Why are people quitting Facebook for 99 days?

Fed up of seeing a million pictures of people’s babies or cats? Tired of being tagged in unflattering drunken photos? Can’t stand to see pictures of people you went to school with on amazing holidays?

People all over the world are taking a three month break from Facebook, in a campaign called 99 Days of Freedom.

You might have seen this image springing up along your newsfeed and wondered what it’s all about.

99 Days Of Freedom

The popular campaign which launched yesterday aims to make you happier and give you back 28 hours of your life – all you have to do is resist the urge to check what your friends are doing and post statuses about all your wild adventures.

99 Days Of Freedom

The organisers of 99 Days of Freedom say the campaign is in response to the recent emotional manipulation study that Facebook carried out on 700,000 of its users without their knowledge.

The project is asking people to take part in voluntary happiness survey at 33, 66 and 99 days with the results posted on the website as they’re compiled, to see if quitting Facebook really does make you happier.

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