Shameful Apple stats: senior staff are 70% white men

Embarrassing for the normally progressive tech giant

The curtain has been lifted on diversity at what is generally considered a forward-thinking company, revealing Apple’s senior executives are 70% white men.

The company had refused to publish data despite the US government making it mandatory. The figures are dated July 2014.

Out of 83 senior executives, 60 are white men and 12 are white women, according to the report. There is only one Hispanic person, two black people and eight Asian people among senior executives.

In fact, the rest of Apple doesn’t fare too well either. There are significantly more white men at Apple than women of all races combined.

Across the whole company, 71% of employees were male and 61% white.

Apple claims to have increased its diversity since the report was made, but has not released the 2015 report to confirm this.


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Readers' comments (8)

  • Anonymous

    Guess what! It's even worse at Samsung. It's 90% Asian men and 10% Asian women (woman!) So how does that not make a headline?

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  • Anonymous, about sums it up - suspect the author is probably more racist and sexist than Apple!

    Perhaps if the author spent more time pondering why male kids do so badly in exams (the answer is education has been feminised to the disadvantage of male students) or why the UK government discriminates in law in favour of women in pensions who can currently retire earlier and live longer but get the same weekly pension payment.

    Yes that's changing but feminist moaned when equality was to be brought in earlier - think feminism and racism is now being grossly misused as an agenda in western style democracies. Time to have real equality .....

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  • Pretty sick of articles like this, as a white male we are becoming portrayed as the most racist and sexist of all sexes and ethnicities. Perhaps you should be asking why there aren't more black/Hispanic/other non-white males or females in general at Apple, maybe they don't apply for their own reasons, or maybe they're just not good enough to do the job.

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  • And what's wrong with 70% white senior staff at APPLE............perhaps natural progression through ranks.

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  • Anonymous

    Apple are a long way off the worst offenders. They fought for pay increases for their Chinese suppliers, they lead the way in environmentally safe processes, they support Product Red (No, I don't work for them!) but they an easy target and this is lazy, lazy journalism

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  • Robyn
    The problem with simple statistics like this is that you need to interpret them in context. What do other large Californian tech companies look like? I suspect that Apple may well fare OK. If you look at the senior management of any company it is likely to reflect the gender and racial mix of the lower echelons of the company 20 to 30 years previously, rather than the modern split.

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  • Michael Smith

    You guys really do have a chip on your shoulder about Apple. I don't think I've ever seen a positive story.

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  • Maybe, just maybe white males are smarter, harder working and more driven than non white or non male persons. Hence they tend to be the most successful.

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