Microsoft is killing off Hotmail

Old-school Hotmail users, your days are over.

Microsoft announced last night it is killing off one of the original behemoths of personal email. But fear not, your ability to forward on comical email chains will not be smote – Hotmail accounts will be migrated over to Microsoft’s by this summer. launched six months ago and has generally had pretty rave reviews, amassing 60 million active users during its half-year preview. The hundreds of millions of Hotmail accounts that will be added to the service in the coming months will make it one of the world’s biggest free email providers.

“It’s a pretty massive bet we’ve made that is a great choice,” said Microsoft’s director of product management Dharmesh Mehta.

But don’t worry Hotmail users – you won’t lose all your years of correspondence. Mehta reassured Hotmail users that contacts, messages, settings and so on will remain intact when accounts are moved over.

Here’s Microsoft’s video introduction to

Microsoft's video introduction to, as it kills off Hotmail

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