Rare Twitter username stolen

A rare Twitter username has been stolen after hackers blackmailed the owner.

Naoki Hiroshima claims his Twitter handle @N was stolen when hackers attacked his account with domain name registering service, GoDaddy, and changed settings to get into his email and Facebook accounts.

Hiroshima, who is used to being besieged by hackers for the highly-desirable Twitter handle, immediately realised @N was the target and managed to change his Twitter settings so the hackers could not get into his account.

In an email exchange the hackers explained how they’d managed to get into his account – through initially “blagging” PayPal to get his credit card number. Hiroshima explains in full on his blog.

Eventually he was forced to relinquish @N to get back his other accounts.

Hiroshima had held @N since 2007 and had previously been offered $50,000 for it.


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