Robots to take one in three jobs over next 20 years, says study

Robots could take 10 million British jobs over the next 20 years, according to a study.

One in three roles in Britain could be taken over by computers and machines, as Britain enters a period of technological advancement, the research by Oxford University and Big Four accountant Deloitte has found.

Lower paid, repetitive jobs are most at risk, with those earning less than £30,000 five times more likely to be replaced by robots than those paid £100,000.

However, London jobs are less at risk than those in other cites because the capital has fewer manufacturing and production roles, which are most likely to become automated.

Some jobs have already started to disappear, researchers found. Since 2001, the number of permanent secretaries has fallen by 32,900, accounts clerks and bookkeepers by 30,100, counter clerks by 15,000 and filing clerks by 14,100, for example.

In order to stop swathes of unemployment, Britain must keep up with creating new industries.

Angus Knowles-Cutler, London senior partner at Deloitte, said: “We’re currently losing about 2pc to 3pc of jobs a year in London but these are being replaced by higher skilled jobs.

“Over the next seven years in London we will have 300,000 net new jobs being created – a lot of jobs will go but a lot more will come into existence.”

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