Hold the phone: Apple’s next iPhone could be wildly different

Concept design by Czech student shows what could happen in 2016

iPhone 7 concept idea

iPhone 7 concept. Image: Marek Weidlich/YouTube

The next chapter in the never ending story of the iPhone could be cataclysmic. Everything we think we know about the iPhone could be about to change.

Perhaps. A concept design by Czech student Marek Weidlich envisions the next generation iPhone as having done away with the traditional home button, and having a screen that goes all the way to the edge of the device – the telephonic equivalent of buttering your toast right up to the crust.

Weidlich calls it the iPhone 7 Future Screen. In a YouTube video, Weidlich says his ideas would turn your phone into a “gaming station”, while the side of the phone will feature a revolutionary “plastic strip for better holding”.

If that wasn’t excitement enough, his design even incorporates the long-lost idea of featuring a replaceable rear cover, allowing phone lovers to clip variously coloured bits of plastic onto the back to help showcase their individuality.

Weidlich said: “The great revolutionary novelty in my project was the idea of connection iPhone and iPad. You can connect iPhone to the iPad and turn the devices into a gaming station. I want [to] present iPhone 7 concept as an evolution in Apple design.”

He doesn’t mention whether it’d be waterproof, feature lasers, jet packs or is edible in emergencies, but it’s still a damn sight more forward thinking than last time Apple unveiled an upgrade – the iPhone 6S only featured a slightly better processor and the addition of 3D Touch, whatever that is.

Check out Weidlich’s snazzy video:

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