MasterCard is testing a pay-by-selfie app – but it’s not as good as it sounds

Paying for things with just your good looks sounds fantastic, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that

MasterCard is testing an app that allows users to pay for items by taking a picture of their face.

Unfortunately, you can’t get by on just your good looks and still need money in your account. The app is simply a security measure – just like chip and PIN.

“The new generation, which is into selfies… I think they’ll find it cool,” the firm’s security expert Ajay Bhalla told CNN.

If you’ve ever struggled to remember your online banking password or security code, this might be for you.

The app asks the 500 trial users in the US to blink to prove they’re human, which stops people tricking the device by holding a photograph up to the phone’s camera lens.

However, even with this extra measure, it’s less secure than most other identity verification methods and wouldn’t be able to be used on its own, experts said.


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