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London lifestyle & London scene: the latest

Stirling Shard

The Shard makes the shortlist, but what are the greatest new buildings in the UK?

By Harry Cockburn

All Londoners have an opinion on the Shard. The 87-storey Qatari owned skyscraper on the Southbank has become a dominating aspect of the London Skyline, and is now among several British buildings in contention for a major architecture prize.

Parrot 1

Why is there a huge “dead parrot” on the Southbank?Video

By Harry Cockburn

Deceased “Norwegian Blue” Photograph: Twitter

Trader Vics

Review: Trader Vic’s W1 – a retro tiki delight

By Robyn Vinter

Trader Vic’s is somewhat unassuming from the outside considering its location. Barely signposted compared to the grand entrance of the Park Lane Hilton beneath which it’s snugly tucked, you’d perhaps need to have heard of Trader Vic’s to know what’s in store, and would have no idea of the scale of the restaurant below.

Brazil Lose

Best internet reactions to Brazil v Germany, the most Tweeted event in sporting history Video

By Harry Cockburn

Brazil is in the throes of national catastrophe after their football team’s unceremonious elimination from the World Cup at the hands of Germany.

Luna cinema

7 of the best outdoor cinemas you have to experience in London this summer

By Robyn Vinter

2014 is shaping up to be the year of the open-air cinema. If you thought last summer’s pop-ups were exciting, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The 7/7 memorial last night, before it was defaced

7/7 memorial defaced with anti-Blair graffiti on anniversary

By Sophie Hobson

Source: Guy Bell/REXThe 7/7 memorial last night, before it was defaced

Sherlock Holmes

Why did the British government organise a screening of the BBC’s Sherlock in North Korea?

By Harry Cockburn

The revamped and modernised Sherlock Holmes drama, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the oddball PI, has gained a vast global following.

Burger King Proud Whopper

Burger King launches world’s first pro-gay burger – but in the wrong wayVideo

By Sophie Hobson

I’m all for brands flying the flag for LGBT rights. A bit of brand activism can get important messages to wide audiences while boosting brand engagement – the ultimate win-win.

UK USA flags

This 4 July, we demystify the funniest discrepancies between US and UK English

By Harry Cockburn

It’s Independence Day, but 238 years later, the battle for comprehension rages on

David Sonnenthal

Mayfair’s posh pawnbroker reveals the items rich people get loans against

By Robyn Vinter

David Sonnenthal owns New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, London’s first luxury pawnbroker.

Paddington bench

Pictures: Famous books become London benches

By Robyn Vinter

If you like sitting and reading, boy do we have the story for you.

Sunbathing in the park

Hottest day of the year predicted for London on Thursday

By Harry Cockburn

It’s not just the housing market that’s heating up in London. As summer makes its presence felt, the sun is expected to scorch the capital today with temperatures high enough to smash the hottest recorded this year.

Bacon Dyer painting 1

Francis Bacon triptych of his lover George Dyer sells for £26.7m

By Harry Cockburn

A small scale Francis Bacon triptych has sold for £26.7m at an auction in London.

Lady Gagas

Did you spot the army of Lady Gaga lookalikes in Westminster yesterday? They were actually there for a serious reason...

By Sophie Hobson

A sea of scantily-clad Lady Gagas swarmed through Westminster yesterday, resplendent with strange hats, multi-coloured hair, impossibly-stacked shoes and the odd flailing Kermit the Frog dress.

Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Pictures: inside London’s unique new superyacht hotel

By Robyn Vinter

A new luxury superyacht hotel, Sunborn, opens in east London today.

London Pride 2014

London Pride 2014 in pictures

By Robyn Vinter

While thousands of people flocked to grey and stormy Glastonbury, London was where the real fun was happening. Here are the best pictures from London Pride 2014:

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