Which are most and least complex countries to do business in?

Argentina is the most complex place to do business in the world, followed by Brazil and Bolivia.

However, the UK is the eighth least complex

10 least complex countries to do business in:

1.        Jersey

2.        Hong Kong

3.        Ireland

4.        Bonaire

5.        Puerto Rico

6.        Australia

7.        Guernsey

8.        United Kingdom

9.        Barbados

10.     New Zealand


10 most complex countries to do business in:

1.        Argentina

2.        Brazil

3.        Bolivia

4.        United Arab Emirates

5.        Korea

6.        Mexico

7.        Poland

8.        Paraguay

9.        Indonesia

10.     Thailand

This infographic explains why:



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  • Anonymous

    That the number one compliance issue that business leaders reported is "whistleblowing" tells you everything you need to know about what sort of criteria are being used to define "simple" and "complex".

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