Have trouble remembering your password? HSBC’s new high-tech security has the answer

Think voice recognition is years away? Think again

HSBC is set to introduce fingerprint scanners and voice recognition, to the relief of everyone who cannot remember their passwords.

The bank will be offering the service to 15 million banking customers, with the company first rolling out the security measure for First Direct bank customers in the next few weeks and then to HSBC.

Francesca McDonagh, HSBC UK’s head of retail banking and wealth management, said the move was “the largest planned rollout of voice biometric security technology in the UK”.

She said: “The launch of voice and touch ID makes it even quicker and easier for customers to access their bank account, using the most secure form of password technology - the body.”

HSBC is technically not the first bank to introduce voice recognition, as Barclays already does it on a small scale for some customers, however HSBC will be the first to roll it out to all its customers.

A total of 74% of the UK think biometrics will be the default security measure of the future, according to a YouGov survey, with 55% of people saying they rarely change their passwords.



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