Life-size Stonehenge bouncy castle comes to London

The quirky replica is making its way back to London for the first anniversary of the 2012 Games

Clouded in mystery and draped in wonder, the prehistoric Stonehenge site in Salisbury is one of the world’s most famous places.

No one is really sure who put it there, why or how. Despite centuries of study it remains worshipped and feared, and, above all, largely restricted. It has not been possible for the public to touch the stone formations since the mid-1970s – at least, that is, until now.

Sadly, no, the circular formation has not been reopened due to popular demand, but artist Jeremy Deller has gone one better – he has created a life-size replica of the site, which will be available for all to see, touch, bounce, somersault and play-fight on.

The huge inflatable structure will find a brief home at the Open East Festival in London later this month where it will be erected to commemorate the anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Games on 27 and 28 July.

It was originally commissioned for the Games and proved to be a huge splash in London, before embarking on a world tour.

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