Watch and wait: could Apple release new smartwatch alongside iPhone 6?

Apple smart watch small pic

Possible Apple smartwatch? Photo via Twitter

Yesterday the world was rocked by the extraordinary news that Apple may or may not be planning to release a new iPhone on 9 September.

If that wasn’t enough to have admirers of telecommunications devices slavering over their touch-screens, then prepare for a whole new level of salivation; for it has now emerged that Apple may or may not be bestowing a smartwatch on their fans.

That’s right, pockets are set to become superfluous hollows in our clothes once our smart devices have migrated to our wrists.

The sensational news comes from independent tech website called Re/code, which reports that “Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones”.

Apparently the wearable is likely to resemble a watch, and will connect with Apple’s Homekit software. This will mean the smartwatch “could take over your entire home”, in the words of Business Insider. Is that a good thing?

Homekit allows you to turn the watch or an iPhone into a remote control for various devices around your home that it can connect to via Wi-Fi. These might include door locks, thermostats, light switches and other “internet of things” things.

In addition the smartwatch is expected to interact with Apple’s Health app, which monitors health and fitness, with heart rate monitors and provides users with data.

Of course, unlike the iPhone rumours which have been backed up with numerous “leaked” photographs of bits of technology and packaging, no such artefacts have yet emerged to indicate that Apple will indeed release the watch.

Technology website wrote on the 18 August that “at least one analyst believes that the Apple iWatch has been delayed to November with mass production beginning as late as September.

“That’s hardly enough time to manufacturer the targeted 10 million smartwatches that have been suggested for the iWatch launch window.”

So what’s going on? Apple has made no comment about either the iPhones or the possibility of a smartwatch. Only time will tell. Well, time and further information from those who know.

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