Here’s why the US is going to launch a massive cyber attack on the UK

Later this year, the FBI will launch a massive cyber attack on the UK.

It’s all part of “war games” between the UK and the US, where each country will test the other’s cyber defences.

The FBI and MI5 are taking part in the exercises which will test the strength of different aspects of each country’s cyber security.

The first to be attacked will be financial centres such as the Bank of England, Wall Street, the City of London and commercial banks.

David Cameron, who is in Washington visiting US president Barak Obama, said cyber attacks were “one of the big modern threats that we face”.

The prime minister is also expected to talk to Obama about other issues, such as ensuring large tech companies cooperate with governments by handing over information about their users.

Earlier this week, Cameron said there should be no means of communication “which we cannot read”, leading critics to conclude the PM wanted to ban all encrypted services such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.

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  • Why waste tax payers on this - I'm sure there are a host of black hat hackers out there that will do it for free!

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  • This is guaranteed to have hilarious results.

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