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Jane Peyton

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Principal of the School of Booze, founder of Operalicious ®. Beer evangelist. Passionate about pubs.

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  • Comment on: Brown's beer: Why pubs must wake up to women

    Jane Peyton's comment | Wed, 15 Feb 2012 5:48 pm

    Thanks for writing this article Pete - so true! It'll take an awful lot of effort to change cultural attitudes ref women & beer, beer vs wine, so we need more blogs and features like yours.

    No excuse for ignorance or bad manners from the bar staff, but where was their training about the products they are selling? Not least their customer service?

    Pubs, beer companies, and beer marketers who ignore such a potentially lucrative market - 85% of British women who might be potential beer drinkers! - must be operating in a parallel business universe where they can afford to ignore millions of potential customers.

    Cheers, Jane

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