You wouldn't believe how many millions councils made from parking charges

Councils in England went laughing all the way to bank this year as they made a combined profit of  £667m from parking charges.

The figures, revealed by the RAC Foundation survey, have angered many including Communities Secretary Eric Pickles who accused councils of “ripping off” motorists.

Parking charges are up 12% from £594m to £667m this year.

According to the foundation, the figures were calculated by adding up income from parking charges and penalty notices, then deducting running costs.

London councils raked in most profits through parking charges.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “These official figures show how town halls are committing daylight robbery by ripping off drivers with exorbitant parking charges and unfair parking fines.

“The recent growth in fines is coming from the industrial use of CCTV spy cars allowed under laws introduced by the last government. This is why we have introduced a law before Parliament to stop these snoopers, as part of package of measures to rein in the town hall parking bullies and protect local shops.”

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: “Parking profits seem to be a one-way street for councils, having risen annually for the last five years.

“Yet over the same period spending on local roads has fallen about a fifth in real terms.

“We understand the pressures councils are under with their overall income still falling and the level of services they have to provide in such areas as social care rising rapidly.”

Here’s what the councils made through parking charges:

Westminster £51.03m

Kensington & Chelsea £33.51m

Camden £24.87m

Hammersmith & Fulham £22.96m

Wandsworth £19.69m

Brighton & Hove £18.09m

Nottingham City £12.06m

Islington £10.38m

Tower Hamlets £8.32m

Brent £8.31m

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Best way to control this is either a law of zero profit from it or a fixed cap on parking charges - nation wide.

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  • Pickles has got some nerve blaming the last Government for this.

    The Tories have been in power for 5 years, and he has been Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for the whole of that time.

    What has he done about reducing parking fines? Nothing.

    Now there's an election looming, he's taking cheap shots at the last Government when he has sat on his fat backside for years doing nothing.

    Let's hope his tactics backfire by drawing attention to his own inertia and record of non-achievement.

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