Big spenders: Russian multimillionaires’ £130,000 bar bill

Two Russian multimillionaires racked up a combined bar bill of more than £130,000 at a London nightclub after indulging in the most valiant of all nocturnal pastimes – the spending competition.

The two gentlemen, reportedly both in their 30s, began their battle at Westminster nightspot Kitsch, on Old Burlington Street, arriving just after midnight last night.

When either one of the competitors ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon or Cristal for their table, their compatriot followed suit and ordered another for theirs. Following the champagne, scantily-clad waitresses delivered scores of cocktails, magnums of vodka, and bottles of single malt whiskies.

According to witnesses, both men soon had hordes of “stunning women” at their sides, but nonetheless remained unable to drink all they ordered.

By 2.40am, their bills had reached £66,778.91 and £64,279.70, making a grand total of £131,058.61.

Upon adding up the bills, the heroic “winner” of the spending race celebrated by jumping up and down holding his bill aloft shortly before the club closed for the night.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, one onlooker said: “It was one of the most bizarre nights I’ve ever seen. These two guys were competing with each other to buy more and more champagne - each time one would buy five bottles the other would order six, then seven, then eight.

“Every time a set of bottles of champagne would come out, they would be carried by waitresses wearing next to nothing and there with sparklers everywhere. There were so many bottles and sparklers it was as bright as a summer’s day at some points of the night.

“There was a massive crowd of stunning women around each table in no time at all, and frankly these guys needed some help drinking it all anyway. At the end of the night there were loads of unfinished bottles left. There’s simply no way they could have drunk it all.”

Between them our champions contributed almost £20,000 in VAT.

The nightclub has not revealed the identity of the big spenders.

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