“Name-blind” applications to be introduced to Ucas and across swathe of businesses

Move will tackle racial bias in recruitment

A group of the UK’s largest employers are set to introduce a “name-blind” recruitment process in order to stamp out discrimination in hiring workers.

Meanwhile, the university applications body, Ucas, is introducing the same policy to tackle racial bias in universities.

The move comes as David Cameron announces measures to enhance social mobility in Britain as part of his “compassionate conservatism” programme.

Cameron will announce today that the civil service, the BBC, the NHS, local government and the Conservative Party are all set to begin name-blind recruitment.

In addition private sector companies including HSBC, Deloitte, Virgin Money and KPMG will all implement the same measures.

Deloitte is going further still, and will blank potential employees’ school and university names from applications in a bid to reduce institutional bias.

Similar measures are already used by organisations including EY, while TeachFirst, one of the UK’s largest employers, already hides applicants’ names.

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