ArtMan: We 3 Kings - invest in art for Christmas

Why not buy a gift that gives you ROI this Christmas? Art consultant Kevin Wilson recommends three rising investable stars

Can you smell burning, Candice Tripp

‘Can you smell burning’ by Candice Tripp. Limited edition print of 50, now sold out

When do you buy an artist? Do you wait until they are established and then spend a wack on their art?  

Yes, it’s more reliable in investment terms, but you pay a premium to their agent and gallery.

In fact, you pay through the nose simply by riding high on the back of all the other opinions that have gone before you, which have, in short, elevated the artist to the status of expensive.

But it’s much more fun, and potentially profitable, to invest in rising talents that are only just on the up. You also have the opportunity to buy some of their work direct, giving the artist a larger cut and keeping them in much needed paints and social lubrications.

Candice Tripp

One such shooting star is Candice Tripp. Candice has created her own Trippy world; a world of adult childhood characters, a world of strange and memorable children. A world where the odd large bear pops up.

Buying an artwork from Candice is like eating Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop. Many of her collectors get sucked into her world and remain loyal buyers, clambering for her next release.

She manages to touch a bit of the inner kid in us all before icing it with a layer of edgy darkness.

Your easy passport into Tripp world is possible via her limited edition print sales, some of which are sold via Black Rat Projects in Shoreditch.  Her originals can be seen on her website.

Previously a part time artist, Candice is now firing on all cylinders and it’s definitely worth tagging her as she’ll soon be escaping into a much bigger world.  

Team Building - Laura Keeble

‘Team Building’ Oil and ink on canvas 30” x 40” by Candice Tripp

There’s a rare breed of artist that sees something in everything and produces a variety of sculptural exciting work. The rare Laura Keeble is one such artist who is rapidly gaining momentum in the UK and US.

Laura Keeble

Laura produces startling artistic interventions that make you gasp and think and often smile, though gasping and smiling at the same time comes across a bit hyenaish.  

Her website, documents her adventurous projects. One of her best works, Forgotten Something? was inspired by her viewing Damien Hirst’s £50m diamond encrusted skull at the White Cube gallery.

The security and fanfares surrounding the skull provoked Laura to produce an identical skull, (with crystals not diamonds), which she left in the middle of the night outside White Cube, amid the rubbish from Hirst’s exhibition.   

It looked like Hirst had left the gallery leaving the precious skull behind.  

Forgotten Something - Laura Keeble

Forgotten Something? By Laura Keeble, 2007, outside the White Cube Hoxton London

This style of temporary happening is typical of Laura’s work and showcases her genius. In Laura’s world life sized sculptures of the three wise men pop up outside exclusive shops on Bond Street – Christmas shopping with designer bags. 

In her bid to challenge consumerism she has inserted Channel logoed gravestones in graveyards and once left a ‘money go round’ of twelve fairground horses made from past issues of the Financial Times outside the Bank of England.

Often with artists of this type of genius it’s hard for the collector to buy into their work. Laura has solved this one by producing unique, small scale sculptural works that have been exhibited in the UK and US. 

Her fame is spreading. Catch her while you can.


Down the aisle - Laura Keeble

‘Down the aisle I’, Antique reclaimed church stained glass and lead shopping basket. Unique artwork, £4000

Contact Laura via her website for more info on her full range of amazing sculptures.

Andrew McAttee

Bold London artist Andrew McAttee merges his mastering of graffiti and fine art to create a future world of spaced out colour explosions. In his own words:

“I think of my very latest paintings as a multi-verse of possibilities. They are in many respects landscapes or space-scapes but not in the tradition of trees, lakes and farm houses. The paintings are packed full of elements - liquids, gases, fire and solid multi coloured spheres are all present and jostle for position just as they would do in the creation of a universe.”

Andrew is a true master of colour balancing, producing vibrant works that transform and rebrand the rooms they sit in. He is on the verge of jumping into a new dimension as the art world sniffs around him with interest, so now is the right time to invest in his work. He too provides entry point limited edition prints and juicier original works, so bold that all you need is a white room, and a solitary chair to sit and look at it.

White Noise and Vista by Andrew McAttee

‘White Noise’ (left) on canvas, 48” x 48 £6000 direct from the artist

‘Vista’, 2007, (right) giclée print with silkscreen and varnish, edition of 75. 56cm x 89cm, paper size 69cm x 100cm. Signed  £375

Andrew sells direct from his website, saving you the gallery mark up and will hand deliver if you are in London.

So let’s face it, the majority of things you will buy this Christmas will not be an investment and will decrease every year. You will likely flush away hundreds of pounds buying gifts that will sit in a drawer and hardly see the light of day. 

So buy a smaller turkey and invest in your pension instead.

Kevin Wilson is an international arts consultant, curator and collector. He advises on collections, investments and projects. His clients range from the historical royal palaces, international corporations, to private individuals and collections worldwide.

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