Someone is suing a London pub for £4.2m after falling over in the beer garden

A fractured wrist “destroyed” this woman’s career

An HR consultant who tripped over in a London pub is suing the owners for £4.2m.

Carmen Mazo fractured her wrist in the accident in 2009, in which she stumbled over the boundary of the beer garden of The Westbourne in Notting Hill.

Mazo sued the gastropub, which is run by artist Sebastian Boyle, in 2013 and was awarded £156,871 when the pub admitted liability. However, she was given permission to appeal after a judge said “she is entitled to have the matter examined” in court.

She was off work for months after the accident and eventually gave up work three years later after the accident “destroyed” her work and social life.

Mazo said: “‘The fact that I have been left with major scarring on my wrist, which to an unsympathetic observer might look like I am prone to self-harm, is very distressing for me … My career has always been my refuge to block away unpleasant circumstances in my personal life, but now I am finding that because of a bartender’s irresponsibility I could end up with no career or purpose in life.”




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