VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Inside Occupy LSX's Bank of Ideas

The previously vacant UBS-owned office block in Shoreditch is a new hive of activity as the Occupy LSX activists turn it into a Bank Of Ideas. We went down to take a look around.

In the early hours of Friday morning, activists from the Occupy London movement made their way from Finsbury Square and St Paul’s Cathedral and allegedly broke into a huge, vacant office complex owned by global bank UBS. Having immediately claimed squatters rights, the group declared the building not a new place to get their heads down, but as a forum for ideas and meetings. They christened it The Bank of Ideas.

Five days on and the building has hosted a range of talks and workshops, including a speech by Alessio Rastani, an outspoken US banker, in which he criticised the high bonuses paid to bankers as incentives and threw his weight behind the Occupy movement.

We went down to meet the people behind the Bank of Ideas to see what was really going on behind the huge facade of the UBS building.


Occupy’s Bank of Ideas


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