9 quotes of the year from some of our top interviews of 2014

Inspiring insights from great leaders

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Lawyer and entrepreneur Sarosh Zaiwalla 

Sarosh Zaiwalla

“The Dalai Lama took my hand and put it on his heart and said: only you can help me.”

Betfair co-founder Ed Wray

Ed Wray

“I’m a big believer in that you can’t be afraid to fail. You’ve got to go out and try things, and if you fail then you learn a lot from that, maybe more than if you succeed.”

Divine Chocolate MD Sophi Tranchell

Sophi Tranchell, Divine Chocolate

“Probably some of the best things Divine has done are the things we chose not to do.”

King of Shaves founder Will King

Will King, founder, King of Shaves

“Remember, as a start-up you need to have a ton of momentum to make up for your lack of mass.

“Think of you being a fly, you need to be travelling at thousands of miles an hour, so the windscreens you’ll invariably meet, you smash (and survive) rather than one hitting you.”

Cobra beer founder Lord Karan Bilimoria

Lord Karan Bilimoria

“This government has got immigration absolutely wrong. They are damaging the reputation of Britain because we are losing out on all the good immigration that every country needs.”

Scientist and TV presenter Prof Brian Cox

Prof Brian Cox

“If you say to very young kids ‘draw a scientist’, they’ll draw Einstein, but old Einstein, and then when you tell them that the Einstein that did all the research was young Einstein, who is quite an interesting guy in his own right, that’s important.”

Bank of Dave founder Dave Fishwick

Dave Fishwick

“People who rob banks go to prison, but banks who rob people get paid bonuses - and that just had to stop.”

Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss

“Sometimes I think there’s this myth that all teams need to get on brilliantly, a kind of Waltons myth – that you need to be like the Waltons if you want to perform well as a team – that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Brompton MD Will Butler-Adams

Will Butler-Adams, MD, Brompton Bicycle

“In the UK we’re a bit afraid of just giving it a go.”

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