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Dynamo index

Dynamo generates backlash after Shard levitation aberration

By Harry Cockburn

Does the magician’s high-altitude stunt bear scrutiny?

Zara T-shirt

This Zara 'Holocaust uniform' T-shirt caused a global Twitter outrage yesterday

Zara’s Twitter timeline was flooded with complaints yesterday over a striped shirt featuring a yellow star on the front.

Notting Hill  1

Rain on the parade: Notting Hill Carnival in photographs

By Harry Cockburn

Ah, Notting Hill Carnival – the August bank holiday parade is the best place in London to get down to some grooving tunes, while gobbling goat curry from a paper plate in the rain.

DJ Deadmau5

10 highest paid DJs in the world

By Robyn Vinter

Forbes has released the list of the world’s highest paid DJs. I think it’s fair to say they are minted.1: Calvin Harris $66m2: David Guetta $30m

Battersea Power Station before it stopped functioning

Battersea Power Station’s chimneys are coming down. We look at the power station through the ages

By Harry Cockburn

Battersea Power Station is being torn down. The iconic art-deco structure with its four colossal chimneys has dominated the skyline of west London for almost a century, but its reign is coming to an end, albeit temporarily.

Smartphone kid

Harry Cockburn: Smartphones are conduits for misery. Why can’t we put them down?

By Harry Cockburn

Not sure what to do with your life? There’s an app for that

Drunk Brits

Hic and click: drunk Brits spend an average £142 while shopping online

By Shruti Tripathi Chopra

From drunk-dialling your ex to not waking up in your own bed, there are a lot of regrettable things we do when we’ve had a few too many drinks.

Lido index size

Take a look at the amazing plans for a floating lido at Victoria Embankment

By Harry Cockburn

Fancy flinging yourself into the Thames for a bracing dip? Course you do. Well, now that beautiful dream is edging closer to becoming reality.

Fair trade Crack

The future of illicit online drug trading: “fair-trade” cocaine and “locally farmed” opium

By Harry Cockburn

Is your cocaine fair-trade? It sounds like some sort of hipster joke, but drug dealers on the internet are now offering their customers “fair-trade” Bolivian cocaine, and opium from non-violent producers rather than cartels, in a bid to win business from conscientious users.

Summer Exhibition 1

It's not too late to book! Awesome things to do in London in August

From jazz nights to outdoor cinema to streaking at London Zoo, Moya Maxwell, chair of Unique Venues of London, picks her favourites


Sweets to the sweet for Cumberbatch as Hamlet becomes most in-demand play ever

By Harry Cockburn

Whatever Benedict Cumberbatch touches turns to gold at the moment it seems. The actor is hot property across the globe after the success of Sherlock, which has won him fans as far afield as China and Japan, but it is his decision to tread the boards as Hamlet in a production at the Barbican next year that has got the ticket-buying public baying for Benedict.

Closed pub The Lord Napier in Hackney Wick

No pubs left in 34 years if current decline continues

By Harry Cockburn

Closed pub The Lord Napier in Hackney Wick

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