Cyber Santa Claus: Father Christmas must spend £227bn on technology to keep up with population growth

Drones, supercomputers and exoskeletons – how cutting edge tech can help Santa out

Here’s Santa’s problem: he works all year round to make gifts for the world’s nice boys and girls, but he only has a small 24-hour window to pilot his sleigh across the globe, plunge down chimneys, eat and drink what’s been left out for him by the fireplace, and deliver all of the nifty gifts he’s carrying.

Yes we all know he has major levels of magic at his disposal and can be in many places at the same time, but still, the number of children all over the world just keeps on growing and growing. And before Christmas Eve, all of them want to have their pictures taken with Santa Claus.

At the same time, Santa isn’t getting any younger. And he doesn’t appear to be in good physical condition either. Couldn’t Santa do with a bit of extra help?

What if Santa used some of the 21st Century’s finest gizmos and gadgets to help with his annual delivery? Couldn’t he benefit from an Amazon drone delivery type service?

The helpful elves at have put together a list which Santa should take a look at – if only he can put his glass of port down for a moment.

It may be quite an investment however, as Father Christmas will need to rustle up almost £227bn for the shiny new technology. Ouch.

Let’s have a gander:

Santa infographic

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