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  • Comment on: Reckless bankers will be jailed, say MPs

    john hopper's comment | Fri, 26 Apr 2013 1:47 pm

    Remember that counterfeiting was a crime with 20 years in jail,now the BoE is doing this and and these liars are calling this Quantitavive easing creating more inflation and job losses. The law allows this and the law is a criminal intitution as its made by the biggest criminals in history MPs. Hitler attempted to destroy the UK by flooding the country with false £5 notes, they are no better than him as they employ millions of beaurocrats whose funcion is to destroy jobs..Personal responsibility is needed ro replace these leeches and nothig else.Leadership and never Dictatorship as its what we have now. Common sense and not more laws,as Churchill said,when there is more than a thousand laws,the people will hold the law in contempt. Human rights,the right to have a productive job and to be punished if you go against the law of " Do unto others as you would be done unto". One law only to be judged by ordinary people with common sense,not people with many qualifications but those with qualities of principle.

  • Comment on: Reckless bankers will be jailed, say MPs

    john hopper's comment | Fri, 26 Apr 2013 1:15 pm

    Yes all bankers should be punished and in fact all beaurocracy as they are ALL little Hittlers ( give anyone authority with no responsability and they don their jackboots ( REMEMBER the Jews could not have been destroyed without these parasites. We demand freedom from this mob who are responsible for the awful state of the uk. The NHS is run by these criminals and not doctors. nhs has 2 of these leeches for every nurse,without these the nhs would save half their costs and 3 million jobs woul be created.Remember all MPs are lying bureaucrats and the PM should also be held personally responsible and pay with his life as in Greek times if he created misery,Yes the Constitution should be changed and never reward for failure as happens now in all countries with False democracies. But a bloody revolution will soon happen here and the descendants of Boudica will not use words.

  • Comment on: Watch out M&S Food! Waitrose to double small stores in Central London

    john hopper's comment | Wed, 13 Feb 2013 2:50 pm

    Yes Waitrose deserves success as they are run by a CEO who knows how to manage unlike M&S who are run by an oportunist Marc Bolland whose arrogance is quickly ruining M&S as he listens to no one and bankrupts suppliers who complain and is only there for his shameful bonus as M&S shareholders will soon find out to their cost.But then he was correctly called the Bob Diamond of retailing.

  • Comment on: Nigel Farage: I will not fight for Chris Huhne’s seat

    john hopper's comment | Mon, 4 Feb 2013 2:15 pm

    Huhne yes got caught and will be treated worse than a murderer. The injustice system goes on supporting a petty dictatorship masquerading as democracy.
    Those judging him have more than likely done the same and not fallen out with their wives.This evil system of hypocracy and no regard for the truth will bring about a revolution and the descendants of Boudica wil not use words..Justice is simply " do unto others as you would be done onto".When there are thousands of petty laws the people will hold the law in contempt and civil disorder will follow. Quite fron Winston Churchill...The people who make the laws are MPs,the most hated and despised dishonourable people ,elected only on their false promises and rewarded for causing misery and hopelessness to the majority. So much for " democracy" which is now a dictatorship. havinh helped the banks to steal the money from their customers and then rewarding them.And the Bank of England counterfeiting and losing millions their jobs.It used to be punishable by 20 years in prison..Hitler tried to flood this country with millions of fake money to destroy the country but this irresponsible government is doing it better..

  • Comment on: Tory plot to sack Osborne if UK falls into triple dip recession

    john hopper's comment | Fri, 1 Feb 2013 3:32 pm

    Another politician would be another failure. A leader is needed not a liar.Someone who can speak,not just talk.
    All politicians are liars and are elected only on false promises which they know they dont have to keep.They are rewarded if they fail and should pay with their lives as was in Greek times,now we have only dictatorship and no one has responsibility,they have only authority.This false system which they call democracy died years ago and as Churchill said " when there are a thousand laws people will hold the law in contempt and civil disturbance will follow"
    A revolution will soon come and the descendants of Boudica will not be gentle.
    All CEOs should be made to work on the shop floor to learn management.We need those at the top not with qualifications but with qualities.and to lead by example and not dictates. Leaders are born and cannot be made. COURAGE AND PRINCIPLE and not arrogence and money. I HAVE a complete program for success which no one could contradict but time is short.

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