Jetpack GI Joe? New tech aims to propel sprinting soldiers into battle

Thrilling new war technology is under development in Arizona. An engineering team at Arizona State University, backed by the US military, is experimenting with lightweight jetpacks that could help soldiers sprint at high speed across the ground.

Unfortunately the jetpacks will not be powerful enough to fly the soldiers around in the air, but will instead help them bound into battle at higher speeds than normal and could even be used while carrying weaponry and wearing amour.

According to the Independent, the goal is to have any soldier wearing the jetpack running a mile in less than four minutes; hence the name of the project 4MM (standing for four minute mile).

In a promotional video, ASU engineer Jason Kerestes says: “What we’ve done is reduce the amount of force. You’re not able to fly with our jetpack but we have instantaneous thrust and we can pretty much trigger it to allow for faster movement, agile motion and so on.”

He adds: “In a warfare-type arena this could potentially be the difference between life and death.

“These devices can really help soldiers to not only accomplish their goals and succeed in their missions but potentially save human lives.”

Here’s the video:

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  • Didn't Roger Bannister in the 1950s run a four minute mile with A) no training B) no jetpack?

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