Would you pay 50p to skip a call centre queue? Now you can

You’ve been on hold for 35 minutes and all you want to do is change your address. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

Now mobile phone operator EE is offering customers the chance to pay 50p to skip the queue, with your call going through to the next available chirpy Geordie (probably).

It’s called the “priority service” (no mention of what they call the poor saps who choose to wait) and it came in this week.

Customers have voiced their outrage on forums and social media, with the charge being labelled “diabolical” and “a disgrace”.

However, EE said its aim was to set a new standard of customer service in the telecoms sector. Speaking to Which? it added: “We’re also introducing some charges for customer services. This includes a standard charge per call of 25p on new SIM Only plans for customer service, as well as an option for all customers to jump queues at busy times, for a small fee.”

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