Will Trump meet the Queen?

Here’s what bookies say 

Donald Trump’s ‘working’ visit to the UK this year appears a formality, after the President’s warm exchange with Theresa May in Davos yesterday.

But, while bookmakers Paddy Power make the trip an inevitability (1/10), they are predicting that Trump might not get the royal treatment – quoting 33/1 that the Queen refuses to meet him.

The Donald will likely hold talks with May at Chequers – the Prime Minister’s country residence, a venue which so enamoured Richard Nixon in 1970 that he paid for a swimming pool to be installed by way of thank you.

It’s 100/1 that Trump repeats that gesture, though it’s more likely that he’ll pay for a golf course instead (50/1) – or a statue of himself (80/1).

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Donald Trump is getting his wish of a UK visit, though the Queen will hardly be rolling out the golden carriage for the President.

“But I expect him to be so chuffed with the visit – whether the Queen meets him or not – and that he’ll leave behind a gift. And a subscription to Fox News.”

1/10       Trump to visit the UK in 2018
33/1       The Queen tor refuse to meet Trump during his trip

5/1          Fox News
50/1       A golf course
80/1       A statue of himself
100/1     A swimming pool
125/1     A wall

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