5 Tips on choosing the right business cell phone plan

Read on for guidelines

If you run a business, and you are responsible for the cell phone service of employees, then you have to get an affordable solution that will suffice your needs.  Following, we are giving a few guidelines to compare different Business Mobile Plans and pick the best according to your needs.

Evaluate your business’s needs

Before you compare vendors or make any suggestion, take your time and evaluate your needs. Yes, see how many employees need such plans. You are obviously paying for the bill charge of sales team working on the road, but what people are working in a central location, they can use the company landline.

You don’t need to compare cell phone plans for them. See what sort of phones they need. If they are a basic user with simple call and texting, then any basic model will do. However, if they use 3G and smartphone apps, then you may need a higher caliber model.

Don’t compare Business Mobile Plans unless you have evaluated both these needs.

Learn your use pattern

If you used a plan before, but want to change, then don’t throw out the old bills. Instead, study them, and see your use pattern. How many minutes are used for calls? And how many are dedicatedto long distance calls? What about Data use, and what you can determine from these records.

This will give you a good idea what changes you need to the new plan. On the contrary, if you have just started your business, and you are still experimenting, then you need something flexible. Yes, you don’t need to spend your budget on cell phone plans, save wherever possible.

Call time and distance

Once you have learned the pattern, you need to dig deep into details. You have to further research about the time and distance of your calls. The time of calls is important therefore if you and your employees make calls during working hours, opt for a plan that specializes in daytime minutes.

In case your staff makes evening calls, then you need a plan that offers discounted evening minutes. Just like the time, a distance call is important. You need to consider it in your search and find something that offers good rates on long distance calls.

You also need to pay attention to the bundling of services. Some providers can offer specialized packages for internet and phone service for businesses. It will be affordable for services to be bundled together.


Hidden fees are not uncommon with mobile plans. These hidden charges can multiply costs. Therefore, when you compared different tariffs, you have to read the whole contract with small prints. Keep an eye on early termination fees, activation fees, and charges applied for exceed use limit.

Security and bundles

Don’t leave the security behind, your phone stores valuable data including business texts, emails, and even access to cloud storage.  Make sure the provider offers great security options that wipes out data from the phone in case it is lost or got stolen, or when a firm.

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