Roman Abramovich.

Yorkshire 3 Tea

How Yorkshire Tea became one of Britain’s best loved brands

By Harry Cockburn

We spoke to Yorkshire Tea’s Kevin Sinfield about growth, cricket, the Tour de France, and not playing up to the Yorkshire stereotype too much

Backhander money

The BITTER truth about illegal betting and match fixing

By Mihir Bose

The government should make legal changes to their gambling laws, argues our sports columnist Mihir Bose

Chris Evans

5 biggest roadblocks for troubled Top Gear

By LLB Reporter

Oh Dear! Is the BBC show going into reverse gear?

Tennis player

Tennis menace: Wimbledon matches “may have been fixed”

By Harry Cockburn

World No.1 Novak Djokovic reveals he was offered £140,000 to throw match in Russia

No trousers 2016 1

No trousers on the Tube – the bare-legged phenomenon in photographs

By Harry Cockburn

Just look at these mad Londoners getting their legs out

Hackney Victoria Park

Which areas do the most and least spontaneous Londoners live?

By Harry Cockburn

Are Greenwich dwellers dull and boring? Are Hackney folk hip and happening? Yes, is the answer, it seems

Google self driving car

The history of self-driving cars

Google and Tesla are NOT the first companies to have dabbled with self-driving cars. This infographic by Car leasing made simple shows that self-driving cars go back to 1920s.

London's illegal base jumper

Take a look at terrifying footage of London's illegal base jumper leaping off skyscrapers Video

Now here’s an adrenaline junkie that will make you choke on your coffee.


9 terrible New Year jokes that are so bad they're actually good

By LLB Reporter

Here’s hoping we forget some of these jokes in 2015

Unhappy boy

The top 50 first world problems will astonish you

Over 30 million Britons experience a first world problem every day.

Lemmy, Motorhead frontman

Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead frontman, dies days after cancer diagnosis

By LLB Reporter

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister died this morning after being diagnosed with an “extremely aggressive cancer” on 26 December.

Christmas drunk dog maybe dead

The funniest Christmas jokes of 2015

By Harry Cockburn

Nothing says “funny” like the birth of a god

Chris Evans

The new Top Gear trio: Who's joining Chris Evans?

By LLB Reporter

The new show is set to launch on Sunday 8 May 2016.

Ice skating at Somerset House

8 unique experiences in London for Christmas 2015

From the Disney Christmas Tree at St. Pancras Station to skating on the Somerset House ice rink, here are 8 unique and exciting things to see and do in London this Christmas

Spot the panda

Can you spot the panda? This Christmas puzzle is baffling the internet

By LLB Reporter

Now here’s a Christmas puzzle that is baffling the internet.

Christmas suit man

Scroogenomics: The economic waste of ChristmasVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Santa is contributing to the “dead weight loss” of Christmas. He should just bring us cash

Clegg Christmas jumper

9 MPs looking beyond adorable in their Christmas jumpers

By Robyn Vinter

Featuring Cameron, Clegg, Farage and some less well-known, but equally embarrassed, faces

Thomas Mansfield Christmas

How to get fired at Christmas - in pictures

Here’s what not to do if you want to keep your job

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho just got FIRED by Chelsea

Mourinho was called to Chelsea’s training ground and sacked at 2pm

Quality streets

Decline and fall: the wretched degeneration of the Quality Street tin

By Harry Cockburn

Honey I shrunk the tin, but charged the same and made a tidy profit

Christmas shopping

How to do all your Christmas shopping like a boss + Last minute gift guide

By Harry Cockburn

London Loves Business’s Christmas shopping advice – mink fur gilets all round

Brian Blessed sweary man

Swearing by it: Using profanities is a sign of intelligence, scientists claim

By Harry Cockburn

Voluminous capacity for lewd language is indicator of verbal fluency, study says

Horse skull Mari Lwyd Chepstow

Who eats caterpillars for Christmas? Weird Christmas traditions around the world

By Harry Cockburn

Nothing says Christmas like the skull of a dead horse, as they say in Wales

Jamie Oliver

Santa sack? Jamie Oliver under fire for sacking staff right before Christmas

By LLB Reporter

More than 40 employees at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Notting Hill cookery shop are livid for getting sacked right before Christmas.

Ice rink on the Thames

Woah! London to get ICE RINK ON THE THAMES by freezing parts of river

By LLB Reporter

A new ice rink proposed by design company NBBJ is set to be the mother of all ice rinks.

Sugar pointing women

Females in the firing line: What's going on in The Apprentice? What can women in business learn from it?

By Frances Dickens

Frances Dickens, a guest on The Apprentice You’re Fired, wonders what has gone wrong for the women in this year’s programme

Virgin Galactic 747

Branson to launch Virgin Galactic rockets into space from jumbo jetVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Boeing 747 named Cosmic Girl to be used as launchpad for space travel

Ola Jordan

5 popular BBC TV shows that have been accused of being fixed

By Robyn Vinter

You wouldn’t expect it from Strictly or Blue Peter, would you?

Tube aargh

Stand on the right! Mind the Gap! A guide to good Tube etiquette

By Harry Cockburn

A crash course on how to use the London Underground system

LEGO train

Gigantic LEGO Christmas train arrives in style into Covent Garden

Christmas has arrived in Covent Garden in the form of a giant red, green and yellow Lego train.

Rotherhithe Bridge

Revealed: London to get a new £88m bridge across the River Thames Video

By LLB Reporter

Sick of hearing about the Garden Bridge? Here’s a new London bridge you could obsess over.

The titanic 1912

Was Titanic inquiry a Freemason “whitewash”?

By Harry Cockburn

Newly published list of Freemasons highlights extent to which inquiry may have been influenced

Mog the cat

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is better than John Lewis’s. Watch it here Video

By Harry Cockburn

Mog the cat would scram the man on the moon in a head-to-head battle

Union Jack flags London

It’s Guinness World Record day. Here are six astonishing records from London

By Harry Cockburn

Most millionaires ever, biggest fig ever, it’s all happening in the capital of England


India to drag the Queen to court for "stolen" £100m Koh-i-Noor diamond

By LLB Reporter

The Koh-i-Noor was once the world’s largest diamond


Which are the world’s most generous countries?

By LLB Reporter

We Brits are not only the most polite and boozy people in Europe but we’re also the most generous.

Ice Skating London Eye

Five great things to do around London in November

By Moya Maxwell

As the autumn chill bites and winds whistle across the capital, the London Loves Business resident culture vulture, Unique Venues of London’s Moya Maxwell, gives her pick of the best things to do this November.

Million mask march

Million Mask March: What the devil is it? Where did it come from? What happened?

By Harry Cockburn

Chaos reigned in central London on Bonfire Night. But would Guy Fawkes approve?

UFO crash in London

Did you hear about the "UFO crash" in London?

By LLB Reporter

This actually happened…

Les Gourmet des Ternes, Knightsbridge

Kooky decor and sexy cocktails: What it's like to eat at Les Gourmet des Ternes, Knightsbridge

By Sherelle Jacobs

Ah, Knightsbridge. Harrods, Jimmy Choos clacking down the pavement, gold-plated Ferraris desecrating the speed limit…

Jeremy Clarkson and crew

Former Top Gear trio start filming for Amazon Prime

Jeremy Clarkson and his co-stars James May and Richmond Hammond have started shooting their new motoring programme, possibly in Portugal.

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London to get its first cryptocurrency sculpture

Thu, 24 May 2018

Here’s what you need to know 


At $646m, Christie’s Rockefeller sale smashes records

Wed, 9 May 2018

Sale proceeds will go to selected charities

More London art

Gregory and Gregory

Greggs pranks customers at top food festivalVideo

Wed, 30 May 2018

Take a look

Fish and chips

Europe’s weird and wonderful eating habits revealed

Thu, 10 May 2018

…ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest   


Revealed: Vegan hub Mildreds' simple recipe for roaring success

Mon, 19 Mar 2018

A quick chat with the operations manager

Jamie's Italian

35 of UK’s Top 100 restaurant groups now loss-making – up 75 per cent in just a year

Mon, 5 Mar 2018

Oversaturated market, minimum wage hike put pressure on restaurants

Food Exchange development

New Covent Garden Market’s £130m Food Exchange development announces first resident

Wed, 21 Feb 2018

Oppo ice cream sets the tone for London’s new hub for food entrepreneurs

Valentine's Day

Check out our top five Valentine’s Day offers with Portico Places

Tue, 6 Feb 2018

Check these out, with or without a valentine!

More London restaurants