Tech entrepreneur John McAfee has unveiled his latest creation – a public whinging forum

John McAfee

John McAfee holding a pump action shotgun

There is no feeling that can quite match the full-bodied experience of righteous frustration. Whether it is directed at yourself, your family, or an organisation, feeling the hot pulse of rage is part of being human. The trick to getting over the sensation is to take positive action to do something about whatever it is that has grieved you.

Eccentric tech entrepreneur John McAfee has firmly grasped this particular nettle with his latest creation.

McAfee has created a website for outraged people across the world to share their woeful experiences.

Named the Brownlist, the crowd-sourced website aims to provide a platform to help find solutions for people treated badly by organisations, including businesses and governments.

“We are doing this because it taps in to the strongest of human emotions, anger, and it does it in a way that turns it positive,” McAfee said during an unscheduled appearance at the DefCon Hacker conference in LA.

“If you are a small person, like the average American, and some company steps on you or a government, you speak out against something and you are audited the next day, come to our site,” he added.

Speaking to the BBC, McAfee expanded on how the Brownlist may even be able to generate enough condemnation of firms’ activities to stimulate direct action and force them to address particular issues.

He said: “We know that the strongest motivator of human behaviour is anger, and it is also the thing that destroys societies, families and individuals.”

“We also know we are losing our power to big corporations and big governments.”

“The Brownlist is a way to take back your power. We can help put people in control of their own lives. Just think of where this could go.”

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