UK economy "a long way from normal", warns Mark Carney

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, rejected fears of economic stagnation but said the UK economy was “a long way from normal” yesterday.

Speaking in New York, Carney said he didn’t think the economy would be trapped at a slower rate of growth and low investment, as suggested recently by former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers.

“Such worries have proven misplaced in the past and scepticism is warranted now,” he said.

However, while the Governor remains happy with the outlook for 2014, he warned against tight monetary policy.

“A recovery may be gaining pace but our economies are a long way from normal,” Carney said. “Leverage is still high and weak demand for advanced economy exports could persist for some time.”

Flexible labour markets and openness to global trade and investment flows would allow for “promising” long-term growth prospects, with the UK economy having spare room to grow without generating excessive inflation.

“It is hard to think of any reason why there should have been a persistent deterioration in the rate of potential growth in Britain,” he said.

This year’s economic recovery, which caught forecasters by surprise, was labelled unbalanced and unsustainable by some critics but Carney was optimistic.

“These developments merit vigilance but not panic,” he said.

“Recoveries are seldom led by investment, and strong demand from the UK’s major trading partners, including the eurozone, appears some way off. Ultimately a sustained recovery in the UK will require a more robust and balanced global economy.”

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