The most outrageous things revealed in the hacking trial in 30 seconds

Here’s a 30-second summary of the most outrageous revelations from the phone hacking trial:

  • Rebekah Brooks doesn’t know how to use an iPhone.
  • Hacking reporter Dan Evans said he threw incriminating phones in the Thames.
  • Charlie Brooks owned porn with the titles Instant Lesbian, Bride of Sin, and Lesbian Psychodrama volume 2 and 3.
  • Prince William called Kate Middleton “Babykins”.
  • The Queen was apparently annoyed police officers ate nuts and Bombay mix which were for guests at Buckingham Palace.
  • Charlie Brooks drank washing up liquid as a hangover cure.
  • Sienna Miller said “I love you” to Daniel Craig.
  • Rebekah Brooks allegedly told someone she “couldn’t believe how easy it was” to hack phones.
  • News of the World security staff helped dispose of evidence, sending the text: “Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Pizza delivered and the chicken is in the pot.”
  • David Blunkett and a woman he was alleged to have an affair with were given the codenames Noddy and Big Ears by NotW staff.
  • Princess Diana leaked information to the NotW, according to royal editor Clive Goodman.

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