New iPad won’t hit shops on time says analyst

The new iPad Mini with retina display goes on sale in November but demand could soon outstrip supply, according to one analyst.

“The supply for that product is severely constrained,” said Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet and monitor research at market research firm iHS iSuppli. “We don’t expect to see meaningful volume until first quarter [of 2014].”

According to T3 magazine, the problem is thought to be due to the new high definition “retina” display, available on the $399 iPad Mini unveiled by Apple yesterday.

The screen will remain the same 7.9-inch size as the current iPad Mini, but packs in 2,048x1,536 pixels.

Due to the high density of pixels the screen is proving tricky to manufacture.

Apple announced the iPad Mini with retina display last night, alongside the renamed iPad Air, new MacBooks, and a new Mac Pro.

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