When’s home time? Google employee lived a year on Google campus

It sounds like every human’s waking nightmare – working all through the day, and then sleeping overnight in your workplace, before waking up and doing it all over again and never leaving.

But not if you work for Google it seems. The second biggest tech company in the world (after Apple), Google has gained a name for itself as something of a groovy employer by recognising the human demands of its workforce.

This allowed former Google employee Matthew Weaver to spend about 54 weeks living on the company’s campus in Mount View, California, in relative comfort.

Sleeping in a large camper van at night, Weaver’s job with Google gave him access to the campus’s canteen, serving three free meals a day, its gym, with showers and washing facilities, a laundry, and various recreation facilities such as music rooms and games.

After security guards recognised that Weaver was living on the campus and wasn’t a security threat, they kept an eye on his camper van for him. Weaver even rolled out a fake lawn and erected a white picket fence in front of his home.

“They had three meals a day at the cafeteria and there were showers at the gym that were also on campus, so I would shower at the gym, eat at the office,” Weaver said to the BBC.

“There was a free laundromat on campus, so I could wash my clothes.

Google employee living on campus Matthew Weaver

Matthew Weaver’s camper van on the Google Campus, complete with grass and picket fence. Photo via Twitter

“There were all sorts of rooms with pianos and foosball tables [table football], and all these kinds of things, so I had plenty to do when I was taking a break from work.

“And we had places in the parking structure where I could work on and maintain my bicycle.”

Weaver says he lived at the campus “way back in 2005. Google was a much smaller company then. A little bit more closely knit.” But he appears to have set something of a trend, with several other employees following suit in the years afterwards. According to the BBC, Google employee Ben Driscoe may be the longest resident of the campus, living there for over 60 weeks during 2011 and 2012.

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