Today's news in rhyming couplets, in honour of National Poetry Day

In honour of National Poetry Day, the team have responded in the only sensible way, and done the news of the day in rhyming couplets.

Click the links to read the full stories. Enjoy.


Nigel Farage is saying thanks

To Tory defector Arron Banks


Virgin Money expands its range

by floating on the stock exchange


Financial markets are given a shock

After “fat-fingered” trader cancels stock


The phone boxes are going green

So you can charge your smartphone screen


A social network called Ello

Will it stay or will it go?


And Wonga used to have it all

But the bigger they come the harder they fall


Cameron made a freudian slip

Said he “resents the poor” in speaking blip

He then promised to cut some tax

But also scrap the Human Rights Act


For anything else you might have missed

Here’s the need-to-know in a handy list


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