No, thank you! How Twitter co-founder Biz Stone declined Facebook's $500m offer

Twitter founder Biz stone refused a $500m offer from Facebook to buy the firm. And he should thank his stars he declined the offer because today, Twitter is worth a whopping $23bn.

Stone and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams went to meet Zuckerberg to discuss a deal when the their social network was still a start-up.

The duo decided to come to suggest a price tag so big that “no-one would ever said yes to it”.

After deciding to quote $500m, they “laughed” at the price as they thought it’s too big.

Zuckerberg too thought the Twitter founders were quoting a “big number” but still made an offer later that day.

Eventually, they turned down the offer.

Speaking to Sky’s Ian King, Stone said how he didn’t get along with Zuckerberg.

“I like him, and I respect him, it’s just that we didn’t click,” he said.

Speaking about the growth of the company, Stone said: “I’ve come to terms with it but I wouldn’t call it surprised – it feels strange in a good way to go to the shopping mall and see the little bird I drew.

“It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were just a rag tag group of guys.”

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