You can bend the iPhone 6! (And you can BLEND it too)

It seems as though in creating new software and designing a new larger screen for its iPhone 6, Apple might have forgotten the first rule of mobile phones: people need to be able to carry them around.

iPhone 6 Plus users are reportedly finding their devices bent out of shape after being carried around in trouser pockets.

YouTube user Unbox Therapy has investigated the issue.

“Will this bend in your front pocket? Well, that probably depends on how tight your pants are.”


Will it blend?

The destruction-hungry people at Blendtec have done one of their now famous Will It Blend? videos on the iPhone 6. After blending everything including marbles, trainers and even skis, the blender company takes on the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 3.

But will they blend?

If you’ve seen any of their other videos you’ll know the answer, since it’s basically the same every time.

It’s still worth a watch since, you know, wreckage.

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  • You can fix it too, see

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  • Ha excellent! Thanks Martin! We've shared it on our Facebook page

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  • Michael Smith

    Ooh look! LondonLovesBusiness doing some Apple bashing again.
    This is the kind of stunt that gets set up by Samsung's PR machine to flood the net every time Apple release a product.
    What kind of idiot sits on their phone anyway?

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