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Petitou in Peckham

Best places to live in London revealed

By LLB Reporter

Take a look

The Woodman outside

Sanctuary for the seasoned South London drinker: The Woodman, Battersea

By Henry Rubinstein

Looking for a new pub to visit?


Surging business rates are forcing pubs to close

By Chloé Western

Why are rates rising?

Coffee shop

Lattes vs Lager: Are coffee shops becoming more popular?

By Chloé Western

Where do you like to go to socialise?

People sitting at restaurant

In numbers: London vs. New York

Which city do you prefer?


More coffee shops approach the high streets as pubs decline

By Chloé Western

Where is your favourite place to meet?

A woman tucks into  mushy peas pasty

Pasties at your doorstep: Greggs to launch delivery service in London

By LLB Reporter

Sausage rolls delivered to your house

Snow in London

10 snow jokes that will make you LOL

By LLB Reporter

It’s time for snow and tell

Ice Skating

The best Christmas activities to do in London

By Chloé Western

Would you try any of these out?

Merry Christmas

The cheapest Christmas dinners revealed

By LLB Reporter

Here’s where you should shop

Christmas Market

10 whacky facts about Christmas

By Chloé Western

Do you know these facts about Christmas?

F1 numberplate

Check out these mind-bogglingly expensive number plates

What people forked out for their favourite number plates

Fake John Lewis advert

This fake John Lewis advert has gone viral Video

By LLB Reporter

The advert has been made by a student

Mary Berry

Revealed: Mary Berry has a new show

Do you like history? This might be one to watch…

Wine cellar in St John's Wood home

Revealed: The cheapest countries for imported wine

By LLB Reporter

Did the UK make the list?

Taylor Swift

These are the 20 richest celebs on the planet

By Sarah Dunsby

The ultimate billionaires

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham just called this viral Spice Girls remake fabulous - watch it here Video

By Sarah Dunsby

Tell me what you want what you really really want

Top Gear full lineup no stig 622

Two punchy stats that prove Top Gear is going in reverse gear

By LLB Reporter

Top Gear? Flop Gear more like…

Star Wars trailer

Take a look at the trailer for the next Star Wars movie, Rogue OneVideo

The new trailer has Star Wars fans palpitating

April Fools bear

15 tweets that perfectly summarise every reaction to April Fools' Day

By LLB Reporter

We don’t know what to believe anymore!

This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson

This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson dies after short battle with cancer

ITV This Morning’s resident agony aunt Denise Robertson died this morning.

Top Gear drone footage

Take a look at the first trailer for the all-new Top Gear

By LLB Reporter

Top Gear will return to screens in May

Ronnie Corbett

TV star Ronnie Corbett has died

By LLB Reporter

Tributes pour in for one of the nation’s best-loved entertainers

Tesco's tasteless advert

Tesco forced to apologise for "disgraceful" ad showing domestic worker being slappedVideo

By LLB Reporter

A tasteless advert showing a housemaid getting slapped has landed Tesco into trouble.


Mihir Bose: Discrimination is always a battle about power

By Mihir Bose

Mihir Bose on the problems with the world of sport today

Kindest cities

Britain's kindest cities revealed - how generous is London?

By LLB Reporter

And the kindest city in Britain is…

Batman Superman

How much would it cost to be Batman or Superman?

Being a caped crusader doesn’t come cheap

Nike's self-tying shoes

Woah! Nike just released a pair of SELF-TYING shoes

Can’t be asked to tie shoelaces anymore? Don’t worry, Nike’s got a solution for you.

Inside the $1bn Harmony of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner that's longer than the Eiffel Tower

Introducing the $1bn Harmony of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner that's longer than the Eiffel Tower

The world’s biggest cruise liner, Harmony of the Seas, sailed off from Saint-Nazaire in western France as part of a trial run today.


The $1bn typo: How a spelling mistake bungled a billion-dollar bank heist

Who’d have thought a tiny typo could save a $1bn bank heist?


The BIGGEST heists in history

Heard of the Great Gold Robbery of 1855?

Mothers Day

Weirdest Mother’s Day gifts ever recorded, including lingerie

By Harry Cockburn

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. What is it? Should I buy anyone a gift?

Leonardo diCaprio

5 things the Oscars 2016 taught us about public speaking

By Lucy Musselwhite

Be funny, not offensive. Public speaking is harder than it looks, says Lucy Musselwhite

Trump pointing

Mihir Bose: Could FIFA do with a Donald Trump?

By Mihir Bose

FIFA’s presidential candidates are a bland bunch. They should be calling for revolutionary change, argues Mihir Bose


David Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain next year will be one of the biggest ever

By Harry Cockburn

2017 exhibition will coincide with the artist’s 80th birthday


The most expensive cars ever sold at auction

By Harry Cockburn

People go a bit crazy for Ferraris it turns out

Delecroix exhibition

Review: Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art at the National Gallery

By Harry Cockburn

This exploration of Delacroix’s influence promises to be one of the biggest exhibitions in the capital this year. Does it deliver the goods?

Top Gear drone footage

Amateur drone pilot follows a sports car and stumbles upon the set of Top GearVideo

By LLB Reporter

Watch drone footage of the filming of the new series

Candy Crush bouncy castle

A gigantic Candy Crush bouncy castle is set to pop up in London soon

By LLB Reporter

Be it the Tube or the toilet seat, Candy Crush is a game played by almost everyone everywhere.

Top Gear full lineup no stig 622

Top Gear unveils SEVEN new presenters. Here’s who they are

By Harry Cockburn

Jumble of new faces for nation’s favourite car programme. Can it work?

Waterstones books shelves

London's top literary destinations

By LLB Reporter

If you like reading and London, this is the guide for you

Antipode jet

London to New York in 11 minutes? The "Antipode Jet" can make this happen...

By LLB Reporter

It’s not April, you’re no fool, and this is no joke.

Vladimir Putin

Explosive revelations in new BBC documentary: Did Roman Abramovich gift Vladimir Putin a £25m yacht?

By LLB Reporter

Russian President Vladimir Putin was gifted a £25m yacht by billionaire business magnate Roman Abramovich.

Yorkshire 3 Tea

How Yorkshire Tea became one of Britain’s best loved brands

By Harry Cockburn

We spoke to Yorkshire Tea’s Kevin Sinfield about growth, cricket, the Tour de France, and not playing up to the Yorkshire stereotype too much

Backhander money

The BITTER truth about illegal betting and match fixing

By Mihir Bose

The government should make legal changes to their gambling laws, argues our sports columnist Mihir Bose

Chris Evans

5 biggest roadblocks for troubled Top Gear

By LLB Reporter

Oh Dear! Is the BBC show going into reverse gear?

Tennis player

Tennis menace: Wimbledon matches “may have been fixed”

By Harry Cockburn

World No.1 Novak Djokovic reveals he was offered £140,000 to throw match in Russia

No trousers 2016 1

No trousers on the Tube – the bare-legged phenomenon in photographs

By Harry Cockburn

Just look at these mad Londoners getting their legs out

Hackney Victoria Park

Which areas do the most and least spontaneous Londoners live?

By Harry Cockburn

Are Greenwich dwellers dull and boring? Are Hackney folk hip and happening? Yes, is the answer, it seems

Google self driving car

The history of self-driving cars

Google and Tesla are NOT the first companies to have dabbled with self-driving cars. This infographic by Car leasing made simple shows that self-driving cars go back to 1920s.

London's illegal base jumper

Take a look at terrifying footage of London's illegal base jumper leaping off skyscrapers Video

Now here’s an adrenaline junkie that will make you choke on your coffee.


9 terrible New Year jokes that are so bad they're actually good

By LLB Reporter

Here’s hoping we forget some of these jokes in 2015

Unhappy boy

The top 50 first world problems will astonish you

Over 30 million Britons experience a first world problem every day.

Lemmy, Motorhead frontman

Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead frontman, dies days after cancer diagnosis

By LLB Reporter

Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister died this morning after being diagnosed with an “extremely aggressive cancer” on 26 December.

Christmas drunk dog maybe dead

The funniest Christmas jokes of 2015

By Harry Cockburn

Nothing says “funny” like the birth of a god

Chris Evans

The new Top Gear trio: Who's joining Chris Evans?

By LLB Reporter

The new show is set to launch on Sunday 8 May 2016.

Ice skating at Somerset House

8 unique experiences in London for Christmas 2015

From the Disney Christmas Tree at St. Pancras Station to skating on the Somerset House ice rink, here are 8 unique and exciting things to see and do in London this Christmas

Spot the panda

Can you spot the panda? This Christmas puzzle is baffling the internet

By LLB Reporter

Now here’s a Christmas puzzle that is baffling the internet.

Christmas suit man

Scroogenomics: The economic waste of ChristmasVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Santa is contributing to the “dead weight loss” of Christmas. He should just bring us cash

Clegg Christmas jumper

9 MPs looking beyond adorable in their Christmas jumpers

By Robyn Vinter

Featuring Cameron, Clegg, Farage and some less well-known, but equally embarrassed, faces

Thomas Mansfield Christmas

How to get fired at Christmas - in pictures

Here’s what not to do if you want to keep your job

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho just got FIRED by Chelsea

Mourinho was called to Chelsea’s training ground and sacked at 2pm

Quality streets

Decline and fall: the wretched degeneration of the Quality Street tin

By Harry Cockburn

Honey I shrunk the tin, but charged the same and made a tidy profit

Christmas shopping

How to do all your Christmas shopping like a boss + Last minute gift guide

By Harry Cockburn

London Loves Business’s Christmas shopping advice – mink fur gilets all round

Brian Blessed sweary man

Swearing by it: Using profanities is a sign of intelligence, scientists claim

By Harry Cockburn

Voluminous capacity for lewd language is indicator of verbal fluency, study says

Horse skull Mari Lwyd Chepstow

Who eats caterpillars for Christmas? Weird Christmas traditions around the world

By Harry Cockburn

Nothing says Christmas like the skull of a dead horse, as they say in Wales

Jamie Oliver

Santa sack? Jamie Oliver under fire for sacking staff right before Christmas

By LLB Reporter

More than 40 employees at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Notting Hill cookery shop are livid for getting sacked right before Christmas.

Ice rink on the Thames

Woah! London to get ICE RINK ON THE THAMES by freezing parts of river

By LLB Reporter

A new ice rink proposed by design company NBBJ is set to be the mother of all ice rinks.

Sugar pointing women

Females in the firing line: What's going on in The Apprentice? What can women in business learn from it?

By Frances Dickens

Frances Dickens, a guest on The Apprentice You’re Fired, wonders what has gone wrong for the women in this year’s programme

Virgin Galactic 747

Branson to launch Virgin Galactic rockets into space from jumbo jetVideo

By Harry Cockburn

Boeing 747 named Cosmic Girl to be used as launchpad for space travel

Ola Jordan

5 popular BBC TV shows that have been accused of being fixed

By Robyn Vinter

You wouldn’t expect it from Strictly or Blue Peter, would you?

Tube aargh

Stand on the right! Mind the Gap! A guide to good Tube etiquette

By Harry Cockburn

A crash course on how to use the London Underground system

LEGO train

Gigantic LEGO Christmas train arrives in style into Covent Garden

Christmas has arrived in Covent Garden in the form of a giant red, green and yellow Lego train.

Rotherhithe Bridge

Revealed: London to get a new £88m bridge across the River Thames Video

By LLB Reporter

Sick of hearing about the Garden Bridge? Here’s a new London bridge you could obsess over.

The titanic 1912

Was Titanic inquiry a Freemason “whitewash”?

By Harry Cockburn

Newly published list of Freemasons highlights extent to which inquiry may have been influenced

Mog the cat

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is better than John Lewis’s. Watch it here Video

By Harry Cockburn

Mog the cat would scram the man on the moon in a head-to-head battle

Union Jack flags London

It’s Guinness World Record day. Here are six astonishing records from London

By Harry Cockburn

Most millionaires ever, biggest fig ever, it’s all happening in the capital of England


India to drag the Queen to court for "stolen" £100m Koh-i-Noor diamond

By LLB Reporter

The Koh-i-Noor was once the world’s largest diamond


Which are the world’s most generous countries?

By LLB Reporter

We Brits are not only the most polite and boozy people in Europe but we’re also the most generous.

Ice Skating London Eye

Five great things to do around London in November

By Moya Maxwell

As the autumn chill bites and winds whistle across the capital, the London Loves Business resident culture vulture, Unique Venues of London’s Moya Maxwell, gives her pick of the best things to do this November.

Million mask march

Million Mask March: What the devil is it? Where did it come from? What happened?

By Harry Cockburn

Chaos reigned in central London on Bonfire Night. But would Guy Fawkes approve?

UFO crash in London

Did you hear about the "UFO crash" in London?

By LLB Reporter

This actually happened…

Les Gourmet des Ternes, Knightsbridge

Kooky decor and sexy cocktails: What it's like to eat at Les Gourmet des Ternes, Knightsbridge

By Sherelle Jacobs

Ah, Knightsbridge. Harrods, Jimmy Choos clacking down the pavement, gold-plated Ferraris desecrating the speed limit…

Jeremy Clarkson and crew

Former Top Gear trio start filming for Amazon Prime

Jeremy Clarkson and his co-stars James May and Richmond Hammond have started shooting their new motoring programme, possibly in Portugal.

Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar unveils its first-ever SUV with world-record-breaking 360 degree loopVideo

By LLB Reporter

Jaguar launched its luxury SUV, the F-Pace, by breaking a Guinness world record for cars performing 360 degree loop-the-loops.

Crazy scientist man

London’s top 10 remarkable inventions you never knew about

By Harry Cockburn

Whiff-Whaff, roller skating, and artificial writing machines – London’s greatest contributions

Jeremy Clarkson Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson vs. Chris Evans: The battle of the petrolheads

Which one of them owns better cars and which one’s richer?

Weird Corbyn video

Watch this hilarious yet slightly creepy video about Jeremy Corbyn Video

By LLB Reporter

We frankly don’t know what to tell you about this Taiwanese video about Jeremy Corbyn.

Nelsons column trafalgar square pasties

Cornish pasties come from LONDON, historian claims

By Harry Cockburn

Could pasty revelations trigger civil war?

Jeremy Clarkson Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson to become UK's highest-paid TV host. Here's how many millions he'll make from the new Amazon show

By LLB Reporter

Getting the sack from the BBC might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to Jeremy Clarkson.

Gold bars

Has a Nazi gold train been hidden in Poland for 70 years?

By Harry Cockburn

“Significant find” claimed by treasure hunters in Poland

Tower Bridge music venue

Tower Bridge chamber hidden BELOW river-level turned into quirky music venue

By LLB Reporter

The chambers can be accessed only by steep and spiral staircases

Kensington Palace

Five great things to do in August

By Moya Maxwell

Since when did silent discos and the Cutty Sark go together? Since now!

Coke Cola

This graphic showing Coca-Cola's effects on your body in 60 minutes has gone VIRAL

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

An infographic showing how your body reacts to the first sip of Coca-Cola and its effects on your body in 60 minutes has gone viral.

HMS Belfast

In pictures: London’s most incredible historical ships

By Harry Cockburn

Get out your gangplanks and commandeer these epic London boats

Tour de France 1

Could London host Tour de France in 2017? Here's a big hint...

The opening stage of the Tour de France could be hosted in London in 2017, according to the London Evening Standard.

Andre Derain Westminster

Fire! Bridges! Snow! More bridges! Here are the best paintings of London

By Harry Cockburn

Senior reporter Harry Cockburn chooses his favourite paintings of London

Yum yum mmmm food delicious taste eat - gastropubs

Pop-ups, pistachios and Prawnography – London's hottest food trends & restaurants

Executive head chef David Ridgway on where and what to eat this summer

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer

5 crazy facts you probably didn't know about Wimbledon

Come 29 June and Wimbledon will take over all dining table/pub conversations.

Groucho Club

London's iconic Groucho Club sold for £40m

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London’s iconic Groucho Club has been sold to group of investors for a rumoured £40m.

TV chef Nigella Lawson at a book launch

Celebrity chefs including Nigella Lawson & Jamie Oliver back new London food markets business

Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi and a slew of other celebrity chefs are throwing their weight behind London Union, a food markets venture.

Heston Blumenthal has been crowned the world’s most successful chef

These are the world's 100 best restaurants – how many in London?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London has not one, not two, but five of the world’s 100 best restaurants.

Girl in hot weather

Summer is here! Britain set for heatwave as temperatures to hit 28C

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Get your barbeque kits out people, Britain is set to have a heatwave this week

House floating on the Thames

Have you spotted the quaint blue house floating on the Thames?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Its blue, has a back garden and is floating on the Thames… if you like quirky homes then this home at Number 1, The Thames, will definitely float your boat.

Picasso women of algiers

Picasso painting sold for $179m, becomes most expensive painting sold at auction

By Harry Cockburn

Women of Algiers by Pablo Picasso has become the most expensive painting ever sold at auction.

Clarkson smoking

Former Top Gear hosts’ secret meeting: What are they planning?

By Harry Cockburn

Top Gear trio seen lurking near Goodwood racing circuit

Waxworks Star Wars

Five great things to do in London this May

By Moya Maxwell

From Star Wars waxworks to Shakespeare, here’s what May has to offer

London - skyline - evening - aerial shot - River Thames

Five great things to do around London in April

By Moya Maxwell

Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks the best culture, sport and art in the capital


Gutted about the loss of Orange Wednesdays? Meerkat Movies has saved the day

By Sophie Hobson

And you’ll be able to get two-for-one cinema tickets on Wednesdays OR Tuesdays

Monet Church at Varengeville Morning 466 622 actual

Review: Inventing Impressionism at the National Gallery

By Harry Cockburn

Overflowing with some of the world’s most famous paintings, this exhibition has struck gold

Spray-painted dress Alexander McQueen

Five must-see cultural events in London this March

By Moya Maxwell

From Mothering Sunday to the anatomy of crime  – Moya Maxwell on what to do in London this March

Wine glasses

These are the 10 most popular types of wine in the UK

By Sophie Hobson

We aren’t exactly known for our oenophilia here in Blightly.

Margaret Thatcher

Do you sleep more or less than these industry and political leaders?

By Sophie Hobson

The Iron Lady only took four hours of her 40 winks a night. What about Gates, Trump and Obama?

Roman Abramovich super yacht

Cinema, submarine and missile defence system not enough for Abramovich’s yacht

By Rebecca Hobson

Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich, has sent his super-yacht – the Eclipse – to Germany for a refit.

The Shard, Bermondsey

Why are 100 British landmarks getting re-named? (Hint: to please the Chinese)

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Want to buy a suit? Head to the “Tall, Rich, Handsome Street”.

Successful chaps smoking cigars

The best places to buy and enjoy cigars in London

For those who believe there is smoke without fire

Valentine's Day Londoners facts

14 Valentine's Day facts that even cynics will love

Think St Valentine’s Day is a load of commercial cobblers? Think again

ISSA show, Spring Summer 2013, London Fashion Week

Five must-see cultural events in London this February

By Moya Maxwell

Food, fashion, rugby and relics - Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks the best

Rubens Pan and Syrinx

Review: Rubens and His Legacy at the Royal Academy

By Harry Cockburn

Rubens dazzles, but why are so few of the works by him?

Table football

The 10 richest football clubs – but who is richest of them all?

Deloitte has published its annual Football Money League, and there are some big hitters. Really big

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay's kitchen nightmares: chef loses court battle over London pub rent

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay just lost a High Court battle for being personally liable to pay a London pub’s rent.

London's weird pub names

Brown's beer: Doing Dry January? Here's why you should still go to the pub

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

National Portrait Gallery

In pictures: London landmarks in Tricolore tribute to Paris

By Sophie Hobson

The capital showed its unity with France yesterday.

Southampton Arms

10 of the best real ale pubs in London

By Harry Cockburn

Are these the best pubs in London? Let the arguments commence


Tourists may have to pay £1-a-night "bed tax" to stay at central London hotels

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Tourists staying in central London may soon have to pay £1-a-night “bed tax”.

Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern

Five great cultural things to do in London in January

By Moya Maxwell

Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks the best of the bunch


No snow for London on Christmas day Video

Expecting a White Christmas, Londoners? Well, don’t.

Kindle Fire HD

Here's why your e-reader could be damaging your health

By Robyn Vinter

They’re light, portable, they store hundreds of books and allow you to download anything you fancy reading on a whim.

Breaking TV

The most complained-about TV programmes of 2014

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

It’s time of the year again! Ofcom has revealed the most complained about TV programmes in 2014.

Christmas carol

Silent Night or O Holy Night? Britain’s favourite Christmas carol revealedVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Britain’s favourite Christmas carol *drumroll and jingle bells please* is Silent Night.

Christmas angry

Merry Shristmas anyone? Here are Poundland's hilarious Christmas blunders

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Jesus is probably turning in his grave right now, thanks to Poundland’s Christmas decorations.

Three Wise Lads

Christ! This is how rich the wise men would be today, with their gold, frankincense and myrrh swag

By Harry Cockburn

When a person is born who you suspect may well be God, you had better be sure your gifts are up to scratch.


This beautiful video shows London in timelapses by 40 photographersVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Gosh – London can look beautiful sometimes, can’t it?

Office Party Christmas

7 things to remember during Christmas party seasonVideo

By Jonny Rosenblatt

Have any more? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Police posters index

The story behind the posters everywhere saying police are "really racist"

“We caused the 2011 riots by shooting dead an unarmed civilian and then lying about it. And we got away with it.”

Lion Christmas present

Which UK city spends most on Christmas? (It’s not London)

By Sophie Hobson

In fact, London’s not even in the top five for Christmas spending. You tight gits.

BRGR.Co's afternoon tea

The foodies' guide to Christmas: where to eat, what to cook and trends to try

Afternoon tea with oysters and dougnuts, Americana and salsify, pickles galore… it’s Christmas, but not as you know it

Beer festival

Brown's beer: The whole point of beery pop-ups

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

London's most over-priced restaurants

Revealed: London's most overpriced restaurants

Dining in London restaurants costs a bomb – even if the food is a bit meh.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Lionel Messi of Argentina shake hands before the game

Messi v/s Ronaldo: who's more famous?

Who has more endorsement deals and whose value on social media is more?

Ice skating at Somerset House

Five wintery and wonderful things to do in London in December

By Moya Maxwell

Discover that festive feeling

Stik artwork

This is the UK's tallest piece of street art - what does it signify?Video

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Who’s the artist behind the UK’s tallest piece of street art? No, not Banksy. It’s Stik.Source: Image © Stik (by Joyce/Division)

Vinyl record records 1

Five of the best vinyl record shops in London

By Harry Cockburn

Sales of vinyl records have risen to the highest level for 18 years.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay in bitter court battle with father-in-law for "forging" £640k pub lease

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay has dragged his father-in-law to court for “forging his signature” on a £640,000-a-year gastropub lease.

Father Christmas - technology - laptop

The 10 best gadgets for Christmas 2014

By Daniel Todaro

From fitness trackers to tellies, it’s time to get gadgeting


What are the management books of the year?

By Harry Cockburn

There are galaxies of business books out there promising managers the secret to successful business techniques.

Gordon Ramsay

What ruined the launch of Gordon Ramsay's new Mayfair restaurant?

The launch of Gordon Ramsay’s new Mayfair restaurant was tainted by a rival who made 100 fake bookings that left tables empty.

Father Christmas drunk

Is Dry January worth it? This study has the answer

By Harry Cockburn

For many, the Christmas period is a season for letting it all hang out.

Sainsbury's Christmas advert

Sorry John Lewis, Sainsbury's just won Christmas with this emotional advertVideo

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert will make you quit awwing at Monty the penguin, the star of the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Tower Bridge glass walkway

Forget the Shard! Take a look at amazing London views from Tower Bridge's £1m glass floor

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Now we’re not sure if Tower Bridge’s £1m new glassway will be as popular as the poppy exhibition but the views from the top are pretty amazing.

Lord Mayor's Show

Pictures: Half a million turn out for the Lord Mayor’s Show

By Robyn Vinter

About half a million people are thought to have turned out for the Lord Mayor’s Show at the weekend.

Paddington Trail - Paddington Bear

Why Paddington Bear makes a great mascot for London

By Frances Dickens

Duffle coats and doing good - Frances Dickens on why businesses are backing the bear

Beefeater kissing a Raven at the Tower of London

11 hilarious and mysterious urban myths about LondonVideo

By Harry Cockburn

From Hitler’s Nazi base in Balham to the black sewer-swine of Hampstead

Internet love

What's more important to Brits than taking a shower? Surfing the internet

Do Brits have their life priorities straight? Read this story and make up your mind.

Harrods unveiled its Christmas dispay with dazzling firworks earlier this month

Where to watch fireworks for FREE in London

Not everybody in London is after your dough. You can watch fireworks for free in these places.


Remember, remember! 5 awesome things to do in London in November

By Moya Maxwell

From sexology to skating, there’s more to November than orange leaves and pink skies

64 degrees restuarant

Kohlrabi, Korean and pickles - discover London's hottest food trends & restaurants this autumn

From Buffalo Bourbon to bonfire salt, here’s what to eat and where

Pills, is ketamine the new coke in London's workplace?

Rebecca Hobson: The drugs debate is raging in parliament. Here are the facts behind the headlines

By Rebecca Hobson

Parliament is debating UK drugs policy right now. Make no mistake, this is a big deal.

Brian Blessed index

Brian Blessed is exhorting Tube passengers to purchase remembrance poppies

By Harry Cockburn

Brian Blessed’s legendary loud voice has been booming out of speakers across London this morning. Why? Because he wants commuters to buy remembrance poppies to mark the Royal British Legion’s London Poppy Day.

Rom Skatepark 2

This 1970s skatepark in east London just gained a Grade II listing

By Harry Cockburn

A 1970s concrete skatepark in east London has been awarded a Grade II listing.

The manor house of Toten Hall - 1813

Brown's beer: Why the London Beer Flood is the strangest tragedy in London's history

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Battersea Power Station

Check out the lush new roof garden that’ll be on top of Battersea Power Station

By Sophie Hobson

It’s going to be one of London’s largest roof gardens – a space more than 350 metres long full of interlacing garden walkways, mini forests of birch trees and free-standing hammocks. There’s even a fitness deck.

ban on e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes were banned from London buses, trains & Tubes in August. Why didn't TfL let you know?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

If you’re reading this on the bus/Tube/train, you may want to put that e-cigarette away right now.


Why has Waterstones invited guests for a sleepover?

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

Did you hear about the guy who caused a tizzy on Twitter after getting locked inside Waterstones’ Trafalgar Square branch? Well, that story just got better.

Waterstones books shelves

Four reasons we all love Waterstones at the moment - and what you can learn from thatVideo

By Sophie Hobson

Waterstones is nailing it on the social media, PR and customer services fronts

Pete Brown

Brown's beer: Why Guinness is late to the craft beer party

By Pete Brown

Is our male-about-ale Pete Brown right? Tweet us @Londonlovesbiz

Wellies mud festival

What, no mud? John Nugent reflects on London Film Festival and sitting in silence in the dark

By John Nugent

Our film columnist examines the jack-of-all-trades annual film festival in the capital

Lord Sugar

10 best Lord Sugar quotes of all time

We’ve all seen how Lord Sugar, sitting alongside his arm candies Nick Hewer and Karen Brady, uttering fiery and funny one-liners to diss contestants.

Pieter and Johannes Blaeus’ ‘Pascaarte van alle de Zee-custen van Europa’ from 1677 (£600,000)

Check out these beautiful antique maps - some are worth more than houses!

Centuries-old rarities come to London for Frieze Masters

Traffic Jam M25 Motorway cars congestion

Car-mageddon: Congestion costs London $8.5bn a year and it’s getting worse

By Harry Cockburn

Exasperated by the slow crawl into work? Fed-up of traffic fumes? London is grinding to a halt, and as the transport crisis worsens, it is wreaking economic havoc on the capital.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai becomes world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient at 17. Who else has won the award over the past 10 years?

By Harry Cockburn

Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai has been named joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian children’s rights activist.

Andrew Strauss

EXCLUSIVE: Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss – “It’s a myth good teams get on well”

By Robyn Vinter

Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss has said it’s “good to have conflict” in a team, following revelations of heated arguments and allegations of bullying in the England dressing room.

London Film Festival 2014

Preview: From Cumberbatch to Camp X-Ray - what to look out for at the BFI London Film Festival 2014

By John Nugent

Our man at the movies, John Nugent, casts his eye over the programme

World's most expensive burger

London restaurant makes the world's most expensive burger that costs £1,100 (and has 2,618 calories)

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

London’s famous for a lot of “most expensive” things but this one really takes the err, bun.

Spelling words

Half of adults have trouble spelling common words – how many of these can you spell?

By Robyn Vinter

Ever been embarased by the dificulty you ocasionaly have spelling words? You’re not the only one who has struggled to aquire the relavent and necesery disipline.

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