iPhone 6 release date “confirmed”. And it’s really soon!

Technology fans, prepare to take a few deep breaths and monitor your heart rate, put the champagne to chill and keep prescription medicines nearby; yes, it has been “confirmed” that the iPhone 6 release date is on the near horizon. Halleluiah. The wait is over. Prepare the pyre for your antiquated iPhone 5.

But if those speech marks around “confirmed” have got you less than ‘appy as to the validity of the claim, then fear not, for several strands of evidence appear to back up the joyful news.

Firstly, Steve Hemmerstoffer, the editor of French Apple fan site, nowhereelse.fr uploaded pictures of what he claims is the telephone’s new promotional artwork, which includes a date on the screen of the phone which reads: 9:41 Tuesday September 9.

iphone 6 twitter pic leak france

Possible new iPhone packing with giveaway date? Picture via Twitter

Hemmerstoffer, in his best Bond-villain impersonation, claims he got the packaging from “most trusted and loyal Chinese sources,” who he said also provided him with a similar artefact “just hours before the launch conference of the iPhone 5s”.

If that wasn’t enough to send you running to Regent Street to set up camp outside the hallowed doors of the Apple Store, then add to the mix the various reports that Apple is planning a big media event on that very date, and it looks like there’s something in it.

But before you crack open the Moët and begin an F1 style victory dousing, it must be noted that there are some who doubt the authenticity of the claim. Rival fansite (can’t they all just love Apple together?)  MacRumours has helpfully pointed out that THE FONT IS NOT THE SAME as the one usually used by Apple. If that wasn’t damning enough, it also points out that the packaging which came with the last iteration of the iPhone had a date on that was nothing to do with when the phone was actually released, but rather was when the operating system made its public debut.

So, is this the real deal? Tweet me your comments/informed opinions @Harry_Cockburn, or leave a comment below.

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  • Anonymous

    9/11? does anyone really think they'd launch on 9/11..........

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  • Hi Anonymous, thanks for commenting. But there is a flaw in your calculation. September 9 is not 9/11, but 9/9.

    Though it must be said that the backwards American date system is one that is bewildering.

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