Google’s new strategy: be EVERYWHERE

A huge Google conference for tech developers is currently underway in San Francisco, and the company appears to be branching out into every conceivable area of digital technology.

The company’s mobile operating platform, Android, lies behind the growing stable of products and services Google is planning to move into.

In the last few hours alone, Google has announced the launch of a new Android watch; has made its Google Glass headgear available to purchase; has launched an Android TV service; revealed its plans for Internet of Things smoke alarms and thermostats; declared its decision to move into the domain name registering game, and has demonstrated “Android Auto”, a system to deliver information via smartphone to drivers.

The company, which began as a web research project just 18 years ago with the slogan “don’t be evil”, is barely recognisable today, and is testament to the staggering growth and power the firm has gained.

But the company has been hit by growing criticism, demonstrated by the various protests which have struck this week’s conference. According to the BBC, during a keynote address, a protestor was removed after shouting “you all work for a totalitarian company that builds robots that kill people”.

Last year, Google bought tech company Boston Dynamics, which developed robots for the US military. Google has said that it would honour existing contracts Boston Dynamics had with the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), the BBC reports.

Protesters were also arrested at Google’s Mountain View HQ, over the “net-neutrality” debate (treating all date on the internet as being of equal worth), and buses used to shuttle guests from San Francisco to the event have become targets for protesters, angry that Google’s dominance in the area is pushing up property prices and the cost of living in the city.  

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